Sandusky police chief search down to three

Sandusky officials believe they've finally selected three candidates worthy of becoming the city's next top cop.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 15, 2013


A five-member search committee, assembled to help find police chief candidates, has forwarded its final list to city manager Nicole Ard.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register. Read about the three finalists below. See the previous list of seven candidates and their resumes HERE.


The three finalists:

Terence Calloway

- Austin Peay State University police chief in Clarksville, Tenn.

- Hired in January 2012 after working as Woodmere, Ohio, police chief for three years.

- Duties include establishing department's organizational structure, ensuring officers provide effective customer-oriented campus security services, and establishing department goals.

- Taught as adjunct instructor and worked as lieutenant for Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from Tiffin University.

John Orzech

- Sandusky assistant police chief.

- Has worked at Sandusky Police Department for 16 years.

- Duties include overseeing personnel of almost 50 officers, participating in budget talks and engaging in community discussions to solve crime problems.

- Served in the U.S. Marines from 1985 to 1989; stationed in places such as North Carolina and Japan.

- Received associate's degree in political science at Terra Community College in December.

Craig Stone

- Columbus police lieutenant.

- Has worked at Columbus Police Department for 28 years.

- Duties include assigning and reviewing investigations and ensuring cases are handled properly.

- Volunteers for community improvement organizations.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from University of Louisville.


my oh my

The two out of area are more qualified and the city can reduce the good ole boy network.

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Specify how they are more qualified. Credentials are not qualifications.

Just who is this "good ole boy network?" Sounds like code for anyone who's been around more than a few months. Conspiracy theories are not a sound scheme for running a community.


1 : something that gives a title to credit or confidence; also : qualification 3a
2 plural : testimonials or certified documents showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power
3 : certificate, diploma
First use: 1655

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A qualification for a job is an ability or skill. A credential is a piece of paper. One shouldn't parrot dictionary entries when one does not comprehend them.

Again, substantiate how they are more qualified, i.e. suited for and able to competently perform the job, based on proven abilities and disposition.

Also substantiate this "good ole boy network" as something more than an ephemeral catchphrase tossed around by conspiracy theorists.

Oh, wait, I get it - it was the GOB that was on the grassy knoll in Dallas, right?


sore loser (plural sore losers)
(informal) One who doesn't take defeat well, especially one who complains or contests it.


"Also substantiate this "good ole boy network" as something more than an ephemeral catchphrase tossed around by conspiracy theorists"

Sgt. Dana Newell, Commander

Detective Lester Peters

Detective Ken Nixon

Detective Gary Wichman

Evidence Detective David West


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So, then, it's your assertion that these 5 individuals are the cabal that actually runs the city with an inescapable grip of control to the detriment of all good people within a 20 mile radius? Great, but it's still just a list of names - a naked assertion at best.

Since you have a fetish for dictionary entries, try this one:

verb (used with object), sub·stan·ti·at·ed, sub·stan·ti·at·ing.
1. to establish by proof or competent evidence:

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Still waiting for the list of attributes (not pieces of paper) that makes them more qualified. A high school diploma is a credential, but there are thousands holding it who can't read or write.


Agree... why is this turning into something so difficult? Make a decision for Gods sake!!!


Not sure about the guy who is campus security. How does that figure in with being a Police Chief? I see Orzech received his degree in December. We kind of waited for him to catch up in the education category. It has been a whole year since the committee started the hunt for a new Police Chief. Let us hope that the City Manager does not drag her feet and she is not too late with the selection. The two outsiders might have other jobs by now.


Officer Orzech is a great guy but I believe Sandusky needs to break up the long established GOB network to move forward.

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More conspiracy theories. Does the GOB use black helicopters, too?


What's even better is Orzech is Nixon's brother-in-law. Ain't it great? Now he can run even more rogue than before!

Good 2 B Me

End the GOB Network!

West 99

Orzech is a great Officer -Sandusky- pick who you know and have.

Sit n Spin

I agree, NOT ! Continue down the same path that was and still is a Police Department of dysfunction !




This is what you've narrowed your search down to? I'd hate to see the qualifications of the ones that were passed over.

Gyro Cart Guy

Johnny O for sure. Get this done already.

Sit n Spin

Johnny Joke !

Kottage Kat

Get anyone and get Lang outta there.


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Factual article about a candidate that was not reported.

Sarah Weber

Can you post the link? The whole article is too long is causes problems with our system. Thank you!


My favorite part is that a town with 5 streets and only 800 people needed 14 cops???? Lmfao, that's probably why they reneged on his pay raise!


Someone should forward this article to the people of Castalia.


@25yr.resident Wow, that explains SO much!


I would like to know how much this fiasco cost?


I'm going with the guy from Columbus. Why? He'll review investigations and make sure cases are handled properly. We might have three people still alive in our community if cases were handled properly.


The powers that be have already decided who the next police chief will be. The rest is just a dog and pony show that will cost a lot of wasted taxpayer money. The powers that be got rid of Kim Nuesse. The local drug pushers were afraid of Nuesse as were the powers that be. Did anybody notice how crime has risen in Sandusky, Ohio once Nuesse was booted out?


Excellent point.

Julie R.

I 2nd that excellent point.


I think it's a done deal. just posturing at this point. It has always been Orzech,just wait n see.

Jack Frost

A lot can be said about John O. He is a good cop, he is tough when he has to be and kind when he needs to be. There is a place for degrees and there is a place for experience. I'll take a local guy who knows the bad guys already and has the pulse of Sandtown, over an pencil pusher any day.


I don't think Ms Ard is going to let this town regulate what HER decision will be. In fact, given the way this town has treated her, the decicision she makes will probably be one that no one expects. In that regards I do not blame her. Why should she go with the "on odds favorite" when she has the right to go outside the box here.

This town and most of the opinions given around here have been less than favorable to her, then they come along and expect her to "make nice" and give them give them John Orzeck as the chief?

I would go with an outsider just because this city NEEDS an outsider to clean up some of the mess around here. But also because she needs to establish that she is the CITY MANAGER and she holds that position. She controls this city when it comes to decisions, not the paper, not the good ole boys and not some of the rouge elements of this town.

I hope the good old fashioned sense of hers kicks in and she realizes she does NOT have to buckle under to anyone just to make anyone happy.

She is the boss her. I hope she understands it is time to take control and do what she feels is best for this city and do what is right.

Orzech already said he would work with whomever was chosen. Good for him. That shows he has class and is a team player.

Ard is the boss and Orzech is a team player...maybe some people in this town should learn to be the same. Only time will tell.


Picking anyone other than Orzech, not only is she facing the wrath of the public with all the recent missteps she's made, but then she will be facing the wrath of her boss'--the City Commission.


@paved...and that is supposed to make it ok? That she pick Orzech so she is doing the suppoed "right thing" here even though he isn't the right pick? Oh, come on now! You have to be kidding! Why should she be afraid of insighting anyone else?

No matter what she does in this situation someone won't be happy and you full well know it. So why should she care? Pick the BEST person for the job: which is someone from out of town. I mean NO OFFENSE to John, but for once, let someone else take the reigns than someone from the network and see how they do. Let me remind you that even with John here ,this town has had SEVEN murders. Why not see what happens with a new person in charge and see what that person can do to settle things down. So far, again, no offense intended, things have not been going well. I would LOVE to see what happens with new blood behind the helm of a ship that is sinking and with John agreeing to help out, there should NOT be any animosity at all, now should there be? I guess not.

Not even from the commissioners. Nor the public.

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" Why should she go with the "on odds favorite" when she has the right to go outside the box here."

Oh, I don't know, how about "the consent of the governed?"

"This town and most of the opinions given around here have been less than favorable to her"

Oh dear! How dare people question der Fuhrer?

"She controls this city"

YEAH, to hell with all that democracy and liberty crap!

"She is the boss here. I hope she understands it is time to take control and do what she feels is best for this city"

That's right - we need an iron fist enforcing her FEELINGS.

Don't you get it people? Ard is your leader; you will not question her. You will not criticize her. She is the boss of you, and you will submit quietly like good little peons. Thus spake wiredmama, once again subverting every principle of the candidate she touted all through the election season.


Yes, for once someone is standing up for her. If you don't like it, that really is too bad. I am not advocating that she is DA FUHRER, or that she is the only one running this city...but that is what has been going on without her. If you were not so blind you would have seen it by now. If you were not so deaf, you would have heard it by now.

So don't be too surprised that SOMEONE has jumped in to support an underdog for once. I hate seeing anyone get ganged up on by people I always that of as being realistic and generous. I know find them to be nothing more than vicious and unrealistic. If they cannot have it all their way they will gang up on ONE person until they have crushed the life from them.

I am ashamed for my own hometown, what it has become. It's a sad state to see. I hope it will change. How many more people do you have to drive out of here before it all stops and this place gets back to normal?

I won't be going, so don't even say it!

BW1's picture

@Wiredmama: "I am not advocating that she is DA FUHRER, or that she is the only one running this city."

1. Can't you even copy correct spelling when it's given to you?
2."She controls this city....She is the boss here. I hope she understands it is time to take control" - wiredmama, 02/15/2013 - 2:09pm

@Wiredmama:"I hate seeing anyone get ganged up on by people I always that of as being realistic and generous. "

1."hate" yes, it's become clear your decisions are driven by emotional reflex rather than rational application of anything approaching principles.
2. Oh, the poor dear. She's a politician, and she wasn't forcibly conscripted - when constituents don't feel they're well served, it gets unpleasant for politicians. One of the greatest politicians once said "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
3.. You've put on great airs here about all your education, but I know 4th graders who know the difference between 'that' and 'thought'

@Wiredmama: "they will gang up on ONE person until they have crushed the life from them."

Wow, she must be in the ICU by now. Queue the violins, wiredmama is bringing the emotionally overwrought melodrama, right on schedule.

@Wiredmama: "How many more people do you have to drive out of here before it all stops and this place gets back to normal?"

1. Don't you mean drive BACK out of here?
2, No one is being driven out of anywhere - that is the commissioners' role, and they'll eventually do it with or without our help the minute she crosses them. What's happening is a public official is being criticized for her decisions. That's part of being a public official.
3. She's done nothing of substance to warrant your idolizing hero-worship.

What's funny is you don't even recognize the gross self contradiction in what you're saying versus what you were saying 6 months ago. The only question is whether you didn't understand what you were saying then, or don't understand what you're saying now.


I know one thing. We don't need another college campus bred lacky from south of here for the job.




Personally I don't feel a campus chief is cut out for Sandusky. So either Orzech or Stone. For those of you who feel like Orzech is not a good choice you clearly don't know him. As for Stone he sounds very qualified for the job as well.


I think Stone sounded qualified from the get go. I have no problem with Orzech as a person. I just think that someone from outside needs to try it and see if they can do better than we have right now.

I think Orzech is a classy guy for saying he would be willing to work with WHOEVER got the job. So there shouldn't be any problems. That takes courage and class. Good for him. Shows his integrity right up front. So why anyone would beef about someone new is beyond me?

Let a new person, like Stone, take it. Can't hurt can it.

Molon Labe

I vote for John O! Just my opinion!!


True cityslicker. True.


Well this is a no-brainer. Pick Detective Orzech. This man has put more personal time into his cases then anyone I know, well next to Detective Dana Newell. These two men try their hardest to make Sandusky safe. These two men work together to "disarm" the gangs, to solve Sandusky's drug problem, and are the most professional Law Enforcement I have ever come into contact with. I have the utmost respect for both of them.


Terence Calloway

- Austin Peay State University police chief in Clarksville, Tenn.

- Hired in January 2012 after working as Woodmere, Ohio, police chief for three years.

The population of Woodmere, Ohio was 884 at the 2010 census. Figures show APSU’s total student enrollment for this semester is 10,723 (11/16/2010).

Really police selection committee????? A gentleman who has probably dealt with very few violent crimes is one of your finalist??? WOW!!!


And before that, he was an administrative Lieutenant at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Steller credentials there.....This town is a joke!


Double post


Craig Stone

Can you imagine a woman police chief in charge of the Columbus PD?




I pick the Columbus guy. He has an outstanding resume. But when the chips are finally down, I think it will be Orzech. Going through all this and the guy is right in our own backyard. This will be interesting. Let's hope the selection is not delayed much longer then it already has been.


No offense but the comments about crime and the murders make no sense. No matter who is chief criminals will commit crimes. You want it to stop the public needs to turn toward our judicial system which slaps them on the wrist and lets them walk. O'brien charges someone with a job 102 dollars for a fine immediatly or face jail time and a person without a job that committed the same offense can pay 5$ a month. His only concern is being re elected so he caters to the criminals. If you dont believe me go see for yourselves


Then go see what the Attorney General of the United States and others have mandated he do. That they cannot overcrowd prisons. That they cannot send too many to prison and when at all possible, release these people back into the population rather than send them to jail. Ask any Attorney or judge if this is not the case. The judges hands are tied. It has nothing to do with wanting to get re elected and everything to do with the overcrowding of jails and the lack of space in already overcrowed jails.


I have seen several comments with "good ole boys" and will post a link to some good reading about Sandusky, Ohio. Please note that many of the Sandusky Register links have been disabled and will not work.


Thanks, centauri. Interesting reading.

BW1's picture

Just another vague rant about the "good ole boys." The same thing proliferates all over the web - just replace "good ole boys" with illuminati, vast right wing conspiracy, the trilateral commission, freemasons (didn't they found Sandusky? hmmm.) Every time life doesn't go the way some people expect, there's a shadowy conspiracy at work. Things are the way they are because evil power cabals make them that way to make the rest of us all butthurt.

I'm surprised no one has blamed 9/11 or hurricane Sandy on the Sandusky good ole boy network.


"just replace "good ole boys" with illuminati"

How about using the word "faction" which could replace the "good ole boys" phrase?

BW1's picture

A rose, by any other name.....

Lots of tinfoil hats in Sandusky.


Hey Darkhorse,
I came back to Sandusky from the Cleveland area after attending school there. I took some classes at Cuyahoga Community College and you are straight up misinformed about Terry Calloway. He was one of my intructors at the college and for a time a supervisor for the police department at the college. First, you may not even know where the college is but it is in one of the worst parts of the city of Cleveland. These officers, which number over 100 on the their force, have a tougher beat than most of Sandusky. They are always very nice and always visible. This comes from good leadership-Mr. Calloway. I liked him so much as an instructor I kind of kept tabs on him when he went to Woodmere Police as Chief. There he cleaned house and got the house back in order. No nonsense and put the department in line. Many did not like it but he did his job like he was hired to do. Sound familiar?? But maybe this is what Sandusky needs is a good house cleaning and restoring the department. As far as your campus security comment, do you even know that both the campus in Tenn. and Cleveland are armed police and the one in Cleveland has more officers and staff than the city of Sandusky?? Google Terry Calloway Woodmere Police, as I did, I am impressed with his record, not only as a instructor but as a Chief as well. My vote, Calloway.


TERRY? He has had His present job for How Long? 14 months, Is he under Contract? How long before He puts in for another position some place else if He is Hired here? A lot of questions. They've really been successful hiring out of the immediate area! A Real dirty Joke to the public!


Yes Mr. Calloway. I am all for it. We need some change. From the sounds of your post you want the local guy. What is going to change under him?? There are times that call for impartialness and change and to me I believe this is one of them. I do not think things are going to change from someone from the inside. Too many preconceived notions on how things are, who is good and who is not. Now more than ever this position calls for a set of fresh ideas and eyes to go over the police department with an open mind and eyes.
As far as time, well Mr. Orechz just received and associates degree from Terra in December. Looks like he was trying to at least get a little education prior to the position being filled.
Calloway, a masters in public justice. I will leave it at that.