Alleged Ohio synthetic drug sales targeted

Ohio's attorney general says investigators have targeted the alleged sale of synthetic drugs and businesses in three counties through search warrants and lawsuits.
Associated Press
Feb 2, 2013


Attorney General Mike DeWine says police found synthetic marijuana, sometimes called herbal essence, being sold in stores in Clark, Guernsey and Montgomery counties.

DeWine said Friday that in addition to search warrants issued at the stores and their owners' homes, his office's Consumer Protection division has sued the three businesses allegedly selling the drugs.

DeWine announced a crackdown on synthetic drugs last year, saying he would warn stores about criminal charges and civil lawsuits they could face for any involvement in making or distributing such drugs.

DeWine's office is also training police officers statewide to help them identify and handle synthetic drug cases.




Waste of money if you ask me, find something else to enforce.


stick with the real thing; synthetic anything is bad for you.


The AG is OBSESSED with drugs of any kind: legal or otherwise. He is wasting state funds to stop any kind of drugs both legal or otherwise. It is nearly impossible to fight a war on drugs like he is trying to do. The war he is fighting is one that he is manufacturing and is hurting people in places that really need the drugs that are offered for those in pain.

Go to any emergency room and see if I am not right. The Attorney General has placed that "mandate" on every emergency room wall in Ohio. Now he is trying to fight a war on synthetics. I am all for fighting a war on this type of drug...but make up your mind, AG. Which is it? First you are fighting with prescriptions, now its with synthetics! Take a stand one way and stick with it. You cannot have it both ways.

Personally, I would like to see him go after the Meth cookers. There is a real problem...but he hasn't gone after them yet.


Heroin, coke, meth and pill abusers and dealers are the major drug problem. Pot should be legalized. Free up some jail space for the real criminals.