Troopers: Drunk pedestrian struck on Milan Road

An allegedly intoxicated Sandusky man was knocked unconscious by a pickup truck Saturday night while crossing Milan Road to obtain more alcohol.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 11, 2013


August J. Pepitone III, 45, left his Milan Road home at about 9:15 p.m. and darted toward a nearby BP gas station without looking for oncoming traffic, according to police.

Monte Hibbard, 41, of Berlin Heights, was heading north on Milan Road just north of Perkins Avenue when he hit Pepitone with his passenger-side mirror. Pepitone was temporarily knocked unconscious.

“There was no way to avoid him,” state trooper Brian Bracy said. “From the statement his girlfriend gave he had been drunk pretty much all day.”

The Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol responded while Sandusky police blocked traffic until about 12:45 a.m. Sunday to clear the scene.

Pepitone was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for minor facial injuries and released.

He was charged with intoxicated pedestrian in roadway, a minor misdemeanor. Hibbard was not charged.



This could have easily been handled by local law enforcement. Government waste at it's finest.


Technically US250 is State Trooper jurisdiction just as much as the locals and if a trooper was in the area he has every right to be first responder and control the scene. I highly doubt a Trooper drove the 5+ minutes from the Sandusky Post just because he wanted too and wasn't in the area.


Technically, I only stated the locals could have handled this. We don't need all these police forces duplicating services.


I like you Perkins2060. You are not a simpleton.


Think about it. We have the Sheriff, SPD, PPD, SHP, and don't forget the Border Patrol. The redundancy is out of control. Who am I missing? I see Sheriff deputies, Perkins, Highway Patrol, and Border Patrol all sitting out on Route 2 lined up one turn around after another all looking for their piece of the pie. What a mess we've created.


Yet everybody complains that the area is going down hill and murders are increasing. Yes we have alot of police forces, but SPD and PPD have limited jursidictions. SHP is in charge of certain roads. BP has free reign as they are federal (not to mention they do not perform normal police stops and are the only ones who can handle their cases). Sheriff handles mostly rural areas that do not have city/twp police forces. Yes they are duplicated in some areas (Perkins TWP probably the most patrolled) but they are usually duplicated in high-traffic/large populated areas.


Hire more locals and drop the SHP. Let the National Guard protect the Governor which is what the SHP was originally intended to do until they morphed into what they are today, glorified traffic cops. And no, I'm not jealous nor do I wish I was a "Trooper". Job doesn't pay enough.


With what money? The Taxes that everybody on this paper is already complaining about? I agree, Troopers are bit out of control (I live near the Turnpike and regularly see WAY to many troopers "harassing" people, if you will) but I do not think they should be dissolved. They are generally the first department to help you out when you need it on the Highway and are the ONLY department able to provide coordination and services across county/jursdictional lines within the state.


So let the Sheriff's department patrol the highways in their respective counties and the State tax we kick to the State can stay local to hire local cops. How many local cops can we hire with the monies paid to the SHP? The Sheriff's patrolling the highways in their respective counties can keep all the ticket and fine money to support themselves along with the tax revenue they already receive.


@perkins2060...if some of your "local guys" would do their jobs at Krogers I would be MOST grateful. They don't do ANYTHING about kids parking (which we reported and saw first hand),without stickers in handicap zones even when it is pointed out to them and they don't stop people from parking in the fire zone either. I wouldn't be too worried about the SHP handling this situation when a Perkins could be over their doing a job the SHP absolutely cannot do.


Walk, you probably need the exercise anyway.


no, I don't need the exercise. And you have completely missed the point.


You forgot homeland security as well as I have seen them back up sheriffs as well as Troopers


Thats awesome...


Who gives a crap who handled it? The funny part is that the guy ran into the moving truck, not the truck hitting him.


ROFLMAO....good one

HS Sports Fan

The patrol should have had indicators that this was about to happen and prevented it.

The Answer Person

Oh those Pepitones! Always there with a good time!


ROFLMAO...and they didnt invite us, right?


He darted into the road!!! Ha Ha Ha! I have never seen a drunk person dart anywhere. Maybe an uncontrolled stagger but darting let's not be generous.


Keh heh heh...lmao...good one luvblues2 ;-)


I think you guys should apply for a government grant to study the possibility of preventing drunks from staggering to the convenience store. Maybe the state could build a bridge across 250 to accomodate pedestrians desiring safe purchase of alcohol. Don't know how you might prevent them getting robbed once they get there, but it's a start. As a side study, you could research how many man hours police are wasting.


What Bill Nye (1890's) called the fool killer.