Historic Cleveland market reopens next week

Cleveland's historic West Side Market has been cleaned up after a recent fire and is set to reopen on Monday.
Associated Press
Feb 14, 2013


The 100-year-old landmark near downtown was damaged and the inside covered with soot after a fire in one of the stalls Jan. 30. It's been closed since then.

Officials said it's not clear how many vendors will be able to open by Monday because some are still replacing product that had to be thrown out after the fire.

The city fire department has not yet released its report on the cause of the fire, but there have been no signs of foul play.

Before the opening, the city health department will perform final inspections at food stands and in basement coolers.




If someone wants to take a trip back to yesteryear its a great little gem. A fun little family excursion.

The Bizness

Yesteryear? Ohio City is a thriving area NOW...but most people on this site just think that everything sucks now a days.



Did you read my comments? The West Side Market is a great way to see how people shopped 50 years ago. No big box stores and prepackaged food.

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? No where did I say it sucked, quite the opposite.

The Bizness

I know you are saying it is a fun trip, my point is that the area is growing with young people.

I was simply getting to the point that all good things are not lost in the past. I really would like to see our farmers market here in Sandusky keep growing and maybe into something like they have in Ann Arbor



I would love to see the farmers market downtown grow, but until the SMSA stops all the flea market type crap being sold there and stick to what a farmers market is about it will still lack that true farmers market feeling.

The Bizness

Fresh local Fruits and Veggies is what I go to the Farm Market for and maybe some home made baked goods. I don't get the other stuff.

I would like to see local eggs and meats sold there, but I will not buy anything that is sitting in a cooler or out in the open air. The Ann Arbor market has solar panel canopies that can be used to run refrigeration so they can sell meats, cheeses, and eggs!


The West side Market is great! I try to go there once a month. Fresh, incredible food you can't find around here anywhere.


Why we do not have something like this around here is beyond me.Plus i would love to have the restraunts on W.25th than the ones on 250.


Great Lakes Brewery......Yep.