Ohio gun show patrons fear more laws

Some of the hundreds of people who turned out at a northeast Ohio arena to buy, sell and trade guns over the weekend said they feared more government control over firearms.
Associated Press
Feb 4, 2013

The attraction was the Ohio Gun, Knife and Military Show at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Tallmadge. Many there said the talk about gun control after the tragedy at Newtown, Conn., has become a political obsession and no additional laws are necessary.

The Akron Beacon Journal (http://bit.ly/UQSfLe ) reports that some of the sellers posted fliers asking gun owners to call their legislators to oppose any new gun regulations.

Countering that effort was a similar call that went out this weekend from religious leaders across the nation encouraging people to call their legislators seeking support for additional gun-control legislation.




locked inside my house should be plenty safe, since you know, breaking and entry is illegal.

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@ beepx22 not good enough if someone else can get their hands on your guns and ammunition and they being at the ready or in a useable state be in possession of them for ongoing criminal activity. If that's the way you store your weapons than you should be held as accountable as the criminal who steals and uses them.


are your knives locked up? how about your hammers, do you put your car keys in a safe and lock them up? all of these kill more than what most people call "Assault weapons" by your train of thought, it's okay to break into someones house, which is a giant lock box. Not saying my guns aren't locked up, but your home is your sanctuary

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@ beepx22 of the items you mention the only one that a criminal takes with future considerations of murder is your gun.......be responsible for it.


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Not at all I own guns, but I respect and accept my responsibility for safeguarding them from ending up in the hands of those with criminal intent. As for murder by other instruments you identify, these are not used as weapons of choice in mass murders or for that matter most murders that are premeditated. A person threatening with a knife would have a hard way to go in a Sandy Hook style situation. A person would have a difficult time driving my suv around the hallways of a school building or theater targeting his victims. Incidentally my car has several factory safe guards against unauthorized use. Alarm system, door locks, ignition lock plus my club. and my car is insured for liability......perhaps your guns should require liability insurance in case they are misused. The insurance company could do the same as if I left my keys in the car unattended, they could tell you to sit and spin.

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BTW it was not I that had your post removed, I respect others opinions even that I may not agree. Actually you note I answered before it disappeared.


Photo of Pres. Obama with rifle has been photoshopped (and after they asked us not to):




The Big Dog's back

With the recent rash of shootings at gun shows, these gun nuts should be fearing each other instead of new laws.


Do a little research folks. The last time "assault weapons" were banned was during the Clinton administration. It didn't work and,when it came up for re-newal it wasn't voted for. If a person is going to use a firearm for illegal purposes, is that person going to worry if posession of that firearm is illegal?
The website of the U.S. Justice Department has the statistics of crimes comitted with firearms, check there-rather than basing your decisions on what the liberal main-stream media is feeding you.


Fearing bad man, government, world government
Hiding behide a veil of weapons, one will not do
Confess your fear
Then fear only fear, and a nation of cowards


All these paranoid gun lovers are afraid of the US government.

It's the One World Government they should be afraid of. AND....all their precious little "fire sticks" won't save them from that government.


I think that I will buy stock in Reynolds.




If you tree hugging liberals dont want to have a semi auto, then don't. I like mine and my handguns so leave me alone.

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Were just saying we want you to be evaluated before saying you can have them, we have rights to you know....also we want you to be held accountable for their safe keeping and use. Also why do you think it is liberals against conservatives? They all own guns. It focuses on your paranoia.


Then people need mental evaluations before they can buy a car, or alcohol, or a baseball bat, if you get caught drunk driving you should be charged with attempted murder, and locked away. If a kid is caught with a bat with out a baseball game permit, lock him up. Looking Around needs to feel safer guys, come and Donate to the Imaginary Gun Victims fund so we can make the world better for one paranoid reader.

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You pick some very poor analogy's...It makes me a bit curious about your age? Not that it means a lot, just wondering about your life's experience.


how are they poor analogies, all of the things i mention are responsible for more deaths per year than all rifles together. by the way I'm 34, I've been shooting since i was 7 or so. I can also say that I've been lucky to be armed once in my life.

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Are they all premeditated events? or accidents?


and you're worried about my age? how many people do you think are killed accidentally by a hammer? a hammer is close and personal

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If you ever worked around construction trades, that is why hardhats are worn. Dropped hammers actually were the cause of many injuries and deaths. But my point was the hammer would not be the choice of weapons for someone planing a mass murder plot. Your really struggling here and some of your thought process is the very reason people are looking for improved regulation and control over guns. Don't get excited I'm not labeling you as a risk but I am saying your attitude towards responsible ownership could lead to your weapons falling in the wrong hands. Rather than take that responsibility, you tend to try to rational a reason to dodge that issue.


do you even realize how silly that rationale is? That people BUYING guns need to have a background check that includes mental stability? That it is as important as anything else?

And yet you people say that the problem with the last people shooting things up was because these souls had mental problems? It makes no sense.

You say WE are all paranoid but what about all of you gun owners? Are you not MORE paranoid than all of us combined?

Your fear of being stripped of your guns boarders on more paranoia than is normal. Not once in any of the discussions have I heard has ANYONE with authority said anything about dismantling the second amendment, making anyone turn in their guns or anything even near that.

Give me a day, date and time and who in AUTHORITY said anything like that please?


Most of "us" gun owners just wan't to be left alone. We exercise our constitution right. I don't have the right to tell you to own guns. It's also historically accurate to say that Registration 1. doesn't work (see canada most recently) and 2. only leads to Confiscation (again see Canada, or maybe Germany if you like) Feinstein has mentioned Forced buybacks manytimes, As did Cuomo in NY. A forced buyback is nothing less Confiscation with a smile. Dec 20th, 2012,

NYT: In the interview, Mr. Cuomo did not offer specifics about the measures he might propose, but, while discussing assault weapons, he said: “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option.

Truth is Feinsteins AWB doesn't seem to have the traction to go anywhere, because a large number of Americans want nothing to do with Policies that are proven failures.

As for Background Checks, if they opened the NICS system to us private sellers, we'd use it, especially if selling to folks we don't know/gunshows/ect. I'm not running a check to sell a gun to a family member or close friend though

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Their are many "rights" protected by the constitution that are regulated. The reasoning is that there are abuses that infringe on others well being. You have to understand that with any right comes privilege, in today's society, which is a direct result of ones acceptance of responsibility for exercising their "right". Unfortunately many have not done a very good job of this leading to a debate for further restrictions, rules, or laws. No one is trampling on the constitution but changes to regulation must be made coinciding with current technology and times.


I like my perimeter of Claymore mines, so leave me alone.


I seem to recall a scene of Korean shop owners holding rifles and protecting their property during the LA "Rodney King" riots.

The cops refused to enter the area.

Referring to their firearms they said: THIS is 911.

Yea, let's talk paranoid.


Universal background checks is a step in the right direction.

Let's begin with making Pres. BHO's school records, etc. public.

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Is he applying for a permit?