Fremont police investigate two knife-point robberies

Fremont police have pegged one potential armed robbery suspect, but are looking to help from the public to identify a copycat who robbed a second convenience store Wednesday.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 16, 2013


The first robbery occurred at about 2 a.m. Sunday, when a man entered the Speedway on East State Street, flashed a knife and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Then on Wednesday at about 1:04 a.m., a man entered the Circle K on East. State Street wearing a bandana over his nose and mouth.

That man also flashed a knife at a clerk and demanded money. Then he fled with an undetermined amount of cash, according to a police report.

Police have since pegged a suspect in the first robbery and sent off evidence for DNA testing, Fremont police Chief Tim Wiersma said.

As for the second robbery, police are looking to the public for help in finding the suspect.

"The second robbery was a copy cat. It was at about the same time and he used a knife," Wiersma said.

"We could really use the public's help in finding him," he said.

Officers were able to obtain surveillance video from the second incident and description of the suspect.

He was described as a white man who was wearing a dark-colored flannel jacked, gray sweat pants with three dark stripes down the side, and a black and gray checkered baseball cap with a white symbol.

Anyone with information about the robbery may call Fremont police at 419-332-6464.




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