Teen driving drunk in fatal Lucas County crash

Authorities say a northwest Ohio high school senior was driving drunk when he was killed in a fiery one-car crash last weekend.
Associated Press
Feb 5, 2013


The Lucas County coroner said Monday that 18-year-old Brian Hoeflinger's blood alcohol level was 0.15 percent when he drove his car off a road and struck a tree in the village of Ottawa Hills near Toledo Friday night.

The legal limit for drivers under 21 in Ohio is 0.02 percent, and it's 0.08 percent for older drivers.

The (Toledo) Blade (http://bit.ly/YQAn6F ) reports that someone who showed up at the crash scene told police that he had knowledge that Hoeflinger was drinking before the crash. The state highway patrol is investigating.

School district officials had counselors at Ottawa Hills Junior-Senior High School Monday to help students and staff members cope with his death.




I'm sorry but this is just another reason why - IN MY OPINION - kids in high school should NOT have a driver's license!!!! I know that this kid was/is 18 and supposedly mature enough to have one but I'm assuming - and I know that could be a problem too - that he's probably had it for a while. Why else would he think that it's ok to go out drinking and driving?? Parents now days - actually for a while now - give in to their kids just because "they're 16, they're old enough to handle a license and after all they need it to go back and forth to school/work/practice/whatever" and little Johnny or Susie goes to school/work/practice/whatever but they're also going out partying and doing who knows what and people that ARE mature enough are sitting ducks for them when they get behind the wheel and the sun gets in their eyes or they get a phone call that's more important than paying attention to the road or better yet there's a carload of their friends that they're hanging out with and they're all having a good old time and well, they didn't see that light turn red!!I know this could happen to anyone at any age but it just seems to be a common theme among 16-18 year olds. Personally my parents made me wait till I was 18 and mature enough to handle getting my license. I had graduated high school 2 months prior to getting my license and I'm actually proud to admit that I JUST got my very first ticket - in 31 years of driving!!!! I have 2 nephews, 1 is 18 and the other is 15, and quite frankly I wouldn't want either one of them on the road and I know that my brother is going to allow the younger one to get his permit later this year when he reaches 15 1/2. The older one isn't even CLOSE to being mature enough and the younger one, while being slightly more mature, isn't ready for the responsibility. It takes more than age to take on sitting behind the wheel and I don't know when people are going to wake up and realize it. How many more people are going to have to die or be permanently disabled/disfigured before it makes a difference? Again I know this is just my opinion and I'll probably be ragged on but I don't care. Just speaking my mind!!!


Not my intention to "rag" you, but I think it should be said that many many adults make the decision to drink and drive every day. Heck...some mothers even do it with their children in the car! I don't think age has much to do with it...if someone is going to make the decision to drink and drive, they're probably going to do it whether their 18 or 38. 18 years old is old enough to know when you're making a very poor decision.


Very well said!

Phil Packer

I tell my kids and other young people that I know and work with that they can always call me if they EVER need a ride because they've been drinking. I even called my son one time to pick me up. That sends a pretty strong message.


Some kids are more mature than others. This kid made a bad decision to drink and drive and it cost him his life unfortunately. You cannot control everything your children do and you have to place your faith in the angels that they will be taken care of. Placing too many restrictions on kids usually results in rebellion and they do unwise things. I believe he was celebrating and unfortunately that backfired. There are adults who make bad decisions so not letting kids get their license until 18 is not realistic. We all know of people that don't drive well sober so you just can't decide by age who can drive or not. Also not having a license doesn't stop some from driving. They don't issue licenses based on maturity or there would be many, many adults without one.


I made it through my teenagers getting their licenses. my heart was in my throat every time they got behind the wheel.i know several people whose children were not so lucky. they lost their children because they were inexperienced drivers and they made poor choices. now they are living with that heartbreak every day. my grandchildren are getting close to driving age and the fear is coming back. I wish they couldn't drive until after high school. I would gladly be "inconvenienced" to haul them around rather than bury them. my white 28 year old daughter lost our grandson 2 years ago due to MEDICAL reasons and it still hurts us


candleburner, you should refrain from posting an essay, it is sad, and no one wants to hear your crap.Find something positive to do.


I'm sorry I didn't realize there was a word limit to replies!! Oh wait was this reply to long also?? Get a life Browndog!


Wow-- I saw this accident covered on CH 13 and it was not mentioned what-so-ever that this kid may have been drinking. In fact, what everyone said about this boy was of the highest regard. Maybe there is something to my husband telling me that Ottawa Hills is kind of like their own little secret society. Still, such a shame this poor boy lost his life and thankful no others were involved.


They said Alcohol may have played a factor. I saw it on CH 13 news as well.


Candlestick, you burnt the candle at both ends, get a real life, We know the family