Ohio prison system wants meal service privatized

The Ohio prisons system wants to privatize its food service operations in a move that could save $15 million and result in more than 300 lost jobs.
Associated Press
Feb 8, 2013

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction says it remains committed to balancing its budget without reducing bed space or closing any more prisons.

Prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said Thursday that savings would come through staffing, meal and equipment costs, with the possible reduction of 380 jobs.

Smith says 56 of the 380 employees have already found other jobs within the agency and the state hopes to help more find positions.

Unions representing guards at the adult and youth prison system, which is also considering a privatized food service, promise to fight the proposal, calling it unfair and unsafe.



The Bizness

Well I stand corrected....sure seemed implied


With that link, one could "imply" that you were arguing that public was more cost efficient than private the vast majority of the time.

I was 'merely' following your lead. So would you care to answer it or play a game of semantics?

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I think that if the government ran it as a business it COULD be run just as efficiently if done probably. Would I Want that to happen? Not a bit.


The Soviets had a command and control economy (even ran retail stores) that ultimately collapsed due to waste, fraud and abuse.

Needless-to-say, the Progressives in this county think that they are smarter than those dumb ol' Russians - they ain't.

The Bizness



A BACKHOE would solve everything.


Watch out for ANY privatization scheme! CCA (Corrections Corp of America) last year offered 48 States the opportunity to save money by letting them(CCA)handle the prison system, with appropriate guarantees of "occupancy rates"



Name one thing the government runs that isn't is big trouble. I wont hold my breath.


COSTS more the feed a prisoner than someone on SNAP.