U.S. EPA head breaks promise to visit Clyde

U.S. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has made it official: She’s not coming to Clyde to visit the families affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster, breaking a promise she made in 2011.
Tom Jackson
Feb 2, 2013

In addition, EPA officials have asked the families to quit sending questions to the EPA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and send them instead to a regional office in Chicago.

Jackson wrote a letter in October 2011 to Warren and Wendy Brown — parents of Alexa Brown, 11, who died of cancer — saying she would visit Clyde to meet with the cancer cluster families after the EPA concluded its investigation in the matter.

In an October 2011 press release, Jackson said she would come to Clyde “next year.”

As 2012 came and went, Jackson never showed up.

She announced recently she’s stepping down as the EPA’s administrator early this year. A replacement hasn’t been named.

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John Harville

gila... where DO you get your information? Children developed cancer in the 90s, yes. But the Sandusky County Health Department refused to take notice. In 2009 the Browns were confronted with Alexa's illness and started using his position to begin pushing. Since he is a county employee, the county board of health stepped in. Four children already had died... bu the number of confirmed 'child' cases were not enough to identify a 'cluster' and have the County Health Dept. request the EPA investigate. In 2011 the EPA was investigating. Indeed NO ONE had 'a clue' since the investigation had just begun. There was no site identification until 2011.
But, facts really aren't of any interest to you are they?
Just so you know, there was an inordinately high level of breast cancer and lymphomas as early as 1992.


I guess the EPA is too busy closing down the coal industry and fracking to be bothered by cancer deaths.

John Harville

How inconvenient for all those miners killed in explosions.
...and those 20 or so eastern Ohio earthquakes in a no-fault zone.


Not inconvenient for me.
Cold hard fact, as soon as your trip down the birth canal last, you are on your way out, some get there sooner than others.


My timeline was compiled by several sources. Point was it sure as heck took the FED EPA a long time to jump; efficiency at its best. As late as June 2011, she (Jackson) was asked by 19 Action news (on TV) about Clyde Ohio, she didn’t even have a clue. Sherrod BrowN said he found that amazing because Clyde was officially named a cluster in 2006. Sherrod Brown: "According to information from the EPA website, the CDC and other federal agencies are only called in to further assist with cancer cluster investiations when there is a 'special situation,'" the letter read. "With at least 37 children diagnosed with cancer, four children dead, and an entire community searching for answers, I would ask the EPA and CDC to consider the Clyde cancer cluster a 'special situation.” So I would say that 37 or more kids with cancer in a 12 mile radius was not of concern; the Federal EPA has more pessing issues like taxing the rainwater running off the roof of your house. Completely useless.

Rod Farva

A bureaucrat lying!? Holy sh** someone call cnn!


From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama and, for that matter, most of America seem woefully ignorant about a scandal unfolding at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As hard as it is to believe, outgoing Administrator Lisa Jackson actually appears to have had agency personnel create a fictitious employee by the name of “Richard Windsor” so that Jackson could appropriate the Windsor’s email address for her own purposes.

We’re not talking about some alias to be used for personal correspondence but a totally false identity in whose name official business was allegedly conducted created specifically to avoid federal record-keeping and disclosure requirements. And none of this would ever have been uncovered were it not for the courage of a still anonymous whistleblower and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher Horner, an attorney with the legal smarts and experience needed to unravel it all.

Earlier this week, thanks to Horner’s good work, the EPA was supposed to produce the first installment of some 12,000 secret, previously undisclosed emails. Not because it wanted to but because a federal court order required it to.

Under the order, the EPA was to provide the first installment of 3,000 e-mails with three additional installments of 3,000 e-mails to follow. Rather than provide the required emails, however, EPA’s cover letter accompanying its production of emails said it “produced more than 2,100 emails received or sent” by Jackson on an official alias e-mail account.

All fine, well and good – except that not one of those emails was from “Richard Windsor’s” account. Not one. Yet it is certain the account exists because Horner found three Windsor emails using other means. Instead the EPA provided such absurdly silly and unresponsive e-mails as the daily news briefs published by the Washington Post, and EPA national news clippings, a pathetic attempt to avoid a contempt citation that came only after a week’s worth of unsuccessful attempts to push the official response date down the road.

A pattern exists: the EPA creates a fake e-mail account for its administrator to avoid scrutiny; it doesn’t produce any of the fake e-mails even though they are required by law to do so; when specifically required by court order, the EPA seeks endless delays; and, when the delaying tactics prove fruitless, EPA fails to provide either the number or the type of e-mails required.

Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/a...

John Harville

Breitbart? Really?


Another ruling class elite lying in order to influence votes...

John Harville

Huh? what 'elite' what 'votes'?


Because 100 children a year need medical attention for exposure to mouse and rat poison, it looks like the EPA will eliminate an entire product.

From the NY Times:

The federal Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of a line of mouse and rat poisons made by Reckitt Benckiser, saying that the manufacturer has refused to adopt the agency’s safety standards for rodenticides.

After the agency’s “notice of intent” is published in the Federal Register, the company will have 30 days to appeal to an E.P.A. administrative law judge. If no hearing is requested, a national ban on sales of 12 d-Con bait products to consumers will become final, the agency said.

The E.P.A.’s regulatory effort is intended mainly to prevent children from suffering from accidental exposure to the bait. Some 10,000 children a year are accidentally exposed to mouse and rat baits, and 1 percent of those need medical attention, an agency spokesman said, citing data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/a...

John Harville

So tell me again why the company won't adopt safety regulations?


EPA Director Admits Spying on Farmers w/ Planes


From Gateway Pundit:

Midwest farmers were outraged to hear that Lisa Jackson and the EPA were spying on ranches in surveillance planes. Rep. Tom Latham sent a letter to the EPA demanding answers on this controversial practice. In his letter Lathan argued,

“No federal agency has the right to treat the American farmer like the Taliban.”

The Hill:

Departing Departing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson said she wished she had communicated better during her tenure with rural regions that felt victimized by the agency’s pollution rules.

“If I were starting again, I would from day one make a much stronger effort to do personal outreach in rural America,” Jackson said in a wide-ranging interview with Reuters published Monday.

Clashes with rural GOP lawmakers characterized much of Jackson’s time in Obama administration, but Jackson has lamented what she says are inaccurate claims about the scope of EPA’s agenda.

Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/a...

John Harville

Aaaah. The Reagan Coalition. The EPA is a federal agency and as such is allowed to inspect anywhere in the US. If you're not doing anything illegal.... I've done a lot of aerial photography. The skies are free. If I wanna take photos of your farm or your house or your neighborhood, so what? Hae you looked at a google map recently?


I know your reading comprehension deprived but there are two other news sources listed, The Hill and Reuters!!!!


Wondering why that if it doesn;t come from Fire Dog Lake, Slate Huff-PO or any other left wing mainstream media website, it ceases to be news and unreliable. Certainly right wing news site are covered under the same libel laws that serves the rest of the media. So far CBS news and Dan Rather are the only ones forging documents. How many retractions did CNN and MsNBC and the rest of the lamestream media publish on the George Zimmerman case.


Wondering why states are fighting Obama's Justice Department on the use of domestic drones. Google is an infringement on one's right to privacy. A government agency taking pictures of your home is NEVER going to end well!!!!

John Harville

Why is everything except stuff you like an infringement of rights. I guess the skies aren't open to anyone who can fly?