Fifth-grade Sandusky students get iPads

A federal grant has made digital learning possible for fifth-graders in Sandusky Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 11, 2013

The district this year purchased 300 iPads using funds from Title I, a federal program initiated by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to provide financial assistance to schools whose students are largely from low-income families.

The one-to-one iPad initiative is part of a district-wide effort to integrate technology throughout elementary and middle school classrooms. Sixth-graders have had one-to-one laptop access for several years, while junior high students have shared a limited number of iPads and laptops since last year.

For more on the program and how the students are using the iPads to learn, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.



A lot of great opinions on this subject, shows that we all really care for all these kids.luvblues 2, thanks for the reminder that we all dont learn the same way, I did lose sight of that. Whatever happens I really wish all these children the best education possible


What happened to books? That's what the printing industry says. Things are going more and more digital as the price of books goes higher and higher. In many cases, the e-book is cheaper than the old fashioned printed.

Not only that but kids and adults, when having to read the classics (i.e. Poe, Shakespeare, get the picture), can get them for free and read them on their own screen without having to visit a library. If they want to print it up or just a page they can do that.

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Black Wolf

I think thats stupid that they are getting IPads.