Ohio wind turbine project gets engineering boost

A nonprofit company developing wind turbines along Lake Erie has gained significant engineering support.
Associated Press
Feb 15, 2013


The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reports (http://bit.ly/12QDD2Q ) the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. has partnered with about a dozen national and international expert companies and laboratories in an effort to make the proposal happen. And the private partners are bringing an additional $1 million to the project.

The Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. is using a $4 million federal grant to develop the initial engineering necessary to build wind turbines in fresh water, where ice can put pressure on any structure.

The company has a year to assemble detailed engineering plans and win preliminary permits to compete for a larger, three-year federal grant. That money would go toward constructing a pilot project seven miles offshore.




For several decades, Canada/Ontario has had hundreds of nat-gas and oil wells in and around Lake Erie creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs while the U.S./OH has NONE.

Instead, we're spending millions of taxpayer dollars to build toy windmills. The well-compensated U.S govt. bureaucrats appreciate the citizens’ gullibility and stupidity.




In Ontario, the Bruce Pennisula alone has 275 wind turbines ("not toy windmills") proposed and something approaching on the order of 200 are up now. The Underwood Wind Farm alone has 110 up and running. There are dozens of wind farms in Canada.

The problem in the U.S. is not the bureaucrats, it's the for-sale-to-highest-campaign-donor politicians, all paid off by the petroleum industry, all nice and legal.

Our consumption of oil and natural gas is not sustainable. You can't use up the wind. But still we need to stop wasting energy. It just makes the oil industry rich, and the future poor.


@ Factitious:

Yea, like the alt-energy industry and their cronies ain't gettin' rich off taxpayer dollars.

Lackies like Al Gore made over $50M and you get the bill. LMAO!!!



When they talk of putting up wind turbines on Lake Erie, the BIRD society has a hairy canary. Too worried about the migratory patterns of birds and the "kill rate". IF a bird can MIGRATE for THOUSANDS of miles withOUT a gps or map, I am pretty sure they can find the way around a windmill the size of a BUS! There are also small towns across the state that have regulated and zoned to death if not outright banned wind turbines.


$4 million federal grant, Government welfare to the rich.

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The Hero Zone

Oh the things I could do with $4M to immediately invest in and restore downtown, employ people, and make us an even bigger entertainment destination...


On a bright note, the industrial hemp bill has passed in Kentucky.


Bill Maher says you can't get high on that stuff.