Cooper Tire to hire 40 for new tech center in Ohio

Ohio-based Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. plans to open a new technology center in northwest Ohio by the end of the year.
Associated Press
Feb 18, 2013


The company plans to hire about 40 people to do research at the center in Findlay where Cooper Tire has its headquarters.

The Courier newspaper in Findlay ( ) reports that Cooper Tire received a $2.8 million state for the project.

The company says it plans to put $40 million into the project over the next five years. The new hires will include engineers, scientists, researchers and technicians.




With the State Grant I wish them well. Hope they hire some working people too.


So you are saying that the people they will employ here are not workers? That was the most idiotic statement I have heard from you. So if they are not overpaid union laborers they don't work for a living? Yeah, I'm sure Cooper needs more $75K/yr union janitors on their payroll.


Funded with a state grant. . . so the gov't does help create jobs. Good for Findlay. . .good for forty people.


Well, technically we are the ones who help create jobs. Who do you think the money for the grant comes from?

Licorice Schtick

Maybe they'll learn how to make decent tires. Too bad it's at taxpayer expense. Corporate welfare.


So since many work, our $$ go to those in the corporate/management area. Who was the 1rst state to do this (handouts for business)? hint it was in the south & in the 30's. Your name applies.


Uh folks, this is good news. Forty new full time high tech jobs. In Ohio.