Crowd turns out in Ohio for abused dog

Hundreds gathered in northern Ohio over the weekend to raise awareness of animal abuse, inspired by a severely abused and neglected dog named Herbie.
Associated Press
Feb 4, 2013


WEWS-TV ( ) reports that the gathering Saturday night in Lorain pushed for stricter laws to protect animals. The television station said around 440 people attended, based on Facebook postings.

Those who came signed a white sheet with good wishes for Herbie, a pit bull that was severely neglected and also recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. The dog is now resting comfortable at a local animal clinic.

Herbie weighed only 25 pounds when he was found Dec. 2 and has gained some weight since then. Officials believe he had been caged, neglected and dumped.




I think there should be stricter laws. There are way too many people getting away with abusing and neglecting animals. Even if they're caught, little is done. The really sad thing about that picture is that there are probably more that didn't even make it.


You are right, reporter54. There definitely should be stricter laws to protect animals from abuse like this. We have to pressure the Ohio State legislature to do something. It is very depressing to see pictures like this.

Sit n Spin

The "system" doesn't even protect innocent children in this state ! How in the world do you expect it to protect innocent animals ?


THAT'S a pit bull?? That's horrid that that poor animal has been abused to the point that it's not even recognizable as its breed!! I honestly thought it was a chihuahua or a similar breed dog by the picture but I agree with "sit n spin" that there's not laws that properly protect our children why would we expect them out there to protect animals. I honestly wish I lived in an apartment that allowed dogs because I'd for sure be making a trip to that Safe Harbor shelter to pick up one (or two) of those dogs that were puppy mill dogs and take them in.

nosey rosey

People all over the world also participated by lighting a candle for Herbie that night as well. Humans are truly a disgusting species as we are the only ones who abuse in this way.


I agree ROSEY....People nauseate me! NITROS LAW should have been passed!!!!! Ohio needs to PROTECT it's animals now! So many SICK individuals out there.


This is a horrible story and this dog should be euthanized! It has suffered enough! He has a skull fracture and has cancer that drains out through an eye that is sunk back into his head and the other eye is blind! Just because he is eating does not mean he is not in pain! I support the Nitro law and other animal rights bills and can understand why they are getting the word out about his horrific life, but come on people, lets be humane and let this poor thing RIP! He isn't some trophy to be toted around on display. And this cop that is the "Big Hero" well, he was dispatched there so, it's not like he stumbled across this poor thing. This whole thing is taking the wrong turn.


I agree..RIP Herbie.


Every time I see him on the news I wish they would just euthanize him. I have worked with animals & I love them & want to see them rescued but this poor beautiful dog has been through enough. I'm sure he's sweet but if his cancer is terminal they are just delaying the inevitable.


Rescues in the area desperately need foster homes. We are able to take dogs in and vet them, but unless there is a foster home to care for them until they are adopted, they never make it out of the shelter. I am looking at two dogs right now that are scheduled to be put to sleep in the morning. Our last foster just went to her forever home, so I am hoping to save one of the dogs on Death Row.

If you think you could not deal with fostering due to becoming too attached, let me assure you--yes, you do get attached! BUT....there is no better feeling than seeing a dog find an awesome family to love them. And as soon as one dog moves on, you get to start planning for the next one. It's just like getting a new dog every other month! Ultimately, you have to ask yourself if it's better to allow the dog die, or is it better to deal with the bittersweet-ness of teaching it about love and trust and then saying farewell when it moves to its forever home.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in fostering, please contact me!


It's irreprehensible that humans respect the life of an animal so much more than the life of an unborn baby.


Unborn babies do not have to suffer the pain this precious animal did. They don't starve, they aren't beaten & left for dead on the street. I do not agree with abortion but your analogy does not even go with this story.


Understand that animal abuse has a direct correlation to criminal behavior. The fight for stricter laws on animal abuse is not just for animals--it is for a safer society in general. To give a very recent example, the man who killed the bus driver in AL then abducted and held a 6-year old boy in a bunker, had beat a neighbor's dog to death with a pipe in the past. And almost all serial killers begin practicing early on by abusing/killing animals.


ASK YOUR LANDLORD IF YOU CAN FOSTER or adopt !!!reva...dufus. we own several rentals we allow pets IF you are a responsible ADULT! just because you can have a pet doesn't mean you should. no pet clauses are usually to protect landlords, property and PETS from irresponsible pet owners. IT CANT HURT TO ASK:)