Southern steam locomotive trips planned for spring

Norfolk Southern is partnering with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society to host steam locomotive excursion trips in 2013.
Associated Press
Feb 7, 2013


The Norfolk, Va.-based railroad operator says the spring trips will take place in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is the largest operating historical excursion railroad in the Southeast. It was founded in 1961 in Chattanooga.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society was formed in 1972 with the goal of saving Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive 765 from rusting away in a city park.

More information on the excursions is available at




More information is needed in this story. When you go to the link if you don't know what you're looking for you can't find anything out.


I totally agree. I checked on the site. There isn't anything about any ohio trip. Just their site trips. WTH?

Laura Nemeth

@RUKidding - this link has the excursion schedule


RUKidding. I agree with you. I went to both sites and didn't find a mention of an Ohio trip.


I checked and there is no mention of an Ohio trip. Is one being planned? If so this needs mentioned in the story.


March issue of Trains magazine has an article about last year's trips. Bellevue, Bucyrus, Fostoria and Toledo were a few places the Nickle Plate #765 visited. Google "NS765" and check out some excellent youtube videos.

Go to click on "Events" and then "Norfolk Southern Steam Schedule. Schedules for the Southern Railroad engine #630 and Nickel Plate engine #765 are listed.

May 12th shows a trip from Rocky River to Bellevue.

Videos from last years excursions are great. Hope to see it in person this year.


Nickel Plate locomotive NKP 765, owned and operated by the Fort Wayne
Railroad Historical Society

Employee Appreciation Excursions will be steaming once again
through our system again in 2013 beginning in March, using the
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s SOU 630 and Fort Wayne
Railroad Historical Society’s NKP 765 steam engines. Trips marked
with an asterisk indicate combination 21st Century Steam and
Employee Appreciation Excursions.

• March 16: Roanoke, Va., to Radford, Va. (morning), and
Roanoke to Lynchburg, Va. (afternoon)

• March 23: Norfolk, Va., to Petersburg, Va.

• March 24: Round trip within Norfolk

• April 13: Spencer, N.C., to Barber, N.C.

• April 20: Asheville, N.C., to Old Fort, N.C.

• May 11: Cleveland, Ohio, to Fairlane, Ohio

• May 18 & 19: Altoona, Pa., to Horseshoe Curve

Interested active employees will be able to sign up soon.

Southern Railway locomotive SOU 630, owned and operated by the
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum