Sandusky police chief search down to three

Sandusky officials believe they've finally selected three candidates worthy of becoming the city's next top cop.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 15, 2013

A five-member search committee, assembled to help find police chief candidates, has forwarded its final list to city manager Nicole Ard.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register. Read about the three finalists below. See the previous list of seven candidates and their resumes HERE.


The three finalists:

Terence Calloway

- Austin Peay State University police chief in Clarksville, Tenn.

- Hired in January 2012 after working as Woodmere, Ohio, police chief for three years.

- Duties include establishing department's organizational structure, ensuring officers provide effective customer-oriented campus security services, and establishing department goals.

- Taught as adjunct instructor and worked as lieutenant for Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from Tiffin University.

John Orzech

- Sandusky assistant police chief.

- Has worked at Sandusky Police Department for 16 years.

- Duties include overseeing personnel of almost 50 officers, participating in budget talks and engaging in community discussions to solve crime problems.

- Served in the U.S. Marines from 1985 to 1989; stationed in places such as North Carolina and Japan.

- Received associate's degree in political science at Terra Community College in December.

Craig Stone

- Columbus police lieutenant.

- Has worked at Columbus Police Department for 28 years.

- Duties include assigning and reviewing investigations and ensuring cases are handled properly.

- Volunteers for community improvement organizations.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from University of Louisville.



I pick the Columbus guy. He has an outstanding resume. But when the chips are finally down, I think it will be Orzech. Going through all this and the guy is right in our own backyard. This will be interesting. Let's hope the selection is not delayed much longer then it already has been.


No offense but the comments about crime and the murders make no sense. No matter who is chief criminals will commit crimes. You want it to stop the public needs to turn toward our judicial system which slaps them on the wrist and lets them walk. O'brien charges someone with a job 102 dollars for a fine immediatly or face jail time and a person without a job that committed the same offense can pay 5$ a month. His only concern is being re elected so he caters to the criminals. If you dont believe me go see for yourselves


Then go see what the Attorney General of the United States and others have mandated he do. That they cannot overcrowd prisons. That they cannot send too many to prison and when at all possible, release these people back into the population rather than send them to jail. Ask any Attorney or judge if this is not the case. The judges hands are tied. It has nothing to do with wanting to get re elected and everything to do with the overcrowding of jails and the lack of space in already overcrowed jails.


I have seen several comments with "good ole boys" and will post a link to some good reading about Sandusky, Ohio. Please note that many of the Sandusky Register links have been disabled and will not work.


Thanks, centauri. Interesting reading.

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Just another vague rant about the "good ole boys." The same thing proliferates all over the web - just replace "good ole boys" with illuminati, vast right wing conspiracy, the trilateral commission, freemasons (didn't they found Sandusky? hmmm.) Every time life doesn't go the way some people expect, there's a shadowy conspiracy at work. Things are the way they are because evil power cabals make them that way to make the rest of us all butthurt.

I'm surprised no one has blamed 9/11 or hurricane Sandy on the Sandusky good ole boy network.


"just replace "good ole boys" with illuminati"

How about using the word "faction" which could replace the "good ole boys" phrase?

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A rose, by any other name.....

Lots of tinfoil hats in Sandusky.


Hey Darkhorse,
I came back to Sandusky from the Cleveland area after attending school there. I took some classes at Cuyahoga Community College and you are straight up misinformed about Terry Calloway. He was one of my intructors at the college and for a time a supervisor for the police department at the college. First, you may not even know where the college is but it is in one of the worst parts of the city of Cleveland. These officers, which number over 100 on the their force, have a tougher beat than most of Sandusky. They are always very nice and always visible. This comes from good leadership-Mr. Calloway. I liked him so much as an instructor I kind of kept tabs on him when he went to Woodmere Police as Chief. There he cleaned house and got the house back in order. No nonsense and put the department in line. Many did not like it but he did his job like he was hired to do. Sound familiar?? But maybe this is what Sandusky needs is a good house cleaning and restoring the department. As far as your campus security comment, do you even know that both the campus in Tenn. and Cleveland are armed police and the one in Cleveland has more officers and staff than the city of Sandusky?? Google Terry Calloway Woodmere Police, as I did, I am impressed with his record, not only as a instructor but as a Chief as well. My vote, Calloway.


TERRY? He has had His present job for How Long? 14 months, Is he under Contract? How long before He puts in for another position some place else if He is Hired here? A lot of questions. They've really been successful hiring out of the immediate area! A Real dirty Joke to the public!


Yes Mr. Calloway. I am all for it. We need some change. From the sounds of your post you want the local guy. What is going to change under him?? There are times that call for impartialness and change and to me I believe this is one of them. I do not think things are going to change from someone from the inside. Too many preconceived notions on how things are, who is good and who is not. Now more than ever this position calls for a set of fresh ideas and eyes to go over the police department with an open mind and eyes.
As far as time, well Mr. Orechz just received and associates degree from Terra in December. Looks like he was trying to at least get a little education prior to the position being filled.
Calloway, a masters in public justice. I will leave it at that.