Coast Guard reward to catch fake 'mayday' caller

The U.S. Coast Guard has announced a $3,500 reward for help in catching a man who's made at least 20 fake "mayday" calls on a marine radio operating in the Monroe area.
Associated Press
Feb 5, 2013


The Coast Guard's Cleveland office says the man began calling in 2010, making claims such as that his boat is sinking. The Coast Guard is posting 15 recordings to see if anyone recognizes the man's voice.

Lt. Justin Westmiller in Detroit says the calls could cause a disaster by diverting rescuers from a real emergency.

He says the prank caller uses marine band radio VHF-FM Channel 16. It's the international hailing and distress frequency.

Westmiller says the calls come from the Bolles Harbor area on Lake Erie in Monroe County's Monroe Township.

The U.S. Coast Guard asks that people with tips about the fake mayday caller to call 800-773-2587.



Fake mayday calls:



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It's hard to believe, with all our advanced technology, that he can't be found.


someone please buy this guy a CB so he has something better to do, like aggravating truckers


CB? I don't know anyone who owns a CD much less a CB!


Oct. 24, 2010(sunday)
Oct. 29, 2010(friday)
Nov. 1, 2010(monday)
Nov. 6, 2010(saturday)
Nov. 23, 2010(tuesday)
Nov. 25, 2010(thursday)
Nov. 26, 2010(friday)
Dec. 2, 2010(thursday)
Dec. 4, 2010(saturday)
Dec. 7, 2010(tuesday)

Link to all audio...


Thanks excel,

I think that he has a type of voice that would stick out in a crowd.