UPDATE: Norwalk robbery suspect in custody

Police have arrested Robert Lee Jackson Jr., who is suspected in local robberies at Firelands Federal Credit Union on Saturday and a Norwalk gas station Monday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 18, 2013


(POSTED 11:01 a.m.)

Police believe a suspected Monroeville man who robbed Firelands Federal Credit Union on Saturday held-up a Norwalk gas station late Monday morning at gunpoint.

Norwalk police told the Norwalk Reflector (HERE) they're looking for a white man in his early 60s wearing glasses, a black hat, a red hooded zipped-up jacket and jeans. He left the scene — East Side Fuel, 211 E. Cleveland Road — in a dark green Ford Ranger.

The Register contacted Norwalk police but dispatchers would not provide or confirm any information. We have a reporter on route to the scene.

The description of the suspect and the vehicle are similar to another armed robbery that occurred in Monroeville over the weekend. (Read about it HERE.) It's not yet clear if the two incidents are related.

(UPDATED 11:30 a.m.)

Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver has confirmed the suspect in Monday morning's gas station robbery is Robert Lee Jackson Jr., 52, of Monroeville, the same man suspected of robbing the Firelands Credit Union on Saturday.

Oliver said Jackson had a handgun seen by clerks at the gas station. He should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees Jackson or who knows his whereabouts should call 911 or their local police department immediately. The license plate number of his green Ford Ranger is believed to be FNM6843.

(UPDATED 12:19 p.m.)

Norwalk police are not confirming the suspect they are looking for is Jackson, but they provided a detailed description of the person they're looking for.

A Norwalk police detective at the scene said the suspect is a white man, age 52-55 with a gray beard. He is heavy set and was wearing glasses, a black hat, a red hooded zipped-up jacket and jeans. The green Ford Ranger truck has a cab and a half.

Officers stopped a man driving a green Ford truck in Milan shortly after the robbery but determined the driver was not the suspect.

Three clerks were working at the gas station at the time of the robbery. The detective said they saw a gun in the man's waist band. He made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and nobody was hurt. The detective would not provide details about what, if anything, the suspect said during the robbery.

(UPDATED 1:27 p.m.)

Officers from agencies around the area are searching intensely for the robbery suspect. They have checked the license plates on a number of Ford Rangers in Erie and Huron counties, but have not yet had a match. Residents are reminded the suspect is armed and should be considered dangerous. If anyone sees the suspect, believed to be in a green extended cab Ford Ranger license plate FNM6843, call 911 or local police immediately.

(UPDATED 5:37 p.m.)

Law enforcement officials continue to search Monday evening for the suspected robber. The Register staff will keep tabs on the situation through the evening and tomorrow morning. Pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register for complete coverage and check back here for breaking news updates as they happen.

(UPDATED 10:20 p.m.)

Officers have Jackson in custody. Officers arrested him near Oberlin at about 9:30 p.m. He will be booked into the Huron County jail. No other information was immediately available late Monday night. Pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register for complete coverage.




He doesn't look like a strong runner.


Dude's on a roll!


Sounds like he has no other options and he just wants to go back in. Maybe for good. Obviously he isn't trying to leave the area if he went from Monroeville to Norwalk over the course of the weekend.


Unfortunately I believe this will end by gun fire whether he takes his own life, someone elses or the police take his...


I agree. But, I'm sure the ECSD deputy Oliver will report on the incident, no matter where it happen.


Unfortunately they caught him and he DIDN'T go down.


Just wondering - who is handling the investigation, the Norwalk Police or Erie County Sheriff's Depatment? And if my assumption is correct (NPD handling the robbery), why is the ECSD giving unconfirmed info to the media. Seems to me that NPD should be releasing the info, not another agency who is getting the info second-hand.

dire wolf

who cares who's handling the investigation? The man is still at large and armed. You would like to think everybody possible is releasing any information that can help bring in the bad guy before someone gets hurt.

HS Sports Fan

Monroeville is mainly traffic cops, the Kid Cops in Norwalk seem to be mainly for traffic anymore and all the State Patrols with their psychic powers that can spot drugs in cars going by them at 70 mph, throw in the Herion and Erie county Sherrif departments and no one has found this guy yet? And he's been in a 10 mile radius on Rt.20 for 3 days. What's going on? Will they catch him or will he kill himself first?


Around 11:30 in Norwalk I seen 2 sheriffs cars and an unmarked car pull over a green truck all with guns drawn coolest thing I have ever seen it was on rt 250 maybe this one was the right person

HS Sports Fan

Let's hope they have him.


He run out of money already?


Do you know how many green ford rangers are on the road? Do you know how many fat bearded old guys with glasses there are? The answer to both is more than the amount of cops patrolling. So get out there and find him you guys. I thought you were all great detectives.

Gyro Cart Guy

His next stop is clearly going to be Sears Optical. They should set up a stake out.


These people getting pulled over should be glad these aren't Cleveland cops they would have unloaded their clip and asked questions later


Would he vote yes or no on all the upcoming Perkins levies?



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I bet they flew a drone in, knocked off his glasses and he stumbled into jail :)