Danbury parents protest 'vulgar' book

A group of parents, most with eighth grade students at Danbury Middle School, have banded together to protest what they say is a vulgar book their children had to read aloud in language arts class.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 14, 2013
More than a dozen people spoke at the Danbury school board meeting Wednesday night about "Fallen Angels," a 1988 novel by Walter Dean Myers that centers around the life of a teen who enlists in the Marines and experiences controversy within his unit.
Most of those who spoke took issue with severe language in the book and asked why they weren't made aware of the content before students had to read the book aloud in class. Others expressed support for the book and teacher Tim Heffernan.
In response to the outcry, parents and students have been given the choice of an alternative book, "Johnny Tremain."
For more on the book controversy, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



In the real world if you find something that offends, you have the option of not participating. In this case options were not made available until after parents went to the school to investigate.
There is no excuse for forcing and or bullying a 13 year old girl or boy to read this kind of material.
IMO: You have a teacher on a power trip; "I think its ok, shut up and read".



Truth or Dare

I grew up watching the Vietnam War unfold before our very eyes on the nightly news, talk about appalling, foul! We were worrying daily as to whether or not my older Brothers' # would get called up. Funny how our Govt. won't allow the "wages of War" to be watched on U.S. T.V. anymore.

I found the Vietnam War to be appalling, foul, moreso than any foul language anyone could read outloud. Why not let 13 yr. olds read about what a 17 yr. old was facing back in the 60's, fresh out of High School, unable to afford college and smart enough to know there were no good answers to be found "out on the streets". How many kids feel that way today, w/the Military being their avenue of last resort? After all, in just a few short years, your children may be toying with the same dilemma, and just like this young man, Basic Training can't and won't prepare you for all that you can be or will see! What would be nice, is if after the reading of this book, it was followed up w/a visit from a Veteran Marine from the Vietnam War. One willing to speak to the truths of War.


Sheltering children is terrible. I was never a sheltered child, and I feel like at least now I know how to conduct myself in public. My parents allowed me to hear this type of stuff, but also sat us down and explained to us why we shouldn't use the words. They taught us exactly what they meant and why they're "bad words". At 13-14, I had already heard any "bad word" you could've read in 1988. Stop sheltering your children and allow them to be a rounded individual by reading a book, because we all know the kids in this generation NEED to read. Maybe if you took a more active role in parenting (lol, I know, it's a joke anymore) then you wouldn't have to worry about it. Calm down, it's a book. If you allow your child to watch tv, play video games, or even just exist in the general public (assuming you all don't just lock them in their rooms after school to shelter them from bad words) they're going to learn it. Calm down, take a breath, and TEACH your children. It's not just up to the school. They don't teach you about real life. That's YOUR job as a PARENT.