Graduating cadets to boost roster of Ohio troopers

The State Highway Patrol graduated the first of two overlapping classes of cadets on Friday in a move expected to beef up a personnel roster that dwindled in recent years as the agency's cadet classes failed to keep pace with attrition.
Associated Press
Feb 10, 2013


Eighty-one cadets donning gray and black dress uniforms graduated in the 153rd class, believed to be the largest in the patrol's 80-year history. More new troopers will graduate April 5 with the 154th class, which has 64 members.

Their addition is expected to bump up staffing to around 1,600 sworn officers, a level the patrol hasn't seen since 2006. That will mean troopers can do more proactive work, rather than being limited sometimes to a more reactive role because of smaller staff sizes, said Col. John Born, the patrol's superintendent.

"You start just getting into a reactive mode, so you're not able to prevent crashes, you're more responding to crashes," he said. "So what this class will do is help us recover from that."

The patrol ended up short-staffed because it didn't graduate any cadets in 2008 or 2010 and was losing about 60 people annually, mostly through attrition, spokeswoman Lt. Anne Ralston said. The number of troopers, she said, at times dropped to "critical levels," when posts operated at minimum staffing and some didn't have night shifts.

The newest troopers will be added to 37 of Ohio's 57 patrol posts to help increase staffing to what the patrol considers appropriate levels, typically about a dozen officers to have three shifts at a post, Ralston said. The troopers report to their new posts Saturday to begin field training guided by veteran officers.

Kaitlyn Griffith, a 22-year-old from Orrville who is joining the Canton post, said she thinks the higher staff numbers will boost safety for the public and for troopers.

"With more of us out there, when we need backup, we're going to get it sooner," she said.

The class speaker and top overall performer, Brian Cowles, a 21-year-old from Poland, said he was relieved and proud to be finished with the 22 weeks of training, which included driving and munitions instruction — his favorites — along with criminal and traffic law, physical fitness, crash investigation and other topics. He also said he's happy to be part of the boost in staffing.

"It feels really good," said Cowles, who will return to suburban Youngstown to work at the Canfield post. "I'm glad I was able to get in, because I've always wanted to do this since I was a kid."

The training is seen as an investment for the patrol and its $300 million-plus annual operation. It costs roughly $38,000 per cadet, which includes their pay and benefits during training and expenses such as outfits, meals and ammunition, Ralston said.



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$38,000 to sit in a classroom and receive an education? That is insane and who is to say they will even pass at the end. No wonder our state is in such a financial burden. Why is it that OSP gets paid to go to class, but normal cops do not? Last time I checked it is approximately 6,000 to go to the Ehove Police Academy and that comes out of the STUDENTS pocket and they don't get paid to go there. Somebody should seriously look into this crap because it disgusts me. Oh well hopefully they teach them how to observe "criminal indicators." Haha!


They do more than sit in a classroom all day. Their training is paramilitary and 8x harder than any career center police program. They go through stringent testing which is also allot harder to pass than your run of the mill police program, ie. psychological testing, physical testing, just to name a few. The career center programs dont care if your as fat as a horse, as long as you pass the state minimum requirement to run the mile. They do all of this to ensure the candidates they are choosing will have a high success rate. The highway patrol receives different training altogether then a normal municipal officer. I only hope you never have to rely on the OSHP for your life.


The OSP was initially formed to protect and escort politicians, thus, the more stringent training. Supposedly? It was never intended that they would become mostly traffic cops. It sure is a large force that we could do without. We have to many agencies doing the same jobs. Eliminate the OSP and hire more on each Sheriff Department. This is a better way to insure the quality of the police. It's hard to fire a OSP for poor performance, they just transfer them to a different post. This is done more often than they will readily admit. We have witnessed this in our area, REMEMBER?

HS Sports Fan

Just Great! Take note: I believe your turn signal is on the left side of the steering wheel. I'm almost positive your suppose to obey the same laws we are.

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Informer I am pretty sure I will never have to rely on a trooper to save my life, as they respond to ZERO emergency calls. Keep writting tickets and handling accidents there buddy. The whole paying for their education and to sit ib a classroom is a complete joke. The state recently spent approximately 3.5 million dollars on this graduating class...and we wonder why we are in a economic crisis...


Game Time, If you are part of the motoring public, these fine and highly trained Troopers can and would be willing to save your live. Yes, Troopers do get in high risk situations. The new Colonel of the OSHP is very proactive with drug couriers. The same drug couriers that carry firearms to protect their "goods". The same "goods" that are bringing this country down!

Get a clue! Hope no one in your family gets killed by a drunk driver, excessive speed, someone who is texting, etc., or a drug courier/dealer/addict which the OSHP is cracking down on!

Last time I checked, an injury accident is an EMERGENCY CALL!! If there is one agency who you would want to respond to an injury accident, it is the OSHP!

And no, I am not a Trooper.


Get rid of these traffic cops. Glorified Barney Fifes.


Oh, come on. I wouldn't consider my friend's husband anything of the kind. He holds an emt license along with a degree. He also has been on the OSHP for 10 years and loves it. He has saved lives, been on drug busts and is anything but a glorified barney fife. I really object to that classification of some of them. You may know a few that YOU consider to be like that, but not all of them are.

I would classify ONE of your OWN to be that, considering what we saw of your patrol officers on Saturday last. He couldn't do his job right if it came up and bit him in the butt with both jaws. He was too busy watching all the girls go in and out of the Kroger Parking lot to do what was considered necessary. Be most careful in your caracterization of anyone else's departments.

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Well good for them for handling accident and meeting quotas by writing unnecessary tickets. By biggest rant here is paying for cadets to go to school. Nobody on here can deny that 38,000 WITH benefits is not excessive....

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The $38,000 is not salary it includes;includes their pay and benefits during training and expenses such as outfits, meals and ammunition and housing at the academy. Read the article before commenting....


When it comes to law enforcement stories, like the previous stories on the register, everyone always says "hey they chose the profession, if they dont like it quit"......well guess what it goes the other way also, if you think these benefits are so great GO APPLY and become a trooper...quit crying because you dont have something someone has..go get what they have!

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Just did some research and found out that in 2008 cadets made $18.66 an hour to sit in a classroom. This is more than most police departments start patrol officers at. Don't sit here and tell me that pay rate is not ridiculous. To top it off their meals, dorm and insurance is paid for as well! Like I said before almost 3.5 million dollars were spent to train this last academy class. Doesn't the Erie county Sheriff's office have an annual budget of approximately five million...this just blows my mind that they can pay cadets this kind of money!!!! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO LOOK INTO THIS.


Another thing game time...there are 88 counties in ohio, at $5 million operating budget per county....and much more for the larger counties...erie county is small, so this is very conservative, that is $440 million...much more than the highway patrols $300 million budget and they cover all 88 counties also. Plus they stay much busier than other departments...they are proactive, not sitting waiting for something to happen. You get what you pay for...highly trained officers


Again if it is so great...go do it. Sounds like it is like winning the lottery to you, so it should be a no brainer for you...right?


Please, I agree with you. If everyone complaining thinks that this sounds so appealing, go join. Live in a dorm with 3 other cadets for an extended period of time with hardly any time off. Wonder how many people could pass the poly exam! I know a few OSP and trust me, it's not as easy as the people above make it out to be.


I know tankman, everyone wants what everybody else has, but are not willing to do what it takes to get there. They always say, so and so gets this and so and so gets that, why dont I get that. Well if you want it you have to go out and get it, not complain that someone else got it!


EXCATLY. Please. I have a friend who's husband did this. He was not allowed to come home but one weekend out of six. When he did come home, he had lost 22 pounds. He was in the best shape of his life (that didn't come from sitting in a classroom). He told us the training was hard, disciplined and strict...and he loved it. But you are busy all the time. When you are not training you study or sleep when you can. It was long and worth it. When done you take where you get. You do not get to pick and choose. The first year is not that much. You have to pay your dues. You go up the ladder like any job. He was a patrol officer before he went there but feared getting laid off too much. He has not been with the patrol for ten years and is a Lt. He still loves it. So if any of these people who are so quick to criticize think they have all the answers want to put them down they should consider going. It was worth it for him. Might be worth it for them. Oh, by the way, they washed out NINE cadets with his group and 11 with the next.....they couldn't cut the work. Just thought I would mention that. It isn't all easy either.

My other friend's husband joined right after viet nam. He retired after 28 years. He loved all 28 of them. They saw a lot of Ohio.

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My point is that the state is wasting money, not that I am jealous of them by any means. Trust me the last thing I would want to be is a road nazi!


Serious question: Do military recruits receive pay and benefits while attending boot camp? Also, are their uniforms, ammunition, room and board paid for by the government? And finally, what is the total cost, per recruit, for their time in boot camp?


If memory serves my son was in boot camp for about 6-8 weeks and received pay for the entire time in boot. Then he went on to individualized specialized training for another 4 weeks for which he was also paid in another place. The army feeds them but they pay for the uniform cleaning. The uniforms they get from the government and their boots too. Ammo and guns belong to the army. They don't get to keep them.

Then on to his permanent place for three years where he was also paid. I don't know how much it all came to. So was his specialty gear. (army) He came home for Christmas. I paid for that. The government moved him (the paid for that all three times) I don't know what that costs either.

When he re inlisted they paid for that. He came home for Thanksgiving, I paid for that and for his wife...he got married. He was in Hawaii for three years and Texas for two.

I have no idea what the government spent on him or his wife who was also in the military. When he got out, they moved to Michigan. I assume the government moved them. So you will have to look up what all that costs. I have no idea. It is your tax dollars at work,.

I just know my son and daughter in law were ready to lay down their lives for you and your family.

They were on alert on our southern and southwestern borders four times, during the Bush administraton.

I didn't shut my eyes once during that time in fear.

I have no idea what that costs, but it was worth a lot. I can bill you now or later.

I would be happy to. (Actually I am just thankful they are alive and home.)


Yes military recruits receive pay and benefits while in basic training, and the military pics up the whole tab for uniforms, weapons to use and ..., though not sure what it is but would guess if you lump it all together it would be close to what OSP Cadets get. Same goes for cadets at the military academies.


Apples and oranges comparing this to the military. Everything the "Troopers" (glorified traffic cops) do can be handled by local law enforcement.


2060do you really believe that? Yes other agencies can DO the same work, but at what level. Thats like saying you can get around just as good in a ford escort just as you could in a bmw.
Any agency can do what another agency can, but if you ask me the more the merrier. I think we need all of them doing what they are good at. Highway patrol arresting drunk drivers, traffic, and investigating accidents. Deputies working the jail, domestics, and other stuff at houses, local pd working their cities and townships......sounds like a good plan to me. The more we have out theee the better, no matter how you look at it. Call me crazy i like to see as many cops around as possible, makes me feel safer....i guess u dont like that...or u dont like troopers....i think the latter is more like it!

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Crazy, I don't like them and I think the majority of people don't either. They think their above the law, rude, nasty and harras innocent citizens who are in the wrong place at the wrong time(wherever a trooper is). I believe they should abide by the same laws we do. And I watch them very closely. One would think that they would be on the law obieding citizens side and not public enemy #1. I have nothing bad to say about any other law enforcement agency as they treat us with respect if we are law obieding. I'm not looking to do away with them, but that they just go after the violators not everyone in their sight. And try to regain the respect of the average citizen. With 5 posts, this subject is eating at you for some unknown reason?


"Same goes for cadets at the military academies"
The Militarization of American Police

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I am with HSSPORTS FAN the OSP is the biggest joke of any law enforcement agency. Close to a 400 million dollar budget to handle accidents and met quotas by writing unnecessary tickets. We call this law enforcement????


I think we all figured you didn't like them with the amount of posts you made about them. The question is WHY? Did they hurt you in some way? Give you a ticket that cost you a job? Give you too many tickets that cost your insurance to go up? Or do you just hate them in general? Inquiring minds would love to know. LOL

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Given which candidate you spent the last election season touting, you SHOULD understand the problem with such a large non-locally-controlled enforcement agency. It's yet another of your self-contradictions. The only question is whether you didn't understand what you were talking about then, or don't understand what you're talking about now.