Ohio to let feds run health exchange

Ohio officials on Thursday confirmed the state's intentions not to run its own health insurance exchange but, instead, have the federal government operate the new online marketplace under President Barack Obama's health care law.
Associated Press
Feb 16, 2013


A letter sent Thursday to the Obama administration reiterates what Republican Gov. John Kasich told federal officials in November — that Ohio will keep its authority to regulate health plans in and out of the exchange, but leave running it to the federal government.

Exchanges can be run by the states, the federal government, or a state-federal partnership.

Consumers can get private health insurance, subsidized by the government, through the online health insurance marketplaces in each state. Small businesses will have access to their own exchanges. Open enrollment starts Oct. 1, and coverage takes effect Jan. 1, 2014.

The federal government initially instructed Ohio officials to submit a more detailed blueprint of its plan, which is required of those pursing a federal-state partnership. But recent conversations between officials clarified that Ohio no longer fit into that category.

Kasich told the Obama administration in a Nov. 16 letter that setting up a state-based exchange is too costly and states have little control over how to operate exchanges.

"Regardless of who runs an exchange, the end product is the same," he said at the time.

The state's letter on Thursday to Gary Cohen of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services restates Ohio's intentions to let the federal government be responsible for the exchange.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who is also the director of the state's insurance department, stipulated in the letter that Ohio would have regulatory authority over the insurance business in Ohio as well as the capacity to oversee the certification of qualified health plans.

She said the department would continue to collect and analyze information on plan rates, covered benefits, and cost-sharing requirements. It would also ensure ongoing plan compliance and resolve consumer complaints.

"Continuing this regulation at the state level, as Ohio has done for decades, will preserve the high quality oversight of the industry for which Ohio is known, and also help provide stability to our state's insurance market at this time of considerable volatility," Taylor wrote.

Kasich has decided to proceed with another key part of Obama's law: expanding Medicaid coverage for more low-income Ohioans.




Happened to take a look at the new Obamacare insurance exchange website "HealthCare.gov."

Didn't see any "happy" white people. How is this not considered racist?


BTW: "Affordable" is gov-speak for 30-40% higher premiums.

If you think health insurance is expensive now, wait until it's free.


And it's really expensive for those who don't have it; plus it costs the rest of us more as we subsidize the emergency room "clinics".


@ 9299:

Yea, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie, Freddie, Amtrak, et al. are all technically bankrupt due to hundreds of trillions of dollars in potential unfunded liabilities and you wanna let the Washington kleptocrats operate another Ponzi scheme?

Besides, there are no guarantees that you will get care just 'cause you've got health insurance.


for those who don't have it because of income levels they need not worry. 99% of the time if they call the med facility they will write off or give them a HUGE discount and set-up on a pay plan.


Way to go Ohio Republican Reps!
This is the thanks I get for voting for you guys regularly. No challenges before capitulation. To Be honest they're no better than ones I dealt with in California...


Gov. Kasich views it as "free" money to help Ohio's uninsured. So fault the guy.

Good interview:



Um, Republicans didn't vote for this monstrosity. Thank the morons who voted for our community organizer-in-chief, and then Re-elected him.


But they didn't make any kind of effort in this state to challenge it either.


It's called OBAMACARE for a reason so put the blame where it belongs all the FOOLS that voted Obama you will get what you voted for so don't cry now.


Hate to say it, but a lot of the folks who voted him in were already on the public dole.


The more services Ohio's govenor and legislature admit they can't handle and abdicate to the Feds the better off all Ohioans will be. The sad thing is he probably thinks he's making a brilliant political move... sighhhh.

Maybe the Canadians can run our healthcare?


Actually, the "can't handle it" is financial, not logistical. While the feds pony up some funds INITIALLY (and those are just taxpayer dollars out of a bigger pot, so the average joe still gets shafted), the liability very quickly becomes the state's responsibility. The vast majority of the states that are declining to set up state-based exchanges are doing so for exactly the same reason Ohio is: They're not keen on bankruptcy.

The really good news, though, is that in the thousands of pages that are Obamacare, there's NO PROVISION for the federal government to run exchanges. The entire plan is relatively dependent on the notion of state-based exchanges. The refusal of so many states to turn a blind eye to fiscal responsibility and just jump on board is actually pretty good news. It'll make Obamacare that much more difficult to implement.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that smarter ideas will prevail in the end and we'll get REAL healthcare reform as opposed to a one-step-at-a-time nationalized plan that will bankrupt individuals only a little bit sooner than it bankrupts the country.

Big Dog, before you jump all over your much-vaunted notion of single payer care, google Great Britain and its nationalized health service. It's in a shambles. People are dying quite literally because of the service and its requirements/prohibitions. Even worse than that, the news has now been surfacing that people are being deliberately euthanized under the plan. Even YOU can't think it's okay to starve babies to death...or CAN you??? If you think corporations are all about the $$$, just wait 'til your healthcare is decided that way by government bureaucrats with zero medical training but lots of red pens!

Sarah Palin may or may not have been able to see Russia from her house (okay, not), but one thing she was unequivocally right about: "Death panels." Yeah, Obamacare's a GREAT idea. If, that is, you're 22 and in great health! And stay that way! Oh, and have enough disposable income to pay the dramatically higher premiums or the rapidly escalating fines...

The Big Dog's back

Ahhhh yes, our resident right wingers with their S O S.


Well BD, I don't see where I asked anyone for anything. But I will admit the exercise in the lesser of two evils paid off as well as the Lotto.


I bet they're all "pro life," too.

Pterocarya frax...

Clearly Kasich realizes that the feds can run the exchange better than his right hand gal, vice...err I mean lieutenant governor and director of dept. of Insurance....Mary Taylor.


Gov. Kasich is obviously smart enough to let the Feds blow-up their own expensive boondoggle rather than be a party to it.

From all accounts, the health insurance exchange ain't working as advertised in MA.

#1. The Massachusetts plan does not control costs.

#2: Community rating, guaranteed issue and mandated benefits swell costs.

#3: Huge subsidies for low-to-medium earners could prove extremely expensive.

#4: The exchanges reward people for working less and earning less.

#5: The generous plans and added mandates give employers an incentive to drop health insurance.

Good luck to the Feds and you fools that voted for Pres. BHO.


The Big Dog's back

It might not be working for the poor, poor rich people, but it's working for the working class. Awwww, poor martini class, sniff, sniff.


The Republicans are the fools that insisted that the health insurance system remain the same: on the shoulders of employers. If they could have dropped their ideology for 5 seconds, we could have changed to single-payer, like the rest of the civilized world, or at least had the public option, which would have introduced "some" competition in the insurance world. Republicans have no one to blame but themselves and their "death panel" hysteria.


@ kal-el:

Single payer? So you want the govt. to operate yet another Ponzi scheme into bankruptcy through waste, fraud and abuse?

How'd you like it if the Washington kleptocrats nationalized property and casualty insurance and operated a national grocery chain?



kal-el....has not clue. Single payer is just another entity similar to social security. SS is going broke and so would a single payer system.

The Big Dog's back

Social Security is not going broke. Quit perpetuating this right wing lie.


If Social Security isn't going broke, why is everybody, Democrat and Republican alike, suggesting it'll be out of money within the next 10-20 years? (Estimates depend on who's doing the estimating.) And if Social Security isn't going broke, how do you suggest it WON'T go broke when there are more people receiving checks than there are paying into the system (imminent, with the first wave of Baby Boomer retirements now hitting, and with unemployment levels among those of working age only exacerbating the situation)?

The Big Dog's back

Show me where anyone involved with the handling of Social Security funds say it will run out of money in 10-20 years. No right wing wacko references either.


Ok, so it is more like 25 yrs, but what's a few years.



Here is someone that is not a right wing wacko, David Walker former Comptroller General of the GAO. He was nominated by Clinton and servered through 2008. www.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_M._...(U.S._Comptroller_General)

The Big Dog's back

You both should read your links in their entirety.


Listen K you have NO idea what's going on in the rest of the "civilized" world. NONE. I have first hand knowledge of one of the those other civilized countries as I have family livin' your dream in Greece. Are you going to tell me they just didn't do it right? Isn't that the defense people use when these places go to hell? You know, when they run out of other people's money?

The Big Dog's back

Here we go with the "Greece" thing again.


Really? I'm not rich. Not even CLOSE to rich! And you'd better believe it isn't working for ME! I'm in the unenviable position right now of trying to decide whether I should pay the fine or not. Paying the premiums isn't really an option if I also intend to continue to pay for little things like heat and groceries...

How is Obamacare helping me again? If you've got a legitimate answer, let's hear it because in all honesty, I'm pretty much out of options here!

The Big Dog's back

sam, if something Obama did that helped you, you wouldn't admit it in a 1000 years.


Sure, I would. I criticized all of the Bush administration's mistakes (and there were plenty) in the same way I criticize the Obama administration's mistakes (and there are even more). But the bottom line is that you don't have an answer, DO you. Didn't think so.

The Big Dog's back

sam, I would have to know all of your personal criteria to tell you exactly.


Kasich is smart. He wants nothing to do with Obamacare and the mess it will soon create.


No way I want the gov't to run anything; it screws up everything (although the gov't seems to do okay on defense and helping with natural disasters, space exploration, funding vital research and . . . ). I'd much rather leave all aspects of society and business up to the men who ran Enron, MCI Worldcom, Health South, the Wall Street firms that tanked our economy and pensions/savings of millions, the NRA, . . . Will gov't sponsored health care work? Don't know, but we'll find out. I do know that millions now have a shot at some basic health coverage that many of the rest of us have had for many years.


9299 writes: "Enron, MCI Worldcom, Health South,"

Yep! Many of the execs are or have served prison terms.

Wall St. and Washington is a revolving door. How many have been sent to prison over the financial crisis?

Why did Anthony Mozilo (Countrywide) pay only a $50M fine? Why didn't Barney Frank and Chris Dodd call him before Congress to testify?

Fraud, waste and abuse stems from Washington out.

"Will gov't sponsored health care work?" Look at the track record:

They've already bankrupted SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie, Freddie, Amtrak, et al.

There's your answer.


Dont forget USPS......Obamacare will be bankrupt and the Dems will be crying for a whole new slew of taxes to support it.

I foresee more and more people moving OUT of the US than into the US over the next 50 years. It will come to a point one day where you are working only to take home 25% of what you make. The rest will be going to taxes and supporting government waste.


Jack Lew, Pres. BHO's choice for Treas'y Sec'y oversaw Cayman Is. accounts for Citi.

His confirmation hearings should be fun!


The Big Dog's back

The USPS is not bankrupt. Another right wing lie.


Maybe not legitimately bankrupt but is billionssssssssssss of dollars in the red just like every gov't entity! To trust the gov't with one's money is like having the devil give a Sunday sermon in a Catholic church.


No, the USPS isn't bankrupt. Technically. Unfortunately, a government regulation requires the post office to have sufficient funds to cover pension liabilities, present and future. It doesn't require that of anybody else, but the USPS is stuck. And the red ink you hear so much about is less about operating expenses than it is about the increasing pension liability without a corresponding increase in set-asides to cover same.

So far, Congress has refused to modify the pension requirement, so the Post Office is literally sitting on billions it's not permitted to touch. Meanwhile, inefficiencies (don't get me started on some of the nonsense that goes on within the bureaucracy!) mean it's sinking further and further under its own weight.

Discount the pension savings (which you have to, since they're untouchable), and the Post Office is, indeed, well into the red!

The Big Dog's back

Unfortunately sam, your Repub congress put that unrealistic burden on the USPS. Why? To try to destroy it.


No argument. Did you notice I said CONGRESS and not "Democrats" or "Republicans?" They all played a role. How does political ideology make the end result any more right or wrong?

The Big Dog's back

How many private businesses are required to fund their pensions 75 years out? None!

The Big Dog's back

Oh, and it happened when Repubs controlled all 3, HOR, Senate and the Presidency.


Phew! Thanks BD! I'd been under the impression that there was big money problems for quite a while for USPS. I feel so much better you've cleared that up! Perhaps you will be kind enough to give us a little more information on how this is a lie?

looking around

@arnmcrmn And where exactly is this utopia that everyone will be leaving America and moving located?


The literal translation for Utopia in Greek is.... NOWHERE...

The Big Dog's back

The conservative translation for Utopia- Haiti. No taxes, no regulations, No Gov interference.


You win BD.
You've won me over with your undeniable logic. With new and extensive information I'd never consider before and may not have without your patient tutelage.
I've noticed that you use no strawmen, you don't attack others that of are a different opinion, but study their arguments with a simple concern for truth and try to steer them on the right path with brief pearls of wisdom. You are a true Renaissance Man... Enlightened beyond the visual spectrum.


obamacare is unconstitutional .... but then obama doesn't care about the constitution anyway.

The Big Dog's back

The SCOTUS already ruled on Obamacare. Constitutional!


They only ruled that is constitutional as a tax. It could not stand on its own as a legit healthcare plan.

The Big Dog's back

Another right wing lie.


I see Obozocare's high risk pools for pre-existing conditions is running out of money already, turning some people away. Death Panels due to high cost??

The Big Dog's back

So goof, should Congress appropriate more money? Call boehner.


Typical leftist response, throw more money on a dying proposition, I've told you libs all along you couldn't fund a losing proposition!!!

The Big Dog's back

So just let them die? Sounds like a Death Panel to me.


@ Dog:

Nah! Ya have Pres. BHO phone Fed Chair Bernanke and ask him to print more "funny money."

Not-to-worry, the increase in the money supply (M2) will continue into infinity. LMAO!!!

Print as needed.

Budget? We don't need no stinking budget. We're the United States!



Never thought much of Kasich from the start anyway. Grants a pay raise for him & his cronies. Wants all others to take cuts. Wanted to privitize or sell turnpike. That's not leadership. He only values his agendas - not the people he is supposed to serve.


SS, Medicare, and Medicaid not bankrupt due to projected unfunded liabilities?

Yea, read what Barney Frank (D-MA) said about (bankrupt) Fannie and Freddie in 2003:

"...the two government sponsored enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis.

We have recently had an accounting problem with Freddie Mac that has led to people being dismissed, as appears to be appropriate. I do not think at this point there is a problem with a threat to the Treasury."

Keep the blinders on and the ear plugs in while believing the lies.

Woulda loved to had listened to Anthony Mozilo (Countrywide) be given immunity and sing like a canary before Congress.



The left are already blaming Bush for Obamacare's national failure and pricing increase....and it hasn't even kicked in yet. Left....not so smart most of the time.