Edison Schools place emergency levy on May ballot

Edison Schools will propose its largest levy option to taxpayers this spring.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 2, 2013


School board members agreed Wednesday to place a five-year, 7.9-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot.

The decision came after a nearly hour-long discussion of four options ranging from 4.9 to 7.9 mills, with board members ultimately concurring the largest option was the only “workable” one.

The levy would generate nearly $1.8 million a year for the district, costing the owner of a $100,000 home about $240 a year.

“Every person I’ve contacted has told me to ask for what we need — we need to go beyond just getting through one year,” board member Jodi Harris said. “It’s not fair to our community or our students.”

The district is projected to run a deficit of nearly $75,000 in the 2013-2014 school year and more than $2.5 million in 2014-2015, according to its five-year forecast. Its budget is about $14 million.

If voters approve the May levy, however, the district could see a surplus of about $894,000 in the 2013-2014 school year and about $209,000 in 2014-2015. The district would still face a deficit of more than $1 million by 2016.

“We’re asking for a bare minimum 7.9 mills — I know it doesn’t sound right,” board member Mark Miller said.

If approved, board members said the funds could possibly eliminate pay-to-play athletic fees and pay for additional elementary school teachers.

“Instead of focusing on cuts for the next couple of years we could focus on students again,” board member Mark Suhanic said. “It’s up to the community to take care of us. We can’t wait for the state to do it any longer.”

About 20 people attended Wednesday’s meeting.

Matt McClester, a Berlin Heights resident and district parent, opened the meeting’s discussion speaking in favor of a 4.9-mill or 5.9-mill levy option. He still remains a
levy advocate after the board’s decision.

“I’ll support any option, but many people I’ve talked to said the best way to get it passed is a smaller levy,” McClester said. “But if 7.9 mills is what’s needed, they’re really in a catch-22.”

The district hasn’t approved an emergency operating levy since May 2005, treasurer Anne Arnold said. Voters most recently rejected a 3.5-mill option in November.

Levy Proposal
Millage: 7.9
Length: Five years
Would generate: $1.8 million a year
Cost: Annual cost to owner of $100,000 home would be about $240
Use: Would pay for day-to-day expenses, including salaries and benefits for employees, utilities, classroom supplies, maintenance of property and buildings, among other services
Note: All figures rounded
Source: Edison Schools


Yellow Snow

The article says the district would still face more than a million dollars deficit by 2016. At what point does one face up to the fact that changes still need to be made? We all change our spending habits in effort to pay our bills. Drive less by combining trips, adjust the thermostat, buy foods that nourish us instead of junk food, work with smaller paychecks. Schools are the majority of our taxes. People are losing homes because taxes can't be met due to job losses and increased living expenses. It's not the sports programs causing a deficit, it's wages/benefits.

John Harville

When does One face up to the fact that the Governor cut more than a billion in state funds for local government...that this $1.8 million is dribble in the bucket of the $1.1 BILLION on ballots.


It is not the state's fault, the Federal Government cut the amount it sends to the states as well. Let's face it, the Federal Gov't is broke, the States are broke, the Cities and School are broke...where are you gonna get the money from when almost half of the citizens are broke as well and on some form of assistance. Some schools are not going to make it, consolidation is probably going to have to happen. I don't like it, but it is a fact of life.

Edwin Ison

Levy passage could "POSSIBLY" eliminate pay-to-play?
"Come on MAN"!

Commit already.

Eliminate pay-to-play, and two no votes in my household turn to yes votes!
Cannot afford it otherwise.

Get Facts Straight

So this time that is what it will take for you to vote yes? Each time this comes up you have a new excuse for voting no. You will hold this district hostage again even if they do eliminate pay to play. In the past, it was get rid of the super, give back busing, and teachers pay retirement. Well all of those have happened...so do you really mean what you say this time? I sure hope so.

tell it how it is

Thank you!
Sometimes I really wish these sections had "like" buttons...

John Harville

Let's go the opposite direction - elminate sports until an even larger levy passes.
It's just a matter of finding your price. To hell with education as long as we keep co-curriculars.
Call the Governor!!!


Great timing on announcement as i have to write my property tax check this week. here is the breakdown per year..rounded off..420 county..250 township..84 library...140 jvs..1420 schools..So you want to raise my 1420 to 1840 are you nuts bringing this to us without teachers paying for their retirement yet. It will go down in flames. 7.9 mill so you can have surplus to waste. BIG NO

Get Facts Straight

Teachers will be paying retirement completely. It's in the new contract.

Señor Clown

Remember, they said 7.9 mill is the only workable option and the bare minimum. So after this is defeated, there should be no need to ask for the 5.9 mill on the next ballot. Yellow Snow's post is absolutely right - if you're facing a 2.5 million dollar defect by 2015-2016 school year, the extra 1.8 million a year from this levy isn't going to keep the ship from sinking.


The clique will vote for it and everyone else will not. If your not good enough any other time, your not at election time either. It is no secret what goes on. Apparently it's thought of as a normal way of life.

Edwin Ison

The teachers just signed a two year deal.
Go to the Edison Schools page to see a small summary.
Also see the Q&A from Super Roth.
The two don't jive at all, not even close.
Pay specific attention to the retirement pick up comments.
The math doesn't add up.
Why doesn't the district post a copy of the current and former contracts right on the school page for review?
We can then be informed voters.
"Come on Man"



Time to enact Plan B and dust off Plan C.

HS Sports Fan

From looking at the comments on here, the clique Warhol_89 talks about doesn't seem to be very big. When everything bases around a small group, the end result is what it is. How could you expect for it to be any different? Maybe they should devide the amount of the levy amongst themselveses and the rest be excluded as normal. Now how cool would that be? Sounds fair to me.

Kottage Kat

When I see some transparency and not scare tactics
Doubtful I will ever vote YES


Maybe it's time to look at combining a few of our small school districts, sharing resources and saving taxpayers some REAL money! Once everyone gets off their clique horses and takes a good honest look at reality, you might see that it will actually work. This area is not large enough to sustain all these small districts in this day in age. Wake up, do it how we decide before the State does it their way!!!

West 99

Schools will already get their big boost in tax dollars- THANKS to your local farmer / property owner.

Check out http:/erie.iviewauditor.com/ your "Erie County Auditor's Website" and type in a local farmer's name- you will see their farm land taxes have increased 2 to 3 times from last year (most of those dollars going directly to schools- look at the percentage of $ to schools). You don't hear about this!!!

Bada Bing

First they use pay to play and bussing cuts to threaten the voters into a yes vote. It didn't work, so now they will reward us by giving back what was originally free? The land tax increase is absolutely correct. Education needs to be run by business people not government subsidized spenders. They use our children's education as leverage to get their way. I'm not an advocate of private schools, but at least they can run a budget and survive.

John Harville

So why are so many private schools closing? That's the reason Kasich has to take public money and give it to private schools.

Education is not a business and students are not 'nuts and bolts' on a production line. Most school ARE being run by contemporary business models - bigger and bigger bucks for topheavy administration.


bada boom bada bing

R U Kidding me

I am so glad if this passes you can stop focusing on cuts. You had me worried that you would have to cut your spending. I pay $3700 a year for property tax so when I retire I have to sell the house I have worked for for all my life and you want more so you don't have to make cuts. when you make all the cuts you can then let us know then we'll concider voting for this




and, we the people, put an emergency fashion put down a no vote... the way we fund schools was deemed illegal how many years ago and we still do nothing about it.. sorry, but some generation of students needs to pay the penalty for our ignorance.. keep voting no..

John Harville

chongo. "some generation of students needs to pay the penalty"? Well at least you got the "ignorance" part right.

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" - Jefferson


I agree, we may need to combine some of the smaller schools. Kids today are graduating, going off to college and not returning to the area because there are NO jobs. That leaves a bunch of older folks with no kids in the house to pay more taxes to put the next generation through school and leave the area. The answer is MORE good paying jobs in the area so more will choose to stay in the area after graduating from college. Look at the majority of Milanites, I would guess more than 60 percent are retired or will be retiring in the next 10 years. They passed levies many times in the past, but now they are nearing retirement and fixed incomes...they are tapped out. IMHO, I don't think the levy has a snowball's chance in Hades of passing.


Did they take "Paying" staff for taking tickets, running the scoreboard etc. OUT OF THE CONTRACT? How about paying for their OWN RETIREMENT PLAN, or THEIR OWN INSURANCE BENEFITS?

It's really a pretty sweet deal at Edison if you're a staff member:

1. Median wage is in the $50K, most are way above, but this is the median.

2. You pay less than 10% of your medical insurance.

3. You only have to pay .7% into your retirement, community picks up the 9.3% for you and the state mandated amount.

4. You can be on the clock and bring your child or children to work with you to sporting events, plays, concerts etc. and NOT PAY FOR THEM TO GET IN. (I saw this first hand)

5. You can sell tickets, run the scoreboard (other supplemental contract items) AND GET PAID FOR IT, above and beyond your regular pay. I wonder if they get STRS for this supplemental contract work???? Good question? I'm sure you won't get a straight answer on that.

6. AND AN ADDED BONUS: If you're IN THE "CLIQUE" your kid will go from 8th grade ball to playing VARSITY while SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS AND SENIORS are not on varsity or SIT THE BENCH.


I am NOT FROM EDISON, but did go to a few games to see the two freshman who START on VARSITY play- I was in complete and utter awe. Why would anyone do that to two young men? They may be good at basketball, but by NO MEANS are either of them ready to play at the VARSITY level. Does it mean that much to have 4 varsity letters when your season record is 3 or 4 wins? Not to mention the Seniors that are sitting the bench while 2 freshman START and Juniors and Sophomores don't get the opportunity to play at all on Varsity when in fact they should be in order to gain some experience?

You folks there at Edison need to take a look at what is going on around you, you are ruining good athletes. Not only those you are not playing, but the ones that are quitting because of the favoritism that goes on, and the playing up of young men who are not ready but because their parents are the principle and head football coach/teacher (or so I've heard).

Several things occur when the above happens: Two young men are separated from playing ball with their classmates, they are stepping on the toes of upper class men, parents become frustrated and segregated, coaches have to hear it from parents, the school needs a levy and the community is divided and NO ONE WINS! Surely, the administration has learned from this horrific season of basketball and will be much wiser not to make the same mistake when baseball and football season roll around.

Is this why the head basketball coach quit, I think Robinson was his name? Because he was smart enough to know that playing freshman over seniors, juniors and even sophomores was not a SMART move?

Your sports programs are not working there, who is or is anyone, doing an evaluation on these coaches every year? If so, maybe that persons effectiveness needs to be re-evaluated too.

Your district as a whole seems to fair very well in the academic world, which means you have an awesome teaching staff, parental guidance, caretakers etc. why is it that you can't get this same support at levy time? Doesn't seem so hard to figure out what's broken.

I would find it hard to vote for your levy if I had a child in your district and the facts above were things I had to deal with on a daily, yearly basis. Maybe you need to start at home, build the unity of your community, treat staff and your tax paying citizens and their children equally and maybe then you will be able to pass a levy. Seems like common sense to me.

Outside looking in....

HS Sports Fan

Well said Serious, and it makes no sense to them why a levy won't pass. 3/4 of the area is pushed aside. If you exclude them, exclude them at voting time also. Why would someone want to spend money they don't have on a school that don't want to have them? Action needs to be taken NOW! Get rid of these guys so the system can rebuild it's credibility. And see if their kids start at the next school that employs them. Until then I suggest you guys over there vote NO. It looks like you don't need me to tell you that though.

Get Facts Straight

By fall, teachers will pay their retirement. It's in the new contract.


Serious, a few questions.

Based on your first few lines, my question is how much are teachers suppose to make? $20,000? $80,000? How about an excellent teacher who has taught for 10 years? 20 years?

And what do you do for a job? Can I say right now that I believe you should make $30,000?

What cracks me up the most about your post is your dedication to sports. Schools are and should be about education, first and foremost. Your second to last paragraph is actually about education, not sports. It took a long time reading to find that.

West 99

Some are saying in the Norwalk Reflector's Web Page teaches don't make enough

Look at any teachers salary by name at: http://buckeyeinstitute.org/teac...

You'll be shocked by their huge salaries

John Harville

Buckeye Institute is Josh Mandel's page - and as inaccurate as possible. For example: my spouse's salaray is listed as a current figure. Problem: my spouse retired five years ago.

Swamp Fox

John Harville, get your facts straight, Buckeye Institute is not "Josh Mandels" page or has anything to do with the State Treasurer's Office, it is an non profit conservative research group that use public records as their source


Try this salary page too. Search your district "Order by" high to low.


And just how much are you paying into your retirement in the fall? What a joke. The taxpayers are tapped out.

Get Facts Straight

10% which is required by law. Happy?


How about you ask the group of 7th grade moms what to do? They seem to have control.


Are some of those the same moms that have children in 9th grade? Just wondering.


you obviously have a 7th grader and your not in the click. please tell


GEt Facts Straight--you need to quit lying. "Teachers will be paying retirement completely. It's in the new contract." THe state will be contributing at least 12.5% -- The teachers are only giving up the local share of around 9.5%. For someone called Get Facts Straight you did a pretty rotten job of it.

John Harville

jac... the STATE sets the rates. The local district negotiates how much of the local portion the employees will pay. Get the facts.

Swamp Fox

John Harville, you forgot to mention that for years ONLY Edison & EHOVE payed any portion of the teachers share.

Get Facts Straight

It was negotiated in lieu of pay raises to be that way. Now it is changed and teachers are now paying 10% as required by the state.

John Harville

$1.1 billion is the low-end estimate of levies in the state this spring - trying to make up the shortfall from 2011's major cuts and 'reorganization' by our illustrious governor. Meanwhile, millions-plus in PUBLIC tax dollars will be going to PRIVATE for-profit schools operated by the Governor's cronies.

West 99

John Harville

http://buckeyeinstitute.org/teac... is what the schools report as their salaries to the State- are you saying the school accounting is reporting fraudulent info.


Lets see here. The voters defeated a 3.5 mill in November 2012. So the Board will place a 7.9 mill levy on in Spring 2013. Yeah,,,,now that makes real smart sense.

Its like saying store X sells toothpaste for $4 a tube and every other store in town sells it for $3. So to increase sales they raise the price of the already $4 a tube toothpaste to $7 and they think more people will now buy it because they have raised the price of already overpriced toothpaste. These Board members need to stop by the high school and take a marketing class.

Now Board member Jodi Harris says every person she talked to told her to ask for what they need................Boy now there is a really dangerous statement !!!!!! My questions would be:

Who did Jodi Harris talk to? NAME THEM....to me everybody is really NOBODY. For all we know she could have talked to a class of pre schoolers with no idea of money or taxes etc.

How many did she talk to? GIVE US A NUMBER NOT JUST EVERY PERSON

AND lastly I find it really doubtful that any competent taxpayer would tell any school board member ,,,,,TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. Now that is just one assurd statement....why Harris and her fellow Board members could ask for 10, 15, 20, 25, 40 + mills and that is OK with the taxpayers she talked with? Right there that statement tells me we are getting a first class PR job done on us.


jodi is a awesome person. she is an aquantince of mine but i have to agree. she only talks to people in the click, not that she wouldnt listen to everyone but the truth is the board takes care of school employees first. she is in a tough place. dont take these comments personal jodi. it is your position not your character. i wouldnt want your job for any amount of money


You may well be correct. If that is so then lets not say everyone I talked with said ask for whatever you need lets say everyone I talked to in the "click" said ask for whatever you need.

If Jodi is an awesome person and I bet she is to ever take a non paying job like school board member BUT Jodi get out and talk to a wider range of folks than just those in the "click." Then alas you will be closer to "everyone" said this or that. Based on past elections the majority of people in the school district are opposed to the levy so it should not be hard finding those who will vote NO.

Swamp Fox

John Harville, get your facts straight, Buckeye Institute is not "Josh Mandels" page or has anything to do with the State Treasurer's Office, it is an non profit conservative research group that use public records as their source.

Isn't it ironic that the board finally pushed for the teachers to pay for their retirement after one of the board members wife retired from the Edison School System and had her retirement picked up by the board while she was working.


I woulld not believe any webpage that Josh Mandel is connected with. We saw the lies and misinformation this guy put our in his Senate campaign. I al looking for him any day to announce what new political job he is running for. Thank him for his military service but I do hope he gets settled and actually does a job he is elected to.

Swamp Fox

Gardenman says "I do hope he gets settled and actually does a job he is elected to. " You mean like the guy who ran, got elected to the U.S. Senate and in his first two years did nothing but campaign for the presidency?


Yeah, you are right Obama probably did spend his first two years campaigning for the presidency. BUT that man got elected to President and just n case you have not heard was reelected to the job as well. As I remember the figures Mandel did pretty poor in his running for the US Senate. Even many Republicans could not stomach Mandel......not he was a Republican its because he did not have the ability, experience, or knowledge to be a US Senator.

As was rightfully said by Sen Brown in a debate....running for US Senate is not a game it's serious business. Mandel was treating it like a game and was "well lets see what job I can elected to now." Thankfully, the voters saw him for what he was and denied him the Sesnate seat.

Swamp Fox

gardenman, yea that's the bad news , Obama did get elected while he was AOL from the Senate. His recent re election will signal increased federal regulations that will cost local schools like Edison additional unfunded mandates......

HS Sports Fan

Stop the Clique. It's like poison to your school system. Their like the Berlin-Milan Mafia.

Edwin Ison

On the retirement pick-up....smoke and mirrors.

Get Facts Straight, Why, with the retirement pickup now paid by the teachers, the savings per year is only about $170,000(and Roth says most of the savings is from health care concessions) instead of the $550,000 figure quoted by Roth? This is a difference of nearly $800,000 over the two year contract.

Also, when asked how much the district pays for the retirement pickup, Roth was again not forthcoming with real figures. The $800,000+ figure stated by me and others as the district staff retirement portion picked up by the taxpayer is accurate, you must include all employees though. Roth purposely excluded employees other than teaching staff so as to be able to refute the numbers.
GFS Could you get copies of the current and previous contracts, these are just facts:) and post them up for everyone to see. 'Cause the numbers just don't add up for me, and that is a big problem for many voters.
"Come on man!"
GFS...I would love to vote for a levy....but the shenanigans and misdirection must stop. NOW! If they want my money, stop with the games.


Not in the click? That sounds like them. Moms with nothing else to do but manage every minute of their princesses lives. I heard one of them (starts with a P as in pea or petition no one cares about or pitiful) isn't even allowed in the school anymore because she harassed kids. Don't know if there are freshmen.


Edwin Ison...you are asking the right question, and I have the answer. Think about it. The retirement pick-up is not in the new contract, and the district has said it cost $880,000. Yet, the savings is only $170,000, INCLUDING health care savings!!!! How is this possible? The answer is simple. READ THE NEW CONTRACT. The teachers got a double digit RAISE to cover their (own) added retirement costs!!! Yup, a RAISE...a BIG one. And yet, no where in the district press releases is this infomation provided. More than smoke and mirrors, this is outright dishonesty. Yea...taxpayers are stupid...give them LOTS more money....


Where can I find the contract to read it? If this is indeed true about the raises, then my vote just went back to "No."


look up www.opportunityohio.org Shows all salaries of entire school district. To me they are all high, but there are a few that are offensive. Example an elementary phys-ed teacher making $81000/year which equals $56/hour, plus the best benefits offered at any employer. At some point the house of cards is going to come tumbling down.


for 185 days a year :-/


Their house of cards needs to fall NOW! Edison teachers and staff think it is our duty and obligation to give them this cushy lifestyle. I'm done. Nothing they could say would change my mind. They did'nt think the taxpayer would catch on to their scheme, but we got the facts and we did. Their union is out of control and we will pay no more. So all you Edison staff out there be ready for a big fat NO!


People's frustration seem to be on all levels. If you're one to complain about freshman playing a Varsity sport, somehow you're being effected by it. I don't even live in the district but through coaching, know the kids and let me be the first to say, Shayne Fischer would not play favorites. Edison's talent is lacking as of late, some decide to build for the future and get the young guys experience. (EVERYONE should play though). As far as those shooting down the levy, yes it's a decent chunk of money but there are some things to consider. How many of you would be effected by the pay to participate? Having multiple kids in multiple sports would be a heck of a lot more than the tax increase on property. For those of you not effected by pay to participate, if Edison were to close it's doors and the district to be divided (as it has been explained to me by admin) will the other school districts be picking up your kids who are that much further away? Or will you have to adjust your lifestyle to carpool your kids to a new school? Some of you just seem bitter towards the teachers, maybe you should have picked a different career path? Last note, did someone hoenstly complain about a teacher bringing their children into a game for free??? To say that you would not do the same if you were in that position would be silly.


There may be a few bloggers on here with different gripes towards the school district. Bottom line is ... the economy and the high rate of our taxes. We pay and pay and they want more. You did not ask about the portion of taxpayers out there that have no children in the school system. Some retired, some laid off and some just struggling to keeps their heads above water. Everyone is making concessions at their home and place of employment except for the staff at Edison. They will not be happy till they bleed us dry.Everytime they don't get their way they threaten the kids or wear stupid buttons and shirts to every event they can. They need to grow up and face the same problem alot of people are facing..CUTBACKS.
Enough is Enough and now they get a pay raise to pay for something they should of been paying for all along. Their retirement should not be my concern or any other taxpayers for that matter. We all pay into ours and they should do the same.


I agree with what you are saying in that everyone, teachers included, do need to make cutbacks. No questions there. As far as those that have no children in the school system, how would the value of their property be effected if there was not a school district? Who would want to live in a place where the closest school district is a longer than expected drive? I'm just thinking of scenarios.


To answer your question on the value of our property.. Maybe our taxes would go down. 3/4 of our taxes goes to the school. We are all just saying enough. Its time for Victor to get his truck out!


You wrote, "Some of you just seem bitter towards the teachers, maybe you should have picked a different career path?"
What in the world does this have to do with the career path of others? Unless you are implying that once a person receives a teaching degree it makes them immune from the economy and entitles them to a lifetime of continued raises and benefits? Is that what the kids in the teaching programs across the country are being told? If it is, that's a problem. If it's not happening, then why do teachers feel they are immune to the real world simply because of a career path?


Well said CrissySnow


I'm simply saying most understand the retirement structure set up for educators, that's all. Nothing else implied towards anyone or bringing anyone down.

Swamp Fox

You're right, Edwin, the information doesn't add up correctly. From what I have heard, they are not paying their entire share of the retirement although the school webpage seems to indicate this. I also don't understand the information about spouses of teachers being required to purchase single health insurance rather than being on the teacher's family plan. (Do teachers who opt to go on their spouses' family plans still get a $2,000 payment in lieu of the school providing insurance?) And, yes, retirement is paid on salary for supplemental contracts such as coaching and activities. Since the information posted is not very clear, it's probably best to request a copy of the contract in order to get the facts straight.

Edwin Ison

The district should supply the old and new contracts for review on the district webpage.
They are trying to hide the contents and want to keep tabs on who requests information.
I have children in the system and it's not good to get on a blacklist.

HS Sports Fan

Perkins will take your best athletes if you close. They are getting ready to build a New School, Sports Arena, Casino and Hotel right next to the New Football field and don't even need to pass a levy. The point guard and the two sixth graders I seen on your varsity will most likely have to wait their turns though.

Unconventional ...

I have seen the favoritism in the Perkins athletic department also, and I have seen worse things happen than that. Also, if what you mentioned above is true, I would not want my children going to a school that was next to a Hotel & Casino...

Unconventional ...

"Perkins Schools will propose two levies for the May ballot: A five-year renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy and a 10-year, 4.98-mill emergency operating levy."


There are 1655 students in the district. If the budget is 14 million, then that equates to about $8400 per student.

The "Emergency Levy" will pull that number up to more than $9500 per student.

As our schools have to spend so much time teaching how to duck bullets and don birth control, rather than teaching viable skills, I guess it's cheaper than a babysitter . . . .

tell it how it is

Edison school district HAS changed it's spending, a lot. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is nothing but ignorant and uninformed. The kids and parents have majorly been impacted on the school's loss of money, as they are now having to pay more, whether it be in gas or pay to play, ect.
The school needs to pass this levy, or it's actually hurting our economy more, person-by-person.


Tell it how it is: Interesting that you point out how the parents and kids have already been majorly impacted, and that this levy needs to pass and NO WHERE did you state that the STAFF NEEDS TO MAKE SOME CONCESSIONS?

Yes- I know you will reply with, they are picking up their own retirement in the fall, BUT I also heard that came with a nice RAISE TO OFF SET the retirement pick up TOO... So when all the smoke clears, they really weren't impacted, just a shift in allocation if you will.

Don't bother trying to argue the point, we were all at the meeting when it was announced that $880k was the amount being paid into retirement funds, and we all heard the savings in the fall will only be $100k and some change.... WE ALL GET IT..... What adds up is the "RAISES" in the fall, eat up the savings in the retirement....

Can the powers that be JUST BE HONEST for once????

tell it how it is

Well, you didn't see that because I don't agree with it. I went to Edison for 14 years, never anywhere else, and I personally believe that the staff need to get MORE. Those are some amazing teachers who have produced amazing scores for the district. It IS the best school around our area, and yet people don't think they deserve the payment they get?

However, I can tell you from seeing first hand that these teachers HAVE made concessions. Some of the very best teachers were laid off in the four years I was there for high school, the schools have been constantly rearranged for the most economic set-up, None of the teachers make enough money. I am personally friends with several of them, and I can tell you that their families are suffering just as much as the average American's is, many even worse. You, and everyone else, can THINK whatever you please, but until you actually speak with one of the teachers that are hardly making it by, you have NO right to say a word about their pay. How would you feel if so many people were attacking YOUR pay when you're doing a damn good job? You'd probably be pretty pissed, huh? I know I would! So think about it that way, stop being a hypocrite, and actually pay attention!


tell it how it is-

Maybe it is because you have personal connections to some teachers that this issue is so emotional for you, and I get that and respect that.

However, if you take the emotion out of it, this really comes down to simple economics and the facts regarding how schools (therefore teachers) are funded. It's through taxes, paid by the community. Therefore, we DO have a right to question their pay and concessions.

I understand how doing a good job and having their pay questioned probably makes them feel, but their career path was to work in the public sector which does give others the right and the DUTY to question spending. Personally, I work in the public sector, do a damn good job, and have been forced to face concessions to stay employed. My company can't go to anyone and ask for a levy when things get tight.

It stinks, but economics aren't personal nor is anyone immune from them. They are a fact of life.


Ahhh I see now, you are part of the clique there. That explains a lot.

You are so mistaken, it's your friends and school board that HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION--- the TAX PAYERS have spoken what ??? 7 times NOW??

The last comment I will make to you is this:

As a TAX PAYER, I have EVERY RIGHT to say something about their pay, WELCOME to PUBLIC SECTOR my friend....


She probably hangs out with all of them at the mason jar! lol


OutofWork and Tiredofthe Crap-
Are you responding to me? Or was that a formating issue?

If you are responding to me I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that I am NOT part of the "clique" nor are my children. So contrary, but I won't go there. I also won't go into what would have happened if Snag and Chuckles and CJL were still there.

Times have changed, as have I changed. I'm just a good old EHS graduate with extended education looking at things from my reality which no longer involves "Edison is the best district ever" and all of that emotion.

I am able to separate myself from all that BS and their BS reasons/excuses. EHS is no longer the best school in the area. Check out some of the resources on this thread if you disagree- and you are free to do so!

I can separate the emotion, and I have every right to voice my concerns, as do you. Just trying to make sure every point is voiced as I KNOW there are penalties if you don't bow down to the "clique" of which I have never, ever been a part of. Chuckles, Snag and CJL will/would vouch for that.


Crissysnow..My comment was for tell it like it is. She is dumber than a box of rocks and apparently not a home owner.


Gotcha, Tired. And thanks fr responding. The formatting on this site stinks. Go figure!


So let me get this straight--- They are asking the voters for 7.9 mill in May for 5 YEARS, and in 3 years they will be BACK IN THE RED????



Truth or Fiction

Boy it sounds like some local folk can really get the masses upset! The problem is not the Board, the schools, the Administration, the Teachers, or for that matter the Communities that make up the school district. The problem is the means by which our great State funds the education of our youth. No one wants to admit that the funding of Ohio schools requires districts to return to the ballot on average every five years just to keep up with inflationary increases and new unfunded federal and state mandates. We can continue to deamonize others in an attempt to cover our own fears but it serves no greater good. I would hope that the people of Berlin and Milan can realize what they have built in their educational system over the decades and work to sustain it, not destroy it!


GREAT point! Unfortunately, even if the people who are able to pay more vote in the levy, the Government will definitely NEVER fix it. You are RIGHT, the STATE needs to fix it....


Not trying to demonize anyone. Just trying to state facts. Unions had a place, IMO, in the 23-30 era. However, in my experience life has changed. And it serves no greater purpose than to blame others for their vote. It is happening, as many predicted, and here we are. So do we just have a standoff? Would that help? I don't think so. I think there are fundamental issues folks disagree on and it all comes back to the Constitution Of The United States of Amrerica.


Bottom line is school workers think they are ammune to bad financial times. They are not in a job that sees sales go down or chinese products come and take away revenue. When you divide the paychecks by the normal 52 week average they are very well paid. 52 weeks of 5 day weeks is 260 days and most of them work 178-184 so someone making 40 grand comes out to 61 grand on a normal work schedule. Then add on the retirement and they are in the top 10%

Truth or Fiction

So what does an engineer, supervisor, or manager at a local manufacturing facility make? I would hazard a guess that it is better than $50,000 and they are not required to have a master's degree. Nor are they required to upgrade to a level of certification on an annual basis. Add retirement, 401k match, and other perks, I would hazard a guess that some are exceeding six figures. You have to quit demonizing one group to promote your agenda. The facts just don't support it.


You have no clue what the private sector does you are either a teacher or ex teacher. You picked the top 3 positions at a factory and that means there are 3-6 of those people at the factory. If you are for being fair compare it to the 98% of the factory not the top 2


Out of work,

Where does the state get their money? Answer: Taxes from taxpayers.

How do you think the state will solve the problem? Answer: Tax the taxpayers.

The excuse of "it's the state's fault" has no merit. You can either have the local government take the funds out of your right pocket or have the state take the funds out of your left pocket.

You problem is the enormous bureaucratic juggernaut at the federal, state and local level (including schools) that needs to continue to feed its self to survive.

We need to start saying "no" at the local level, then the state level and then at the federal level if we wish to take back control of our country. Start local and work your way up .

Truth or Fiction

I get your argument. No taxes at any cost! That includes your social security retirement. Don't forget your unemployment benefits. Throw medicare in there for good measure. Nice argument until the truck pulls up at your door.

The argument is flawed as it assumes every school district will adopt the same solution. Using this form of logic there should be no bussing for students as fuel prices increased from $2.00 a gallon in 2008 to $3.60 per gallon in 2013. Your logic would dictate that the district needs to stop bussing students but State Law prevents implementation of your solution. Another area is special needs students. Under your premise, if it costs too much to accomodate the student with special needs they cannot attend school in your district. Sorry, that is also mandated by the State and your district pays for it at the tune of tens of thousands depending on the accomodation required. Maybe you want those families who have children in your district to pay for their children's education ($9,000 annually). Again the State looks dimly on your recommendation.

I understand you feel you have the power at the local level but at whose expense? Unfortunately, it hits the 1,600 students in your district first followed by your property values second. Why? Because no one wants to buy a home in a troubled district! I don't believe that is a good solution and your argument is more Fiction than Fact.



This enormous deficit is my generations responsibility. I do not want to pass on this burden to my kids or grandkids. Cut my SS and medicare. Bring the truck to my door.

It's my responsibility to take care of my kids and grandkids. It's not my responsibility to take care of everyone else.

The local government, state government and federal government look dimly on any proposal that doesn't perpetuates their existence and continued growth.

This deficit spending mindset when it crashes will effect everyone. Some of us who believe in personal responsibility are ready to take on that challenge. Guess you are not.


Loudly allauds!!!!!


Edison Local School...AGAINST.. what was that all about on a vote yesterday.. it was on the news I was told and didn't pass...I am out of state until Friday..??

Truth or Fiction

Thank you donutshopguy. You make my point. I don't agree with Federal deficits any more than you do and I certainly don't agree with Federal and State mandates that tell me I have to do something but refuse to provide the funding for it. Where we differ is how to address it. The decline of a school system is NOT the answer. Let me repeat that point. It will NOT do anything to change the $16+ trillion Federal deficit. Your anger at a Federal system gone wild and the method you propose to deal with it will only result in the slow and methodical decline of your school district. Your future, your children's future, and your grandchildren's future will be negatively impacted by your methods. Unfortunate but TRUE!



I cannot change the irresponsible spending on the federal level at this time. I can't change the irresponsible spending at the state level. But, I can effect this bureaucratic entitlement on the local level (county, township and school).

You want to keep kicking the can down the road. You gave no examples how to control this problem even on the local level. I assume you have no problem with a continual increase in your taxes. At what point do you say enough, 70% of your wages, 80% of your wages or all of your wages? I'm saying enough now.

Truth or Fiction

Let's try and look at this another way. Schools do not get a cost of living increase on approved millage. If your property taxes are going up it's because your property was assessed by the county at a higher value. If your property is assessed at a higher value, the school district does not get an increase (but it will maintain the millage amount should your property assessment go down). Unlike the federal government, schools cannot run a deficit without dire consequences. First year of deficit the district must go to the county auditor and ask for an advance on next year's millage allocation. That means there is less money the second year to be allocated because you already took from Peter to pay Paul in the previous year. Now Peter is upset so after the second time going back to the Auditor there's no more advances. The cycle of cuts, levy issues, larger class sizes, and more cuts continues until the district is forced into drastic measures such as 4-day school weeks, 5-hour school days, reduced bussing, no extracurricular activities, etc. Millage that at one time was small is now high making it harder to pass a levy. Those students who can - leave further reducing funding received from the State on a per pupil basis (Sandusky City schools can explain the impact as they lost to Perkins because of open enrollment)! Everyone in the community suffers.

I don't believe Edison has an income tax funding their school district so it is limited to the property tax millage approved by the voters. I think the last time the district approved a new levy was in 2005 so eight years without any increase but millions of dollars cut to the district in State funding. So the innocent suffer for the price of a large screen T.V. Not good - not good at all.


You do understand that the tax payers are being asked to fork over the cash, right? And there exists that persistent burr in the ass of Edison voters that involves teacher retirement contribution, raises, and contracts being posted on the school website. Right? if there is nothing "secret" then why not post it? It would resolve many taxpayer doubts if we coud read it for ourselves. I realize we are not as smart as teachers are smart, but some of us have MBA's and beyond.

Truth or Fiction

So what is so out-of-line with Edison schools? Current tax rates in Sandusky are at 40.5 mils. Magaretta is at 32.7, Perkins at 26.7 and asking for more. Edison is at 26.4. Pretty low when compared with other districts.

Teacher salaries base (starting) to 20 yrs + Masters in the area are as follows:
EHOVE - $38,817 to $82,376
Perkins - 36,094 to 72,045
Sandusky - 34,820 to 67,500
Huron - 34,300 to 69,250
Edison - 34,000 to 66,400

Edwin Ison

Are your numbers for the old contract? Or the new contract?

See why both should be posted for review on the school web page? :)

Edwin Ison

The old contract is here.


I'm awaiting the new contract. Request your own copy by email Sheila.Farthing@SERB.state.oh.us


Interesting that you should point this out, have you looked on Buckeyeinstitute.org at the WAGES reported to the STATE OF OHIO? Please share the numbers with us as to who is making such little monies because here is what I found on the above site for 2011:


2011 snook, david h. berlin-milan local $107,326.00 8.00 260
2011 goodwin, jeffrey w. $96,665.00 8.00 250
2011 spriggs, nicole l. 84,582.00 8.00 260
2011 miller, diane l. 83,871.00 8.00 225
2011 smith, cory j. 80,317.00 8.00 235
2011 feld, janet l. 71,077.00 8.00 187
2011 lafene, lynn a. 71,077.00 8.00 187
2011 smith, constance l. 69,830.00 8.00 187
2011 wallrabenstein, shirley k. 69,830.00 8.00 187
2011 stanforth, joseph r. 69,073.00 8.00 187
2011 dow, patricia s. 68,583.00 8.00 187
2011 neel, patrice l. 68,583.00 8.00 187
2011 campana, timothy s. 68,271.00 8.00 187
2011 hermes jr., david o. 68,234.00 8.00 225
2011 shrader, holly k. 66,712.00 8.00 187
2011 bickley, anne l. 64,842.00 8.00 187
2011 nemire, ronald a. 64,842.00 8.00 187
2011 deehr, julie a. 63,595.00 8.00 187
2011 moyer, michael p. 63,595.00 8.00 187
2011 naugle, anne m. 63,595.00 8.00 187
2011 wilbur, dora l. 63,595.00 8.00 187
2011 carrier-vajda, cynthia 63,283.00 8.00 187
2011 morgan, dale g. 63,283.00 8.00 167
2011 roberts, margaret c. 63,283.00 8.00 187
2011 grant, lynford c. 62,389.00 8.00 228
2011 kuhl, mary e. 62,348.00 8.00 187
2011 yingling, von m. 62,348.00 8.00 187
2011 cunningham, clyda s. 62,036.00 8.00 187
2011 delamater, deborah a. 62,036.00 8.00 187
2011 lewis, lila a. 62,036.00 8.00 187
2011 lilje, barbara e. 62,036.00 8.00 187
2011 davis, kelli j. 61,725.00 8.00 187
2011 fraylick, bonnie j. 61,725.00 8.00 187
2011 gilliam, michelle e. 61,725.00 8.00 187
2011 scott, pamela l. 61,725.00 8.00 187
2011 stanfield, dean r. 61,725.00 8.00 187
2011 emody, michael e. 61,475.00 8.00 187
2011 finn, gail e. 61,475.00 8.00 187
2011 goodwin, lisa m. 60,789.00 8.00 187
2011 matula, lisa a. 60,789.00 8.00 187
2011 whaley, lezlie a. 60,789.00 8.00 187
2011 fischer, christopher s. 60,478.00 8.00 187
2011 hansen, colleen m. 60,478.00 8.00 187
2011 laconis, robert e. 59,705.00 8.00 260
2011 parcher, rebecca s. 59,705.00 6.75 187
2011 bissell, elizabeth a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 ceccoli, christopher j. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 crooks, janice l. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 doerner, mark a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 gates, jennifer a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 hall, james a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 jeffery-butler, sarah a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 meredith, ryan p. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 reinbolt, lee a. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 whiley, lisa k. 59,231.00 8.00 187
2011 fisher, lawrence a. 58,919.00 8.00 187
2011 ketchum, randi l. 58,919.00 8.00 187
2011 geason, rhonda s. 57,672.00 8.00 187
2011 hoover, sean g. 57,672.00 8.00 187
2011 houser, melissa c. 57,672.00 8.00 187
2011 putnam, marlene e. 57,672.00 8.00 167
2011 scheufler, kelly s. 57,360.00 8.00 187
2011 mcmanus, tracy a. 57,048.00 8.00 187
2011 wolff, david w. 56,238.00 8.00 187
2011 fisher, rhonda l. 56,113.00 8.00 187
2011 litteral, amy l. 56,113.00 8.00 187
2011 sartor, susan f. 56,113.00 8.00 187
2011 lukas, jennifer l. 55,801.00 8.00 187
2011 nickoli, robin l. 55,721.00 8.00 260
2011 payne, molly c. 55,721.00 8.00 260
2011 mills, shannon d. 55,490.00 8.00 187
2011 semple, jill m. 55,490.00 8.00 187
2011 lacivita, jason a. 54,555.00 8.00 187
2011 neher, jay t. 54,555.00 8.00 187
2011 pickering, ann p. 54,555.00 8.00 187
2011 minneman, amy s. 53,931.00 8.00 187
2011 nelson, lynn m. 53,931.00 8.00 187
2011 harrington, kim r. 53,619.00 8.00 187
2011 ineson, lisa m. 53,619.00 8.00 187
2011 shumaker, barbara l. 53,619.00 8.00 187
2011 schnittker, lindsay s. 52,684.00 8.00 187
2011 stipp, bethany l. 52,372.00 8.00 187
2011 bement, stacie l. 52,310.00 8.00 187
2011 williamsen, john t. 52,279.00 6.88 187
2011 campbell, judith e. 51,437.00 8.00 187
2011 chapin, tara m. 51,437.00 8.00 187
2011 meredith, anne m. 51,001.00 8.00 187
2011 smith, pamela s. 50,768.00 8.00 260
2011 butler, gretchen d. 49,878.00 8.00 187
2011 hahn, alicia k. 49,878.00 8.00 187
2011 schlessman, kristi m. 49,878.00 8.00 187
2011 hockin, kristin m. 48,320.00 8.00 187
2011 rang, kellie s. 48,320.00 8.00 187
2011 seville, natalie m. 48,320.00 8.00 187
2011 reilly, denise r. 47,240.00 6.75 187
2011 lewis, julie c. 46,823.00 8.00 187
2011 mcguire, tami a. 46,138.00 8.00 187
2011 knoll, timothy t. 45,097.00 8.00 260
2011 seel, jennifer l. 42,085.00 8.00 187
2011 dingle, laura m. 41,836.00 8.00 187
2011 hermes jr., david o. 40,898.00 8.00 187
2011 ehrhardt, matthew l. 40,870.00 4.00 240
2011 ehrhardt, matthew l. 40,870.00 4.00 240
2011 barker, hope a. 40,862.00 8.00 260
2011 lehmann, lee a. 40,214.00 6.00 187
2011 wensink, jennifer e. 38,968.00 8.00 187
2011 mehlow, kristin l. 38,917.00 8.00 260
2011 jenkins, sandra m. 38,168.00 8.00 260
2011 gormley, lisa l. 37,643.00 5.50 187
2011 traut, mary e. 37,409.00 8.00 187
2011 chaffin, linda c. 37,398.00 8.00 260
2011 rankin, christopher a. 37,148.00 8.00 260
2011 reed, mark a. 37,148.00 8.00 260
2011 nemire, bobette l. 36,661.00 7.00 180
2011 clum, matthew a. 36,567.00 5.50 187
2011 mckain, dennis l. 36,334.00 8.00 260
2011 ludwig, judie a. 35,351.00 4.33 187
2011 defazio, brittany n. 34,915.00 8.00 187
2011 hazelwood, megan e. 34,915.00 8.00 187
2011 leimeister, donna r. 34,770.00 8.00 245
2011 miller, renae a. 34,403.00 8.00 260
2011 rasey, lee ann 33,780.00 5.00 187
2011 shelley, dean a. 33,668.00 8.00 187
2011 bollenbacher, kristy l. 32,421.00 8.00 187
2011 vander boon, calvin o. 32,421.00 8.00 187
2011 smith, bonnie j. 31,947.00 4.50 187
2011 ludwig, judie a. 30,114.00 3.67 187

***NOTE this does NOT include 9.3% of retirement the tax payers pays them on top of the wage above, or any other benefit... This is Hourly wage.

2012 on the other site shows increases on this wages. Teaching is NOT a GET RICH career choice, but this looks real good. Sorry, I don't see how you can defend what you posted..

Some staff are listed twice as their wages are split between buildings... Some of these are bus drivers, secretaries etc.

Truth or Fiction

Thanks for the information but it's misleading. First, the data is dated to 2011. Second, the data includes extracurricular stipens such as coaching. Third, you have mixed management and staff with teachers. Fourth, you have not indicated experience or degree attainment. It is apparent that you have taken advantage of the sunshine laws and have a dated copy of the employee rouster for Edison Local Schools. I do appreciate your input but let's look at what you have written.

The information I gave you previously is current wage ranges for area schools including STRS pickup. EHOVE is the only school that still provides this benefit to its teachers. Your district (Edison) is at the low end of compensation for teachers in Erie County.

Since you like to throw out websites, go to salary.com and put in the following professional and technical positions for Sandusky, OH. As I have them in my formerly caffiene stained hands, I will share them with you.

Plant Manager Start at - $86,288 - $122,486 Top=$167,924
Manufacturing Manager Start at - $79,346 - $104,176 Top=$133,431

Mechanical Engineer I (no experience) Start - $52,673 to $57,627 Top=$66k
Mechanical Engineer II (10 yrs. exp.) Start - $83,649 to $91,955 Top=$110k

Staff RN Start - $57,408 - $63,267 Top=$75,299
Hospice RN Start - $55,689 - $62,083 Top=$74,412
Nursing Home RN Start - $48,718 - $51,856

Accountant I (no experience) Start - $38,740 - $42,673 Top=$51,345
Plant Accountant (10 yrs. exp.) Start - $47,143 - $59,130 Top=$72,714
Accounting Clerk (No bachelors) Start - $36,636 - $40,488 Top=$49,879

Entry Level Electrian (skilled) Start - $34,993 - $45,049
Electrician IV (10 yrs. exp.) Start - $41,360 - $54,049
Mechanic Tech I (Entry automotive) Start - $32,336 - $36,715 Top=$46,019
Mechanic Tech III (10yrs. exp.) Start - $38,327 - $49,209 Top=$61,196

Now I would hazard a guess and state that at least 1/2 of the teachers you have listed have been working 20 plus years for the district and have a master's degree. The remaining teachers have a 4 year bachelor and maybe a masters in Education and others are probably working on their master degrees. So are you saying that they shouldn't be paid even the entry level of like professionals with four year degrees or even skilled labor such as electricians, mechanics, and clerks?

Attacking staff and teachers accomplishes nothing. They are not overpaid for their profession just like other professionals are not overpaid. Your argument is a scare tactic insinuating impropriety that is meant to anger the voting public against a much needed levy. What about the teachers and bus driver who recently lost their lives trying to protect the children in their charge? Were they paid too much?

Thank you but I think I defended my point quite well.


There's nothing misleading here, I merely copied and pasted the information from buckeyeinstitute.org and they don't have the 2012 wages posted as of yet, but since you asked, here's another sight opportunityohio.org that does have the 2012 wages posted which are as follows: (NOTE THE INCREASES)

2012 roth, thomas edison local $111,300.00 8.00 260
2012 goodwin, jeffrey $98,797.00 8.00 250
2012 spriggs, nicole 85,704.00 8.00 243
2012 menoski, dennis 83,855.00 8.00 260
2012 smith, cory 82,449.00 8.00 235
2012 morrison, matthew 81,255.00 8.00 260
2012 sismondo, ronald 81,255.00 8.00 260
2012 quattrochi, david 81,073.00 8.00 235
2012 stipp, bethany 80,500.00 8.00 260
2012 hermes, david 78,000.00 8.00 260
2012 parcher, rebecca 71,077.00 6.75 187
2012 campana, timothy 69,830.00 8.00 187
2012 wallrabenstein, shirley 69,830.00 8.00 187
2012 dow, patricia 68,583.00 8.00 187
2012 shrader, holly 68,271.00 8.00 187
2012 blundon, stephanie 67,192.00 8.00 215
2012 mckenzie, michael 67,192.00 8.00 215
2012 smuck, fatima 67,192.00 8.00 215
2012 wadas, kimberly 67,192.00 8.00 215
2012 ludwig, judie 67,024.00 8.00 187
2012 bickley, anne 66,401.00 8.00 187
2012 nemire, ronald 66,401.00 8.00 187
2012 burchfield, tammy 65,930.00 8.00 215
2012 wilbur, dora 65,154.00 8.00 187
2012 morgan, dale 64,842.00 8.00 187
2012 reilly, denise 63,907.00 1.25 187
2012 yingling, von 63,907.00 8.00 187
2012 deehr, julie 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 delamater, deborah 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 lewis, lila 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 lilje, barbara 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 moyer, michael 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 naugle, anne 63,595.00 8.00 187
2012 carrier-vajda, cynthia 63,283.00 8.00 187
2012 gilliam, michelle 63,283.00 8.00 187
2012 roberts, margaret 63,283.00 8.00 187
2012 scott, pamela 63,283.00 8.00 187
2012 arlotta, susan 62,528.00 7.50 207
2012 kuhl, mary 62,348.00 8.00 187
2012 cunningham, clyda 62,036.00 8.00 187
2012 laconis, robert 61,837.00 8.00 260
2012 davis, kelli 61,725.00 8.00 187
2012 fischer, christopher 61,725.00 8.00 187
2012 fisher, lawrence 61,725.00 8.00 187
2012 fraylick, bonnie 61,725.00 8.00 187
2012 emody, michael 61,475.00 8.00 187
2012 finn, gail 61,475.00 8.00 187
2012 doerner, mark 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 goodwin, lisa 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 hall, james 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 jeffery-butler, sarah 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 matula, lisa 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 whaley, lezlie 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 williamsen, john 60,789.00 4.00 187
2012 hansen, colleen 60,478.00 8.00 187
2012 ketchum, randi 60,478.00 8.00 187
2012 bissell, elizabeth 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 ceccoli, christopher 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 crooks, janice 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 gates, jennifer 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 geason, rhonda 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 hoover, sean 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 houser, melissa 59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 meredith, ryan 59,231.00 8.00 187
and so on....
2012 putnam, marlene edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 reinbolt, lee edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 whiley, lisa edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $59,231.00 8.00 187
2012 scheufler, kelly edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $58,919.00 8.00 187
2012 mcmanus, tracy edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $58,607.00 8.00 187
2012 fisher, rhonda edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $57,672.00 8.00 187
2012 litteral, amy edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $57,672.00 8.00 187
2012 sartor, susan edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $57,672.00 8.00 187
2012 wolff, david edison local edison high school $57,547.00 8.00 187
2012 morrow, jennifer edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $57,360.00 8.00 187
2012 neher, jay edison local edison high school $57,360.00 8.00 187
2012 mills, shannon edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $57,048.00 8.00 187
2012 semple, jill edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $57,048.00 8.00 187
2012 bake, randi edison local john e gregg elementary school $56,879.00 7.50 182
2012 obertance, arlene edison local edison high school $56,879.00 7.50 182
2012 tedeschi, pamela edison local stanton elementary school $56,879.00 7.50 182
2012 swickard, ellen edison local edison high school $56,279.00 7.50 182
2012 davis, lisa edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $56,113.00 8.00 187
2012 lacivita, jason edison local edison high school $56,113.00 8.00 187
2012 nickoli, robin edison local edison local (formerly berlin-milan) $55,721.00 8.00 260
2012 payne, molly edison local edison local (formerly berlin-milan) $55,721.00 8.00 260
2012 hannan, kathryn edison local pleasant hill elementary school $55,602.00 7.50 182
2012 kovalesky, tony edison local edison high school $55,602.00 7.50 182
2012 kovalesky, deborah edison local edison high school $55,602.00 7.50 182
2012 mohnacky, barbara edison local stanton elementary school $55,602.00 7.50 182
2012 minneman, amy edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $55,490.00 8.00 187
2012 pajak, lynn edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $55,490.00 8.00 187
2012 dawson, donna edison local stanton elementary school $55,079.00 7.50 182
2012 hendricks, deborah edison local edison jr. high school $55,079.00 7.50 182
2012 mason, darlene edison local edison jr. high school $55,079.00 7.50 182
2012 sokol, diane edison local edison high school $55,079.00 7.50 182
2012 bickar, debra edison local pleasant hill elementary school $55,002.00 7.50 182
2012 yanssens, gretchen edison local pleasant hill elementary school $54,779.00 6.50 182
2012 clum, matthew edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $54,555.00 8.00 187
2012 byers, kari edison local john e gregg elementary school $54,479.00 7.50 182
2012 loprete, susan edison local pleasant hill elementary school $54,479.00 7.50 182
2012 meyer, karen edison local edison high school $54,479.00 7.50 182
2012 o'karma, michelle edison local stanton elementary school $54,479.00 7.50 182
2012 cottis, tara edison local john e gregg elementary school $54,402.00 7.50 182
2012 schnittker, lindsay edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $54,243.00 8.00 187
2012 frampton, susan edison local edison jr. high school $53,881.00 6.50 182
2012 bahen, jennifer edison local edison jr. high school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 baker, diann edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 barker, brooke edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 bloomer, ginger edison local pleasant hill elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 bordash, cynthia edison local stanton elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 edmond, karen edison local stanton elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 hendrix, judy edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 keeder, janice edison local pleasant hill elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 potenzini, monica edison local edison high school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 shaffer, vickie edison local pleasant hill elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 shepherd, catherine edison local edison jr. high school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 sinicropi, leanne edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,802.00 7.50 182
2012 bement, stacie edison local edison high school $53,619.00 8.00 187
2012 harrington, kim edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $53,619.00 8.00 187
2012 ineson, lisa edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $53,619.00 8.00 187
2012 shumaker, barbara edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $53,619.00 8.00 187
2012 harris, jacqueline edison local stanton elementary school $53,502.00 7.50 182
2012 sinicropi, amy edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,502.00 7.50 182
2012 stewart, kathleen edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,502.00 7.50 182
2012 davis, nancy edison local pleasant hill elementary school $53,202.00 7.50 182
2012 hoobler, mary edison local stanton elementary school $53,202.00 7.50 182
2012 rogers, terra edison local pleasant hill elementary school $53,202.00 7.50 182
2012 smith, angela edison local john e gregg elementary school $53,202.00 7.50 182
2012 campbell, judith edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $52,996.00 8.00 187
2012 chapin, tara edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $52,996.00 8.00 187
2012 bernhart, michael edison local edison high school $52,381.00 7.50 182
2012 meredith, anne edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $52,310.00 8.00 187
2012 rankin, christopher edison local edison local (formerly berlin-milan) $52,000.00 8.00 260
2012 sansone, beverly edison local john e gregg elementary school $51,781.00 7.50 182
2012 dinger, susie edison local john e gregg elementary school $51,481.00 7.50 182
2012 stagani, jo edison local edison high school $51,481.00 7.50 182
2012 butler, gretchen edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $51,437.00 8.00 187
2012 hahn, alicia edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $51,437.00 8.00 187
2012 schlessman, kristi edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $51,437.00 8.00 187
2012 evans, james edison local edison high school $51,394.00 7.50 182
2012 pasiuk, tally edison local john e gregg elementary school $51,394.00 7.50 182
2012 smith, pamela edison local edison local (formerly berlin-milan) $51,387.00 8.00 260
2012 call, sheryl edison local pleasant hill elementary school $51,181.00 7.50 182
2012 maurer, nancy edison local john e gregg elementary school $51,181.00 7.50 182
2012 baker, paul edison local edison high school $50,223.00 7.50 182
2012 mccafferty, jody edison local pleasant hill elementary school $50,223.00 7.50 182
2012 saphore, tammy edison local stanton elementary school $50,223.00 7.50 182
2012 carpenter, mindy edison local john e gregg elementary school $50,151.00 7.50 182
2012 peach, ronnie edison local edison local $50,042.00 8.00 260
2012 rang, kellie edison local edison middle school (formerly berlin-milan middle school) $49,878.00 8.00 187
2012 seville, natalie edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $49,878.00 8.00 187
2012 groves, rosann edison local edison high school $48,963.00 6.53 182
2012 hargrave, susan edison local stanton elementary school $48,734.00 5.00 182
2012 olmstead, penny edison local stanton elementary school $48,508.00 7.50 182
2012 lewis, julie edison local edison elementary school (formerly milan elem) $48,133.00 8.00 187
2012 robinson, todd edison local edison local (formerly berlin-milan) $48,000.00 8.00 260

Furthermore, instead of listing wages of other professions, why don't you list wages of the other schools that make so much more. After all, that would be comparing apples to apples and backing up what you stated above wouldn't it? Just for the record, the salaries you did compare above are also positions that WORK approx. 261 days a year, 8 HOUR DAYS not their lunch included in their 8 hour day, work 2nd and 3rd shift, and don't have many other perks. Who's misleading?? Done with the conversation, the proof is in the numbers.

Truth or Fiction

Crissy -

Are other school districts posting their union contracts on their websites?


Re Edwin.. I emailed that person this morning. I was told contracts are public record and should be made available through the school. Did you have any luck? They will try to keep them hidden as long as possible.
re; truth or fiction.. other schools are not trying to hide all of their perks..also you fail to mention that all other jobs you have listed above are getting hammered on property taxes to up the wage of Edison Staff. Get a clue!

Edwin Ison

I'll just wait for it to be posted online.... I will not be picking up a contract at the school...lol

Truth or Fiction

I don't think anyone is trying to hide anything. It's obvious that every request you have made you have received the information you requested.

Stop the fear mongering and state the truth. Your district has not passed a new school levy since 2005. It has had millions of dollars cut from tanible personal property tax and state funding. It has reduced its budget from around $18m to just over $14m for current school year. Costs of mandated programs and bussing have increased in some cases doubled. When you get your information and I am sure you will; it will show that teachers in your district are at the lower end of compensation in Erie county even with the "new" contract. I would even wager that as the district has reported it is saving money from the contract, your teachers took a net loss over the two year life of your contract.

So your school millage hasn't gone up in eight (8) years. Your school board has cut the budget. Your teachers make less than EHOVE, Perkins, Huron, Vermilion, and Sandusky with or without STRS (retirement) pickup. You don't have an overabundance of buildings, administrators, and staff. Please quit trying to sway people with misinformtion and allow people to hear the truth. Your district needs a new levy to maintain the level of education it has been known for.

Truth or Fiction

One other point. The 2005 levy was for 3.9 mils which equates to $119.40 per year of additional taxes on a $100k home. That was eight years ago, so where is this continual heavy tax burden you keep lauding?


We the taxpayers ARE stating the truth. We are done with their Scare tactics and threats. If they can't live within their means like the rest of us, it is time to close down the school and move on. They have pushed us too far and now we are pushing back. We as parents are the reason are kids are a success. We are the ones that sit with our kids for hours helping with homework after that high paid teacher puts it on the board and then gets on their cell phone. Ask your kids what goes on in school. You need your eyes opened!!

Truth or Fiction

The only scare tactics are coming from you, those being; they're lying to us, they're hiding something, the school district keeps raising my taxes when the facts show those statements are not true. No amount of TRUTH will change your mind. The important FACT is that those reading this blog now see your true intention. You stated; "...it is time to close down the school and move on." Be careful, the grass may not be greener across district fences.

Truth or Fiction

Crissy -
just confirmed an answer to your previous question. The $34,043 starting pay I quoted previously is the effective starting pay for a teacher in the Edison District beginning July 1, 2013 with no STRS pickup. That most likely applies to the 20+ year teacher with a Masters. Let me state that another way. The teacher gets no pickup on their retirement and they are in the lower half of pay for teachers in Erie County. I also found out from my source that all step increases are frozen for the two years of the contract. That means no new money going to teachers in your district.

Truth or Fiction

When you get that contract, let me know if my source is accurate. That source has never let me down in the past!


Although many things could be said to you tiredofthecrap, you may not have noticed, but the Register and Reflector fail to display the times (particularly recent) where teachers do take concessions and forgo raises.


Yes they could not reach a deal with the school board and had their wage frozen for 2 years. We all know that. That was because they could not get the levy passed . Now they are getting that back and more with their new contract. This is Unsubstainable! Every other year you will keep coming back for more and more. BTW.. it was in the register and reflector.

Truth or Fiction


That is FICTION not TRUTH!

The NEW and I repeat, the NEW CONTRACT has zero increase in compensation. That means NO NEW MONEY! NO STEP INCREASES for two years! ADDED EMPLOYEE COST of sharing in premium cost of health insurance. NO MORE STRS PICKUP! In summary a NET DECREASE in Teacher compensation and benefits. If your right about the two previous years without base raises that means your teachers have gone FOUR (4) YEARS without a base wage increase! READ MY LIPS – YOUR TEACHERS ARE GETTING NOTHING BACK! They are taking LESS!

You need to remember one thing. The Paper is a for profit business trying to sell papers. Articles are written by staff reporters who may or may not understand the nuances of accounting/finance. They try to get the information right but are limited to article size (word count) and deadlines to get the information.

Truth or Fiction

Took you up on your comparison challenge.

2012 wallrabenstein, shirley 69,830.00 8.00 187
2011 wallrabenstein, shirley 69,830.00 8.00 187

Look what I found - NO INCREASE from 2011 to 2012 and I took your postings and cut and pasted them just to make you feel confident that there is no funny business going on here. Now please help me with the facts. Isn't Wallrabenstein a 30+ year HS math teacher with an MA in your school district. Why didn't that teacher get the big raise you state the teachers got.

2011 matula, lisa 60,789.00 8.00 187
2012 matula, lisa 60,789.00 8.00 187

Now come on - something's not right here! You have a middle school teacher with NO RAISE! I thought you stated; "There's nothing misleading here ..." Let's go look at Edison Elementary, I'm sure that's what you were looking at when you saw all those big teacher raises.

2011 whiley, lisa $59,231.00
2012 whiley, lisa $59,231.00

What? NO RAISE! Sorry - More FICTION not TRUTH coming from your websites.

Now let's look at those other schools and I am happy to list those salary ranges in two categories. Category 1 is the Base Salary for an incoming teacher. This is an apple to apple camparison as the STRS pickup that EHOVE teachers receive is included.

EHOVE $38,817 - with STRS pickup
Perkins $36,095
Sandusky $34,820
Huron $34,278
Edison $34,043 (STRS pickup eliminated - teachers pay it)
Margaretta $33,335
Vermilion $31,710

So Edison Local School District is in the lower half of entry level pay for Erie County school districts. Let's look at an experienced teacher with 20+ years of experience, a master degree in education, and 30+ hours of additional skill training. Category 2 is as follows:

EHOVE $82,376 - with STRS pickup
Perkins $72,045
Huron $69,252
Vermilion $67,542
Sandusky $67,481
Edison $66,384(STRS pickup eliminated - teachers pay it)
Margaretta $63,670

So experienced, highly educated, and skilled teachers in the Edison School District rank second from the bottom in pay for Erie County schools. Oh! One other piece of information. The Edison rates quoted here are the NEW TWO YEAR contract rates with no STRS (retirement) pickup. The teachers now pay it so please don't try to say that I'm hiding something.

Now to address your parting shot. Most manufacturing facilities provide a formula for vacation pay. That formula is based on time worked. If you work the requisite number of hours in a year you receive your full vacation pay. The longer you work at a facility, the more vacation weeks you acrue in a year normally up to a max of 4 or 5 weeks. Most formulas look at a requirement of working 1800 hours in a year to receive full vacation pay. Those 1800 hours are considered a full year's work taking into account time lost for 10 holidays, 10 days of vacation, and 10 sick/personal days in a year.

So let's look at a teacher. Your website states 187 work days. School Day (class time) is an eight (8) hour day but that does not take into account class prep time or post class activities (grading, recording, parent conferences, etc.) So let's be conservative and look at one hour before class and one hour after class let's out. That's a 10-hour day. 10 hours x 187 days = 1,870. Or put another way, what is considered in the private sector as a full work year. Sorry - once again your arguement is mor FICTION than TRUTH.