Fire marshal finds 54 violations at Perkins High School

The state fire marshal’s investigators found 54 violations during a January inspection of Perkins High School.
Tom Jackson
Feb 18, 2013

The number is considered rather large for that kind of building, said Matt Mullins, a spokesman for the fire marshal’s office.

But of 54 violations, 51 have already been fixed, school principal Mark Dahlmann said, and the school is moving rapidly to address all of the issues.  
Of the more serious violations in the January inspection: a failure to post fire evacuation plans; failure to have a fire-resistant door leading to the stairs in the band room; and stage curtains that did not receive fire-retardant treatment, Mullins said.
State fire marshal’s inspector Edward Hazel conducted the checkup, with help from Perkins Fire Department. Mullins said the fire marshal returned for a follow-up inspection Feb. 8, finding 50 violations had been fixed and three remained uncorrected.
“Ed Hazel gave high praise to our maintenance staff for doing that many things in one week’s time,” Dahlmann said. 
Read more about the violations and corrections in today's Register or e-paper.




I hope my house loses "value". My taxes will go down! Vote no!

Good 2 B Me



we voted no a few years ago. The teacher wont lose there job if they would just listen and NOT build a New school. No matter how you spin it, it will be the BOE who will be responsable if they buld a school with out the voters support and teacher lose there jobs.


I went to the BOE Meeting last night. Regardless if the Levy fails or not, teachers will be losing their jobs. 4 from the High School, and 4 from the Middle School. Other faculty also being vut just in the 2013-2014 School year . It's not due to the fact of the "New School" Levy passing. Honestly I think the school could be renovated but for future students, the new school has got to be a priority at some point or another.


Laying off teachers and staff regardless if the levy passes or not? We have all these outsider open enrollment kids and will have less teachers and staff. Gunner is a fool. Vote NO!

Pirate Mom

Not just 4 each...add SpEd teachers and aides. I was there too.


What is troublesome to me is that the operating funds that pay for teachers salaries and program funds are being used as ransom.


Who says that people who post questions here don't want them answered? People in this community fear retaliation. Whether that is a real fear or an imagined fear - it is guiding how many people conduct themselves at this board meetings.

Pirate Mom

What type of retaliation will you face? There are people at most every meeting who question the superintendent and board. Posting on here gets you nowhere. Speak up and make sure you vote in May.


Again, you are presuming that I do not attend the meetings. You are also presuming that I do not ask questions. Neither of which are accurate. Someone commented that no one asks questions at the meetings. I was giving my opinion about why that may be happening based on what others tell me. Posting here gets me no where? I'd argue that when the administration and board ignore comments here it gets them no where.


Asking questions in these meetings is meetingless, they will lie and tell you what you want to hear at the time. Gunner proved that in the last meeting only picking flash cards he wanted to answer. THER IS NO TRUST. If someones spouse cheats, has an addicition, or is abusive,tells you what you want to hear everytime they screw up, sooner or later there is no trust and talking is usless. The BOE WAS told A FEW years ago we did not want new taxes for a school, so they moved money around to go towards a new school even though they were told no, and bult a new football field even though they knew the school needed work and now cry WE HAVE TO LAY OFF TEACHERS,. IT IS THE BOE who screwed up, there is no trust.


If posting on here gets you no where, what are you doing on here pirate mom? More people are here to read these comments than those who go to the meetings to listen to bull crap and lies.


Pirate Mom, how many times do people have to say NO before someone quits asking?


If you speak up at the meeting against the tax levies, the school will come after you like they did to me by raising my school tax by $400. Go try and waste more money for a appraiser for a reduction in taxes and the school shows up to challenge you at the board of revision. I don't see these school people challenging their own reduction in taxes. You people who want more taxes can write a check for $400 to the school because it is for the kids. I have already paid the $400 against my wishes. Do you want me to throw my check book at you so you can write more checks to the school? I VOTE NO.


LOL! The Board and Gunner will say, but it's only costing you a little over a dollar a day. Come on Perkins Voter, it's for little Johnny and little Sally's future! We want them to return to the community after college and not move away. Yada yada yada. VOTE NO!


If you don't believe the school administration and BOE aren't reading these comments you are sadly mistaken. They monitor them. They research who people are and track them.

If you don't believe the school administration and BOE doesn't post on these sites you are sadly mistaken. It's pretty obvious.

Truly, I believe there is more open and honest discussion here rather than the controlled environment of a BOE meeting.

Don't give up your right to offer your opinion or your right to vote. (school building)

Pirate Mom

Donutshopguy...paranoid much?!?


Pirate Mom,

I would not have believe it but it was part of a discussion I had with an administrator during the last levy campaign.



Thank you for your time and input. As you participate in these discussions you will become aware of many factors that influence people's choices.

For example:

Some elderly citizen on a fixed income will have to chose between paying these additional school taxes or taking medicines or eating proper food.

Some families who are struggling to survive now may lose their house do to not being able to pay this increased tax for schools.

These people maybe your friends or neighbors. What is your priority now? As an adult, you must analysis the whole picture not just a personal view.

Keep informed and keep commenting.


I'm sorry, the $35.00 per involvement per sport does not pay for the extras. When I went to Perkins (and I did for 12 years) not all of those extras went to paying advisors for that program. There were plenty of Volunteers (Kudos to those people). I have offered numerous times throughout the years to volunteer at Perkins but have always been told that it is a paying position and if I volunteer to do it I will be taking money away from a PAID advisor. Isn't that what volunteerism is all about saving money?