Ohio gas prices still rising

Ohio gas prices are still rising.
Associated Press
Feb 11, 2013


The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Ohio was about $3.57 in Monday's survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That's a nickel higher than a week ago. Prices have gone up 18 cents in the past two weeks in the Buckeye State.

The state average is slightly under the national average of about $3.59, which is 7 cents higher than a week ago. The price in Ohio is about 29 cents higher than the same time last month.

Experts say prices are continuing to rise because of solid economic recovery in China and the U.S. and other factors.

The lowest average price in Ohio Monday was about $3.52 in the Dayton area.




this can't be. i am calling the prez. he said that the middle class will not have to pay more in taxes. but, if i pay more for gas then that means i am paying more in taxes. just not fair. i think that the rich should have to more for their gasoline!

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yeah, because gas is only going up in ohio right dawg.


Do you ever post something of positive value or without cutting on someone? What are you 10 years old?

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Yeah mikel, what are you 10? lol




@big dog, that was intended for you....and I see your comment was removed. Typical.


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So you 2 want to limit free speech? Who da thunk.

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It is no politicians fault...Cost to get oil out of the ground is going up as we have to use more technology and damage the environment even more...from tar sands, to deep sea drilling it will continue to cost us more. Unless we change our ways.

"For example, when oil was originally discovered, it took on average one barrel of oil to find, extract, and process about 100 barrels of oil. That ratio has declined steadily over the last century to about three barrels gained for one barrel used up in the U.S. (and about ten for one in Saudi Arabia).[citation needed] [3] Currently (2006) the EROEI of wind energy in North America and Europe is about 20:1[4] which has driven its adoption." - Wikipedia


Why for decades has Canada had hundreds of nat-gas and oil wells in and around Lake Erie which in turn has produced thousands of direct and indirect jobs and the U.S./OH has none?



Because of incompetent and uninformed legislators and environmentalists who don't have a clue of reality. Example, Redfern attempting to forbid use of our resources while the Canadians sell it to us from the North half of Lake Erie. And because he had a (D) after his name and people failed to research his agenda.


Amen Noreaster!


I'll save Swiss the time, it is because the greedy gas station owners that are supposed to be our friends that are ripping us off. You know, the ones that are charging us 30 cents or so mark up...lol. QE has consequences, the more dollars out there, the less hey are worth, Ben, shut the presses down for crying out loud.


I would LOVE to know when the new oil refinerys are being built? That is what the oil barons told the senators when they were called in to explain their need for raising their prices on oil way back 8 years ago. They told the senate hearings that they needed to increase the gas prices to "build new refineraries and make oil more producive and useful for the new engines being produced". That is almost an exact quote. I wish I new where they were building those new refineries because I have yet to see ONE being build. Have any of you? I listened to those on cnn and have not seen ONE STINKING REFINERY yet that has been built. Where are they?


New oil refineries not being built?

One word: Environmentalism.


Oh really gas is going up. I don't notice when I drove by the station. So let me get this straight gas and everything else is going up in price. This is life altering.


ROFLMAO......I love it. Either you have an electric car, you didn't need gas or you just don't care. I love it.


yawn.. more - give them more...


and corn is going up so bread is going up and everything made with flour is going up and so is corn oil going up so french fries are going up and potatoes are going up and hamburgers are going up and malted milk is going up and soup is going up and oil is going up and nail poilish is going up a;nd hems are going up and neck lines are going up and hair is going up.

And so is my blood pressure because if gas doesn't stop going up my hot air balloon won't go up any higher and that just makes me so darn made I could spit....and that won't go up it goes down. SPIT!


@ wiredmama222:

According to the dollar index (DXY) the value of the dollar has sank by 33.8% since mid-2001.

Hence, everything we buy in dollars is increasing in price.

The U.S. govt. is attempting to inflate it's way out of debt with money printing and citizens ultimately get to pay the price.


You are all wrong.....It's Bush's fault!


The value of the dollar continues to sink. Everything is goin' up in price.

Only the govt. tells the masses that there is no inflation.


Higher gas prices, corn prices, meat prices but wages are not going up.

The issue is not the Unions making too much money, it's the poor slob at McDonalds not making enough in wages.


@ pavedparadise:

Increasing wages will not ultimately solve the problem. The U.S. needs a "strong" dollar.

Product sizes are also getting smaller. Most can goods used to be 16 oz. Many now are 14.5 oz.

"US Is on Fast-Track to Energy Independence: Study"



If you want a financially stable future for your kids and grand kids, you must push them in the direction of jobs that are needed in our country. These are college educated jobs for the most part. McDonalds is not a college educated type of job, nor is working at a gas station. Unless you want to pay 1.00 more per bag of chips and pop, wages are determined by the skill.


That $3 local transit ride is looking better and better every week.