Fire marshal finds 54 violations at Perkins High School

The state fire marshal’s investigators found 54 violations during a January inspection of Perkins High School.
Tom Jackson
Feb 18, 2013

The number is considered rather large for that kind of building, said Matt Mullins, a spokesman for the fire marshal’s office.

But of 54 violations, 51 have already been fixed, school principal Mark Dahlmann said, and the school is moving rapidly to address all of the issues.  
Of the more serious violations in the January inspection: a failure to post fire evacuation plans; failure to have a fire-resistant door leading to the stairs in the band room; and stage curtains that did not receive fire-retardant treatment, Mullins said.
State fire marshal’s inspector Edward Hazel conducted the checkup, with help from Perkins Fire Department. Mullins said the fire marshal returned for a follow-up inspection Feb. 8, finding 50 violations had been fixed and three remained uncorrected.
“Ed Hazel gave high praise to our maintenance staff for doing that many things in one week’s time,” Dahlmann said. 
Read more about the violations and corrections in today's Register or e-paper.




My cynical feeling in regards to bureaucrats is working overtime again.

Do you think these fire violations were ignored to help the school administration sell their new "build without a public vote" high school?





I don't think so. Unless I read this report wrong, this looks like a lot of unintelligencia at the administration level. Come on stuff blocking safety exits, emergency evacuation signs missing, combustable materials under stair wells, doors chained, electric rooms being used as storage, doors needing to be changed out, clearance of rooms not being adhered to-this is simple stuff.

I do think that they called attention to themselves and when doing that got more than what they bargained for with these inspections deflating their need. It seems like the PR plan wasn't completely thought all the way through.

Honestly, I was on a safety committee once and these kind of violations were common on our walk throughs. They meant that the staff needed to be pro-active and move things from blocking safety exits and knock off the adaptors, etc.

I think a modern fable has been created out of this- "The Big Superintendent Who Cried, "New Building!"."

No kidding- No Joke...still- a NO still my vote of NO CONFIDENCE for the misguidedness and mixed priorities of the administration!!!!

BTW- Donutshopguy, I don't always agree with you but you're all right.


Gunner should resign or be fired for putting the children in danger.


I would put the blame for these type of violations on school maintenance first, then the school administrators (principals, vice Principals), then teachers who should be aware of the basics of not blocking doors,... and finally if nothing gets done pass it up all the way to the top. But if those in maint. did their job it wouldn't hit the top except maybe in a report. Also, how did PFD miss all these in their inspections?


A fool and his words...


Lima speaks.....


Fire evacuation plan?? If the fire is infront of you, turn around and walk, don't run, in the opposite direction. Even high schoolers know that much without a posted plan!


I always thought that the schools needed to have their buildings inspected by the fire and other inspectors at least once a year. And one of the violations was to NOT have an evacuation route posted? This is just sloppiness on the administrations part.


The schools do get inspected yearly, I have seen them besides this year. This only happened because of the states report. Go into any high school! There will be violations!!!! It's not just Perkins people. You're only hurting your kids. ~~This is not against you "grandmasgirl"~~


Someone needs to be held accountable for these violations!

R U Kidding me

ok I have kept my words to myself till now I am a outsider I have no ties to perkins. The first thing is yes this all has to do with selling a new school. Now if the school is in bad shape and has been neglected then someone should lose there job for not keeping up with it.


So this is WHAT happens when they GIVE teachers RAISES (money) that is for REPAIRS. I really don't think I can TRUST them with a NEW building.

Azure Ray

Someone has a schizophrenic CAPS LOCK key.


Any money for raises for staff (inside millage/operating funds) comes out of a different fund than money for repairs (outside millage/facilities). In all likelihood, this is not about money but management and oversight. Funds that are for facilities cannot be used for raises. That being said, it does nothing to increase my confidence in these people either.


They tried the health dept, now the fire marshall.

Good 2 B Me

Gunner is going to get his way, one way or another.


That doesn't even make sense since they already took care of almost every violation


What happened to all the levies that were passed for operational money? All of it went toward salaries instead of repairs to the building? Perkins will try anything to get a new building.


I believe you and the commenter above are off base. Money for capital improvements and repairs does not come out of the general operating funds (which pay for salaries and other operational costs). The reason the permanent improvement levy is there is to pay for capital improvements and equipment. And no, I highly doubt that the Perkins administrators and school board will "try anything" for a new building. That's over the top exaggeration. Do you really think anyone is purposely putting students and staff at risk in order to get a new building? Whatever happens with that school, it is going to take a big investment. Remember that any renovation will require the entire facility be brought up to current building codes in all aspects-that in itself will be expensive. As for people letting the building "go". Perhaps the maintenance staff has done a good job over the years of repairing what can be done with the available funds, and the building would be in worse shape if indeed it had been "let go".

Asking staff to give back salary to pay for building repairs would be a bit like asking firemen to give back salary to buy new fire trucks or police to give back salary to buy equipment and police cars. The building belongs to the community, not to the staff. There may be disagreement and debate about how to maintain it, but in the near term something needs to be done before it becomes more expensive to deal with.


However, some of the funds that had previously been used for maintenance and repairs are being used for leasing the 1 to 1 Mac computers. Every few years, 2.7 million dollars goes toward replacing these computers. My own opinion is that they are not providing "bang for the buck" given that the school district's rating by the ODE has flat-lined despite this expenditure of funds.


My entire family and I will be voting no.


So I've read-numerous times in many different articles. You obviously went to a private school and do not use any publicly funded facilities or benefit from any publicly funded services.


And you are obviously employed by Perkins Schools.


Perkins2060. I'm sorry but on every single article on the, all you do is post negative comments. We don't want them! If you don't like Perkins Township, then change your user name and move! I go to PHS and am just going to say that although I have never felt in any danger in the school, these improvements are necessary for future students. So please just keep all of the negative thoughts to yourself. Thank You, A Concerned Student.


I'm a voter and a property taxpayer so if YOU don't like it, don't read it! Do you pay property taxes? Also, nowhere did I bash anyone on here. It's called Democracy kid. Look it up.


Ok, realistically. You're a voter, ok? Not a student. You do not attend the school. You also have to take into account the cuts the school will be making if the levy's don't pass. I am involved in a lot of different clubs and organizations. Some of those clubs will be cut due to levy failure. If you have kids, think if they were in band, choir, art, fall play, spring musical, sports, ect. Those instructors (some, not all) are extra employees the school has hired. If the school were to cut those, you're talking about over probably half of the student population cut with the teachers. 160 in Band, 100 in Choir, 56 in Musical, over 40 in Fall Play, Countless kids in sports, countless in art. All of these thing have to be taken into consideration. Now, I know that this could entail a slight tax increase but it is not like it is being thrown away. The school has needed to have been replaced since the 80's. Schools just aren't built like that anymore. That is why you see older schools asking for the upgrades. All in all, you just have to think about the entire student body and faculty you are affecting, not yourself. Teachers have taken pay cuts, staff has already been cut. There is only so much more the administration can take with out collapsing. Now i'm not saying I agree with Gunner totally but he is truly trying to make Perkins shine and come out of the depths. Please just think about this.


In the almost 32 year I have been eligible to vote I have always supported levies for Perkins Schools. Even though the only time I ever went into a Perkins school in my life was to vote. I've lived in Perkins Twp. my whole life and atttended St. Mary's for 12 years. As it stands now I will not be voting for the upcoming levy. Though I do feel new buildings would be a benefit for the school.
I do not mind paying for your education through my property taxes. But given the choice of all the extra activities you mentioned that could be cut if the levy fails. Well there is a way to stop that. Pay to play. Let your parents pay for all of your extras. I'll pay a portion for your education, but could care less if you are in band or go out for sports. There are other ways to reduce the costs. Fundraisers for these extras is one way. As far as teachers taking pay cuts. There are a lot of teachers that make over $50k a year, and many that make over $60k. Not bad money. Cut administration and learn to make do with what you got.
Also I believe that unless a person is a property owner they should not be permitted to vote on any levy that increases taxes. Just my opinion. Also we the taxpayers do have to think of ourself first. We are the ones the have to pay the taxes that support all your extras.


We already pay for those extras.


We already pay for those extras.