Perkins Schools hosts levy discussion

Perkins Schools will officially kick off the effort to sway voters for two May tax levies and a new school building with a public meeting Wednesday.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 4, 2013


The goal is to recruit levy supporters for the upcoming campaign, but anyone can join the discussion, superintendent Jim Gunner said. It will begin at 7 p.m. in room 805 of Perkins High School.
“We encourage the community to come and become informed,” Gunner said.
Perkins Schools will propose two levies for the May ballot: A five-year renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy and a 10-year, 4.98-mill emergency operating levy.
If approved, the operating levy would provide funds to construct a new building for both junior high and high school students.
Gunner and school board members will present information about the levies and a recent report from the Ohio School Facilities Commission addressing health and safety concerns in the current Perkins High School building.
A short question and answer session will follow.
“We expect civil discourse,” Gunner said. “The intent isn’t to turn the evening into a pro versus con debate of the levy, but if there are questions among taxpayers we’ll certainly try to answer those to the best of our ability.”
Want to go?
What: Perkins Schools Levy committee meeting  
When: 7 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Perkins High School, room 805
RSVP: Chris Gasteier, 419-625-2401



Funny, I've been to meetings and listened to the interview(s) on with the Register and haven't heard the superintendent mention those thoughts. The next superintendent will get the same building reports from the experts who evaluate school buildings. Changing superintendents will not make the building or local levy situation any better. We'll just keep pushing the facilities and operational levy issue into the future and watch the costs and operating levy amounts continue to rise until the situation reaches desperation; this will cost us much more in the future.

The makeup of the school board has changed over the past few years; new members have been elected. Apparently the new members also see a need for the facilities issue (which began before Gunner was hired). Or, perhaps there is a conspiracy, and the only people who run for school board are those who are looking to "fleece" their fellow community members. Or perhaps, the civic minded people who ran for the school board and who must put up with all of the slings and arrows of their fellow citizens and are trying to keep the only community center in Perkins Township a viable and effective educational and community event facility.

The real culprits in this whole debate are the people, who back in the 1950s, convinced Perkins residents that a school was needed for the township children. Boy, if that hadn't happened, we would all have graduated from Sandusky schools and wouldn't be having this discussion. Everyone would be happier, taxes would be lower- - or --maybe not: Sandusky has passed more levy increases than Perkins in the last fifteen years; plus, Sandusky has an income tax. It's possible that our current tax burden would be higher.


Alex your comments are idiotic! Your parents are 2 of the highest paid teachers in the state and live in Vermilion on the water! What property do you own in Perkins that you pay taxes on?


Just so everyone knows, Alex Kinsel does not even live in Perkins. He lives in California. Why did the register even let him speak, he's not a taxpayer in the Township. But both of his parents are Perkins Teachers. I guess that explains it.


I can't believe anyone in their right mind thinks either of the levies has a chance.


To his credit, the guest column by Kinsel is cleverly written. I just don't agree that wanting a new building equals deserving a new building.


It's the difference between "want" and "need". People want a lot of stuff but do they really need it.

It's the school board and administration's job to make their case.

The reason of safety and health has been undermined by the Board of Health.
The reason of an old building has been undermined by the public that only a small portion is from 1909.
There seems to be a mistrust with the superintendent not living in the district.
Four levies on the ballot from the school and township look overwhelming to taxpayers.
Taxpayers are frustrated with bureaucrats taking more of their money. Because citizens can vote on these additional taxes there maybe a backlash from the federal tax increase without a vote.

That's my overview at this time.


The township is only putting one levy on the ballot, not two. At least that is what the trustees have said.

Truth or Dare

Superficial (adj.); 1. Shallow, not deep. 2. Small or insignificant; 3. Relating to or affecting only the surface of something.

Synonyms: Shallow, outward, empty, surface, trivial, cosmetic, cursory.

Antonyms: Significant, deep, profound.

I'll never forget when I threw a B-day party/sleep-over for our oldest child who was turning 7, some 20 yrs. ago this year. All of his new little best pals were over. One of his gifts was a brand new pair of Wrangler Jeans. He didn't want those kind anymore! After all, they weren't Oshkosh bygosh, like all his little buds were wearing! The article of 2/5, nothing more than a demeaning manor in trying to get your arguement across as to what you WANT, rather than truely need, let alone can afford!

Our children are Perkins graduates. I think I can honestly say w/o sarcasm, that the cosmetics of the building itself had absolutely nothing to do with what helped them get through 13 yrs. of school. It did however have everything to do with concerned and caring Teachers and most of Administration. Personally, I've always felt the school-setting is important in helping (key word help) to build Character within children. You know, that's that thing, the substance that comes from the inside, from the heart and soul of an individual. It's quite important in instilling EMPATHY FOR OTHERS!

It seems many prefer to remain blind, or are at least protected from the fact that this country and many within it are doing their best to claw their way out of a far-reaching RECESSION, one that hasn't ended, looks to get worse, and reaches all the way out to the BANKRUPT STATE OF CALIFORNIA!

I would venture to say that the Twnshp. has Seniors as well other Residents that are keeping their hands in their pockets and their heads just above water and are hanging onto those 2 dimes for now! Maybe rubbing them together, doing some Creative Math of their own! Their main concern isn't paying an extended cable bill. They've more than likely already cut it down to basics, or cancelled altogether. They're also more than likely doing their best in paying ever-increasing medicare/prescrip./health insurance/home insurance, maybe trying to come up w/the $$$'s for deductibles for repairs due to Mother Nature, you know, so the roof doesn't continue leaking, or the siding continues to blow off! They'll need gasoline in their vehicle ($4.50something a gallon in Cali.), not to mention possible repairs, or groceries in their fridge (a LB. of lunchmeat in Cali can run over $10.00). How about ever-increasing utilites to be paid, or even just the mortgage. That way they won't find themselves in the Foreclosure line, along w/millions of Americans. Then there are those trying to do the same after job/benefit loss, and not due to anything they did! Any idea what the monthly premiums are for decent private health insurance, of which rises every year! ALOT! They do their best to keep a roof over their children's head. Whether they own it, or not! Excuse me, whether the bank owns it, or not! WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, and that's not the world of so-called Reality T.V.!

It sure would be nice to have a new, beautiful school. However, I'm curious to know what School Administrators (all the way to the State) and those so willing to spend $50 Million are doing to address the fact that at least 20 freakin years ago our Ohio Supreme Court ruled that funding for Public Schools through property taxes is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Any answers to that important question?


I don't necessarily disagree that some people are struggling (yep, I don't have a lot of extra cash either). However, I would be more inclined to agree if over the past 13 years EHOVE, Senior, Metroparks, Health Dept. and other levies hadn't passed. If our community is so destitute, then how do all the others get support financially?


The governor is going to redistribute money to address the "inequality" of funding. That means money will be withheld from "property rich" districts and sent to other poorer districts. Since Perkins is considered to be property rich, our district won't get any help from the state. The governor, in the long run, would favor privatization of public education, I suspect. One way to achieve that goal is to choke off funding.

Private for profit charters are not performing too well. Maybe 1/3 do better than the average public school, but the rest do poorly on most comparative measures.



Isn't the governor's redistribution of funds the philosophy of our present administration in Washington? Guess people don't like redistribution when it comes out of their pocket close to home. Surprise, Surprise.



If the state funds education or local taxpayers fund education the money will still come out of your pocket. The state doesn't print their own money. It comes from you the taxpayer. It's a mute point.

Truth or Dare

Thanks dsg, I get that whole thing about the taxes coming out of pocket. As for this, if it's true they're gonna build regardless of the levy NOT passing, any conversation (levy discussion) is a mute point.


(moot) (For further reference)




Truth or Dare

Thanks luv. Unlike others, I'm not offended by constructive correction/criticism. Different words, different meanings. Pretty sure there won't be a whole lot of mute folks sitting in on the discussion. Although I'm pretty sure there are those that wish they were!


How did I get the idea that the new building was only (ha ha) $10 million. They are proposing a building that costs between $ 53 - 57 million.

Not. In. A. Million. Years.


Hey is Perkins going to have a soccer team this year?