Erie County officials offer county building to city

Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo will help pursue and facilitate a possible move, in which Sandusky officials could move their operations from the Meigs Street-based City Hall to the Erie County office building in downtown Sandusky.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 7, 2013

Shenigo proposed the idea at a public meeting Thursday morning. For years, city officials have looked for other options to remove themselves from the antiquated 56-year-old facility.

Shenigo contends there's enough extra space in the 14,000 square-foot facility to accommodate city operations.

It's unknown what type of pricing agreement will occur.

Pick up a copy of Friday's Register to read more about this proposal.



Perkins Twp. purchased the Columbus Avenue Business Park in 2011 from the same lender that owns the Westgate Centre...


The City of Sandusky is no longer taking on someone's dump of a building. If we cannot fix our old building up, we certainly will not take on someone's vacant building to fix up. The city has had their fair share of people dumping their old building on us, that ship has sailed.


Can't recall exactly what year it was, but it was not long ago, when the City Chief Building Inspector, now ready to condem City Hall based on his findings, recommended a few years ago to upgrade City Hall because it was structurally sound.

So which is it?


Another fabulous idea from Pat.......Hopefully the City will split the gas bill for the giant greenhouse and save the County a fortune.


I don't understand why the old Adams Junior High isn't being considered for the city's needs. About 10-20 years ago it was renovated and the reason given for why it's not in use any longer is the shrinking student population. Plenty of space.

Truth or Fiction

Sell the current City Building and land to a developer and use the money to build a new complex somewhere centrally located. This way you can save money by having a complex built to need with all the latest energy savers and tech inputs. The court can locate to the county building.