Fire marshal finds 54 violations at Perkins High School

The state fire marshal’s investigators found 54 violations during a January inspection of Perkins High School.
Tom Jackson
Feb 18, 2013

The number is considered rather large for that kind of building, said Matt Mullins, a spokesman for the fire marshal’s office.

But of 54 violations, 51 have already been fixed, school principal Mark Dahlmann said, and the school is moving rapidly to address all of the issues.  
Of the more serious violations in the January inspection: a failure to post fire evacuation plans; failure to have a fire-resistant door leading to the stairs in the band room; and stage curtains that did not receive fire-retardant treatment, Mullins said.
State fire marshal’s inspector Edward Hazel conducted the checkup, with help from Perkins Fire Department. Mullins said the fire marshal returned for a follow-up inspection Feb. 8, finding 50 violations had been fixed and three remained uncorrected.
“Ed Hazel gave high praise to our maintenance staff for doing that many things in one week’s time,” Dahlmann said. 
Read more about the violations and corrections in today's Register or e-paper.




You may not have bashed anyone, but what part of democracy is about stooping so low as to argue with high school students on a daily newspaper blog?


Haha classic! You don't want any negative comments. Well isn't that too bad. The voters are speaking. You might not agree with them, but this is how it works. Attacking someone for posting their views doesn't help your cause. I agree with 2060. I've never seen him/her personally attack anyone on here. He/she does post that he/she will be voting no quite a bit though and that's his/her right.


Wasn't Ed Hazel a Sandusky Firefighter? Seem like this so-called inspector failed to read the regulations as to when the building was built and attempted to update to the latest code and not the code that applies under grandfather clauses. This game gives all honest, hardworking custodians and principals a bad reputation that is NOT Accurate. You do not rebuild every entry, access or fixture every time there is a new update to the building codes. Common sense was clearly not used by the inspector. Sounds like an inspector that was a hired shill for Mr. Gunner. This will GUARANTEE a NO VOTE on the levy.


the doors were removed years ago for some resone or an other.

Gyro Cart Guy

I can't get the pdf to open. Is it true that one of the violations was the result of a fiery halftime speech by Coach Jason?


Remove all unlisted appliances from classrooms including but not limited to coffee pots, microwaves, toaster ovens, convection
ovens, hot plates.
The classrooms sound like my kitchen. What else is in the classrooms? If a popcorn popper is listed, is it allowed? I vote NO to all levies.


Read the violations and the offenses fall under common sense 101! Battery back up, extension cords, plans missing, electrical panels, and missing railings just to cite a few. Really!

R U Kidding me

the officals are doing this all wrong. They should do like the judge from milan. ask for a levy to build a new court room then when it fails have someone come in and say they have black mold and tear it down so that can't be proven. badda bing new school. Oh sorry was that your next move. There are houses in the area older then that school are we gonna build them new houses

Phil Packer

So why do you expect students to follow a dress code or teacher's instructions if the school itself can't follow a fire code?


Who is/was responsible for making sure the building is up to code? I feel the ultimate responsibility falls on Gunners shoulders. He should resign or be fired for putting these children in danger. Someone needs to be fired.

Good 2 B Me


Perkins Resident

Who is behind the scenes pulling these stunts? Whomever it is, you can thank only yourself for the failure of the levies. You don't have any chance of either levy passing. It's unfortunate the administration went this route. Maybe if you would have taken the high road you might have at least been able to get your renewal approved.

Shame on you.


Perkins2060 is smart! Vote no on the levies!

Good 2 B Me

This is Gunner pushing his agenda. He can force it down our throats if he gets the State to require too much repair to the existing schools. Funny how all of the money that this district has and all of a sudden, we get someone like JG in here and now we are going to be in debt for generations.


Please read carefully and Sincerely! ~ Student testimony.
I must say, 3 years attending this High School with one left, I have never felt in any danger of any "violations" the school may have. All students know what the fire evacuation is and yes, they are placed in every classroom clearly. Regardless of the report. In the matter of the storage under the stairwells, everything under the stairwells leading up to the choir room and band room was not flammable with the exception of an old piano. The fire marshall's have now moved some of those objects into the Band Room creating more of a fire hazard as they are blocking some exit room. BUT NOT BLOCKING THE DOOR. I may need to remind some people that the school is aging. It is starting to show it and with the student population getting as large as it is, it is time for a new building. Most people on here say that the school is fine. YOU DON'T ATTEND THERE EVERY DAY LIKE YOUR KIDS DO! Don't sit and tell is that it is fine. JUST FYI PLEASE don't vote the levy down just because you don't think that it is fine. ALSO, if these levy's don't pass, this will cause the school to make cuts, you can just think of yourself when your kid gets kicked out of an organization or a sport because the school had to make cuts because you turned down the operating levy. Please just think of the words said here carefully and sincerely.
A Concerned STUDENT


I'm glad you brought up the school population getting as large as it is. Yet another reason to vote NO! Too many open enrollment students! Send them home!


PHSLOWBRASS the state fire code states there will be NO storage under stairwells, it dose not matter if it is non flammable. The fire Marshlls did not move the storage anyplace, they are not allowed. Who ever did move it had to be working for the school. My house is aging, I have to put money in it all the time, its called rutine home maint.


Pretty pathetic the teachers have the students posting on here now.


Excuse me?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Am I not entitled to comment on a post that has to do with my education? Oh thats right, I AM. Nobody put me up to this besides myself so sorry for upsetting you about my opinion this is why I comment on your posts. I'm not attempting to start a comment war nor a fight. BTW telling me to look it up? Hmm last time I checked. I knew what democracy meant. So that means..... oh i'm sorry, do you know? Although, I do agree about the student population, it is too large and Open Enrollment is being ended as of this upcoming school year.


So, you are assuming that this student doesn't have an opinion of his or her own. I believe this is a democracy (didn't you post that earlier today?), and anyone is permitted to post an opinion without false accusations as to the motivation.

And the open enrollment has brought over $3 million dollars into this district, meaning you haven't had the opportunity to vote no on an operating levy for the past three or four years since the open enrollment dollars have helped the district put that off.

I am real curious as to your top three ways to address the school funding issues beyond firing everybody and anybody.


Thank you 9299!


This issue is really not worth discussing. Neither levy will pass. Enjoy!


Not worth discussing?? Nowhere on here have I said anything negative, just simply commented on the comments that you have input discussing the issue.


Also, nowhere on here have I told anyone to vote yes. I am just simply asking that people go to board meeting to see how it will affect students as well as yourself. There is one tonight in the Pirate Learning Center at PHS Rm. 805. Please attend and get at least some more in depth facts. Either supporting or denying your opinion.


You're not doing your cause any favors brass.


By they way, I will also be voting no.


Not saying I am, "myname". I am voicing my opinion as you are yours. That also means that because you're voting no, doesn't mean everyone is. Vise-versa.

God Of Thunder

"Dahlman says many children come to school in t-shirts and shorts, even in the winter, so he's reluctant to send them out into the cold."

Now say that out loud. That is a ridiculous statement. What would happen if there was a fire, would he tell those kids, 'no that's ok, you don't have to evacuate, you aren't dressed for the weather. You stay put.'

I bet it would only take 1 time to go outside for a fire drill in the cold, and maybe then the kids would dress for the weather.

On the bright side, almost all of the fire code violations are fixed, and the health conditions aren't as bad as originally thought, so I guess the school is good and we don't need a new one now..


Dahlman is basically admitting that they don't enforce the dress code which says that shorts are prohibited from October - April.


Only in Middle School Guidelines are shorts prohibited past October. Not the High School. I have asked administration before.