Cook smuggled items into Erie County jail

Mediocre food wasn't the only thing an Erie County jail cook was slinging.
Emil Whitis
Feb 7, 2013


Mildred Hensley, 59, of Sandusky, was charged with illegal conveyance of contraband into a detention facility and illegal conveyance of deadly weapons into a detention facility. 

An anonymous caller told Erie County deputies Hensely had smuggled a 2 liter of Sprite, spiked with Tanqueray gin, to inmates on Super Bowl Sunday. 

When deputies started to ask around, inmates told them that wasn't all Hensley was allegedly up to. Other contraband included various banned food items, smokeless tobacco, electric hair clippers and a pair of scissors. 

It was the scissors that earned Hensley conveyance of deadly weapons charge, which is a felony. 

When deputies sat her down for an interview Wednesday, she admitted to it all. 

"She told me she made a mistake but didn't say what her motivation was," Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. "She said she wasn't getting paid."

Hensley said it all started about four months ago with a single can of tobacco. 

"We take all of this very seriously," Oliver said. "Once she's compromised, who knows what they could have got her to bring in." 

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said he was disappointed. 

"We all knew her," Sigsworth said. "She's endangered the safety and security of the facility." 

Sigsworth said he'd do everything he could to make sure it never happens again. 

Hensley was an employee of Aramark, which has a contract with the sheriff's office to provide food service at the jail. 

She remains in the Erie County jail without bond.



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lol Trusta!! I wonder if she tried the old "file-in-a-cake" trick too!


She wasn't getting paid? She just felt sorry for them?


Well, it was only a matter of time before a file appeared in a cake. Or a gun appeared in the lasagna pan. Who knows, she may even have arranged for a helicopter to haul a few out on Bastille Day. That seems to be the way of the world any more. A soda can here, a pop bottle there and the next thing you know, someone has her strung out on knotted bed sheets and creme de'mint mouthwash. So she feels sorry for them. I find it odd that she mentions she "didn't get paid for any of it". Is that a complaint, or a statement. I am hoping it isn't a complaint, because it is too late now, you cannot collect as you now are the property of the Sandusky Jail. They don't let you collect on your debts while enjoying their hospitality. That will have to wait until you leave. Then you can try and collect.

There are many stories in the Sandusky jail house...she is one of them. Stayed tuned next week when we will be arresting Eubanks, the laundry man, from Tydie Bubbles, Inc. He will probably be found bringing in toothpicks, gym clothes, tennis shoe laces and semi automatic clips for oozies. Until then, we return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Not to be an arse's Uzi...but to reiterate your point...the last thing we need in this, or any incarcerated facility, is hope of entertainment/fix, and she was providing through knowledge of the consequences, just that. Oh lord, what she has done to set the stone for those she contributed to...basically, my point being, who?, in their right mind, could feel sympathy for the unjust. Today, is not the day for compassion. Today, is the day for ACTION. We, as a community need to understand, and retaliate, against the whole of the "thug" community. We are in dire times people... Lets stand up!, and take this city back, where it belongs to. Enough of the "I didn't see", or the, "I don't know"'s...I guess, as far as my assumptions go, that this town will crumble onto itself...and we will all be here to take the blame.


lol I am glad you clarified that because when I first read it I thought she meant a pus seeping wound. Wasn't quite sure what a semi-automatic clip for that was but hey with modern medicine you never know.

Simple Enough II

That's funny!


for those of u who dont know the inmates who received these things were all sentenced inmates meaning they are all in there on misdemeanor crimes my point is i was recently released from count jail and they are so overcrowded they are mixing all population so when u have a oerson in jail for driving with out a license and there in with somebody who killed someone its not hard to purswae them to do what u say mr sigworth needs to understand he has to get a better system cause the one he is running is a million time worse than mr lyons had they need to add on or do what alot smaller cities have done and build a misdemeanor jail and quit mixin population they dont even do this in prison

Simple Enough II

Don't break the laws that send you to jail.


I don't mind being an arse-it's stay tuned,creme de menthe, persuade. And the thugs live right next door with grandma, off of grandma in a 2 bedroom dump. 15 or so people. So far they have not been charged but there's somethin' fishy going on. If you 'stand up' to these people, they slash your tires or otherwise harrass and annoy. There are many more just down the road. They are all related somehow. They all do not know boundaries, respect or consideration for others. And I am not talking just about Sandusky.

Simple Enough II

Begin with Spay and Neuter!


I wonder if she is complaining about how bad the food is?


I came in contact with this woman on almost a regular basis--she came into my job everyday before she went to work. She was one of the nicest ladies I came across and I'm really disappointed and very surprised to see this!!




Like Mamma use to say" Stupid is, Stupid does. Can't fix stupid honey."