Fifth-grade Sandusky students get iPads

A federal grant has made digital learning possible for fifth-graders in Sandusky Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 11, 2013

The district this year purchased 300 iPads using funds from Title I, a federal program initiated by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to provide financial assistance to schools whose students are largely from low-income families.

The one-to-one iPad initiative is part of a district-wide effort to integrate technology throughout elementary and middle school classrooms. Sixth-graders have had one-to-one laptop access for several years, while junior high students have shared a limited number of iPads and laptops since last year.

For more on the program and how the students are using the iPads to learn, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.



Awesome. Kids ALREADY don't know how to write or spell! But hey, at least they can play games and go online now! I get that kids need to know how to use a computer. They do NOT need iPads. Is it a nice perk? Heck yeah, maybe I'll go back to fifth grade! Is it necessary? Far from it. And at $400-$500 each, we wonder why the government has a deficit. Hah.


Technology is a requirement, mandated by the Ohio Department of Education. There is a whole lot more to what technology allows us to do besides play games.


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What I found out after reading the comments on the issue of Ipads in the classrooms of SCS was that whatever the district does to enhance academic success for these students will always be a reason for naysayers to point their fingers and find something and I do mean anything negative to say against it. Here's a suggestion, the people in this small area are really connected at the hip that's with industry, retail, restaurants and in some cases even schools. Why not take the gloves of negativity off and just like we teach our children to eat vegetables and respect diversity why not try it yourselves. These children haven't done anything wrong and to blast everything that they do is utterly ridiculous. So you don't think Ipads should be used as a substitute for books try explaining that to Kindle. It doesn't mean that the children are not learning it just means that they are learning differently.


Students need to know written language skills as opposed to more computer skills. The purchase of iPads for all 5th grade students in the district is a frivolous use of funding.


i have mixed thoughts on this. sam, you hit it right on! american students are falling behind in many areas that require studeous thinking. however, if we don't give them the technology they may fall even further behind.


I've seen "The Matrix" and I've seen "The Terminator."

I figure that eventually, we either work for them or they try to kill us off. :)

The shareholders of (AAPL) thank you for your generous purchases.

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I would like to see a shift in the coming years to more access to tablets (not necessarily Apple but that's a side opinion) for students as in the long run they are much cheaper, easier to update, and less heavy than books. As many schools don't permit bookbags for security reasons this makes sense. Plus it enhances technical knowledge and access to information. Of course options like auto-correct could be turned off to encourage proper spelling and grammar.

This would also mean that homework could be sent right to the tablet by the teacher so there is less paper waste and less excuses of "I forgot it" or "it fell out of my binder". But with the technology MUST come a new way to teach. Because there is so much information out there it is extraordinarily easy to be misled or duped into what is fact or opinion. So classes should enforce a discriminating mind when it comes to what is found on the net. Especially for students who come from various backgrounds that may unfortunately and by no fault of their own already stifle or impair their ability to make good judgments.


Here in Adrian (Mi) there's a similar proposal going on and frankly It's a waste of money! I hope Districts around the US realize that there is a time and place for computers, I pads, etc. the classroom is not the place for such a tool.

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I as well have mixed opinions on this. I think they are useful when it comes to textbooks and homework but you can get easily side tracked on them.

There are some great apps for learning cursive on them however!


21st century anyone?

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Right wingers want to go back to the Stone Age.


So, your idea of living in a modern society means that the government spends all of your money, plus 10 trillion more from the Chinese, so that they can get re-elected and to heck with the future of our once great nation?

Licorice Schtick

He didn't say anything remotely resembling that.


You summed it up. Using a tablet (or some bolted-down equivalent) is going to be a fundamental work skill in the very foreseeable future, like before these fifth graders apply for their first summer job. (That summer job application itself is likely to be online.)

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Tablets? Pshaw! Bring back INKWELLS! That will solve EVERYTHING!


I don't see how this helps kids learn. Kids really need just pen and paper.


Good point, Huron. This money would be better used if it funded vacations and afternoon trists for the top administrator.


Ha ha that was funny!


“I fundamentally reject the notion you need technology aids in grammar school,” said Alan Eagle, 50, whose daughter, Andie, is one of the 196 children at the Waldorf elementary school; his son William, 13, is at the nearby middle school. “The idea that an app on an iPad can better teach my kids to read or do arithmetic, that’s ridiculous.”

Mr. Eagle knows a bit about technology. He holds a computer science degree from Dartmouth and works in executive communications at Google, where he has written speeches for the chairman, Eric E. Schmidt. He uses an iPad and a smartphone. But he says his daughter, a fifth grader, “doesn’t know how to use Google,” and his son is just learning. (Starting in eighth grade, the school endorses the limited use of gadgets.)

Link in my previous response.

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Add to his voice that of Internet pioneer Clifford Stoll. Read his book "Silicon Snake Oil."

Education should focus on the base concepts rather than the tool of the month. If you can speak, understand, read, and write standard English with a decent vocabulary, we can provide you with documentation that will allow you to use any tool. If you are comfortable manipulating quantitative expressions, as opposed to using a calculator, you'll grasp higher mathematics. Technology has caused us to focus on the packaging of ideas rather than the logic to critically evaluate or apply those ideas. (Who hasn't seen management be sold on a lousy idea because of a really slick PowerPoint presentation?)

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Besides, the iPad is too slippery.


"What it all comes down to is that China has a monopoly on 17 hard-to-mine elements that are necessary for making gadgets." From above hyperlink.

The monopoly is also the reason that Chaina can manufacture solar panels much cheaper than US companies. Cause of several bankruptcies.




Nice. Obviously you don't have students in sandusky city schools? Rude comments like these are better left unsaid. When gunner caves and allows open enrollment for that warm body money, we will see where your comments are. Just leave well enough alone. Thank you. :)


Time to get rid of brick and mortar schools and learn from home.


Come on people, everyone complains that Sandusky schools have nothing to offer. Now, they are getting too much? When is anyone ever going to be happy. These iPads are a lifesaver for the teachers. The rooms do not have enough room to allow computers for everyone. Some rooms only have 2 or 3. The iPads allow the students to do research that may not otherwise have been available. I would like to think that the community would be happy. They stay in the classrooms and the students, as of yet, are not allowed to take them home. The online experience has restrictions in place that do not allow for unwarranted websites. The sixth grade got laptops and they stay in the school too. With this procedure in place, hopefully it will help keep the technology fresh for the following classes to enjoy. Let's face it, the world is moving ahead and I for one am glad Sandusky City Schools are doing what they can to make sure that my children are moving forward with the rest of the world. This was no cost to the tax payers and the grant was for iPads and laptops only. So, would you rather the students fall behind and not get use of the grants just because you find it is a waste? Even in a time where a good article is written, there are those skeptics that want to tear the school system down. It is a shame. So, I thank the school board and the people who made it possible for our students to grow from the bottom of my heart! Thank you Sandusky City Schools for another job well done!


Wow, you complain that the schools aren't preparing students for the future and when they do, you complain they need to stick to the basics. Who can win in the court of public opinion? Ipads and tablets are cheap when you realize how they can be used. They save a considerable amount of money on textbooks, reference materials (encylopedias, dictionaries, maps, etc)and paper. The school districts block games and non-educational applications. Students can learn at their own pace and at their own level. In today's world students will be required to pass many high stakes tests such as the ACT, the Bar Exam, NCLEX (for nursing),etc online, not paper and pencil. Google Pearson Vue and see all of the professional licenses granted based on a computerized test. Soon the GED test will be given on a computer. I suggest you buy stock in Pearson Vue. You are reading the newspaper online, why is it unreasonable for students to also read online?


Ah ha! Well said!