Bill would see Cleveland take over lakefront parks

A proposal in the Ohio House would return a string of beleaguered state-managed Cleveland lakefront parks to the control of the city.
Associated Press
Feb 7, 2013


The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer ( ) reports that the provision was included in a transportation bill introduced in Columbus this week.

It proposes that the city take over Cleveland Lakefront State Park, a string of six parks along the lakeshore beset with maintenance and crime problems.

The bill calls for termination of a 50-year lease between Cleveland and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It also authorizes the state to spend $14 million as part of the agreement.

Cleveland Metroparks has long been considered the likely manager of the parks if the city regains control. The idea has the support of city officials.




Decades of budget cuts have devastated Ohio state parks. Over the course of two decades, they've been starved to in effectiveness and then cut some more. The City of Cleveland has even less ability to bear these costs. MetroParks does a really good job but should be given the funds the state was spending, and maybe more.