Sandusky police chief search down to three

Sandusky officials believe they've finally selected three candidates worthy of becoming the city's next top cop.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 15, 2013

A five-member search committee, assembled to help find police chief candidates, has forwarded its final list to city manager Nicole Ard.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register. Read about the three finalists below. See the previous list of seven candidates and their resumes HERE.


The three finalists:

Terence Calloway

- Austin Peay State University police chief in Clarksville, Tenn.

- Hired in January 2012 after working as Woodmere, Ohio, police chief for three years.

- Duties include establishing department's organizational structure, ensuring officers provide effective customer-oriented campus security services, and establishing department goals.

- Taught as adjunct instructor and worked as lieutenant for Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from Tiffin University.

John Orzech

- Sandusky assistant police chief.

- Has worked at Sandusky Police Department for 16 years.

- Duties include overseeing personnel of almost 50 officers, participating in budget talks and engaging in community discussions to solve crime problems.

- Served in the U.S. Marines from 1985 to 1989; stationed in places such as North Carolina and Japan.

- Received associate's degree in political science at Terra Community College in December.

Craig Stone

- Columbus police lieutenant.

- Has worked at Columbus Police Department for 28 years.

- Duties include assigning and reviewing investigations and ensuring cases are handled properly.

- Volunteers for community improvement organizations.

- Received master's degree in justice administration from University of Louisville.


my oh my

The two out of area are more qualified and the city can reduce the good ole boy network.

BW1's picture

Specify how they are more qualified. Credentials are not qualifications.

Just who is this "good ole boy network?" Sounds like code for anyone who's been around more than a few months. Conspiracy theories are not a sound scheme for running a community.


1 : something that gives a title to credit or confidence; also : qualification 3a
2 plural : testimonials or certified documents showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power
3 : certificate, diploma
First use: 1655

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A qualification for a job is an ability or skill. A credential is a piece of paper. One shouldn't parrot dictionary entries when one does not comprehend them.

Again, substantiate how they are more qualified, i.e. suited for and able to competently perform the job, based on proven abilities and disposition.

Also substantiate this "good ole boy network" as something more than an ephemeral catchphrase tossed around by conspiracy theorists.

Oh, wait, I get it - it was the GOB that was on the grassy knoll in Dallas, right?


sore loser (plural sore losers)
(informal) One who doesn't take defeat well, especially one who complains or contests it.


"Also substantiate this "good ole boy network" as something more than an ephemeral catchphrase tossed around by conspiracy theorists"

Sgt. Dana Newell, Commander

Detective Lester Peters

Detective Ken Nixon

Detective Gary Wichman

Evidence Detective David West


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So, then, it's your assertion that these 5 individuals are the cabal that actually runs the city with an inescapable grip of control to the detriment of all good people within a 20 mile radius? Great, but it's still just a list of names - a naked assertion at best.

Since you have a fetish for dictionary entries, try this one:

verb (used with object), sub·stan·ti·at·ed, sub·stan·ti·at·ing.
1. to establish by proof or competent evidence:


Perkahontas, What have these guys done to deserve that label? or are you just being Perkahontas?

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Still waiting for the list of attributes (not pieces of paper) that makes them more qualified. A high school diploma is a credential, but there are thousands holding it who can't read or write.


Agree... why is this turning into something so difficult? Make a decision for Gods sake!!!


Not sure about the guy who is campus security. How does that figure in with being a Police Chief? I see Orzech received his degree in December. We kind of waited for him to catch up in the education category. It has been a whole year since the committee started the hunt for a new Police Chief. Let us hope that the City Manager does not drag her feet and she is not too late with the selection. The two outsiders might have other jobs by now.


Officer Orzech is a great guy but I believe Sandusky needs to break up the long established GOB network to move forward.

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More conspiracy theories. Does the GOB use black helicopters, too?


What's even better is Orzech is Nixon's brother-in-law. Ain't it great? Now he can run even more rogue than before!

Good 2 B Me

End the GOB Network!

West 99

Orzech is a great Officer -Sandusky- pick who you know and have.

Sit n Spin

I agree, NOT ! Continue down the same path that was and still is a Police Department of dysfunction !




This is what you've narrowed your search down to? I'd hate to see the qualifications of the ones that were passed over.

Gyro Cart Guy

Johnny O for sure. Get this done already.

Sit n Spin

Johnny Joke !

Kottage Kat

Get anyone and get Lang outta there.


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Factual article about a candidate that was not reported.

Sarah Weber

Can you post the link? The whole article is too long is causes problems with our system. Thank you!


My favorite part is that a town with 5 streets and only 800 people needed 14 cops???? Lmfao, that's probably why they reneged on his pay raise!


Someone should forward this article to the people of Castalia.


@25yr.resident Wow, that explains SO much!


I would like to know how much this fiasco cost?