Ohio governor takes school-funding plan to SW Ohio

Gov. John Kasich stressed to southwest Ohio educational leaders a day after releasing his new school-funding plan that it's not about politics.
Associated Press
Feb 1, 2013


Kasich told area school superintendents and other education and business representatives at Taft Information Technology High School in Cincinnati on Friday that past political decisions have resulted in disparities in school funding.

The governor says his plan will distribute resources so all students will receive what they need to compete and succeed.

The overall reaction at Friday's event seemed positive, while most also say they are awaiting the specifics for individual districts to be released next week.

The $15.1 billion, two-year plan boosts K-12 spending by $1.2 billion over the current budget cycle.



The Big Dog's back

Of course it's about politics.


OK people-REALITY CHECK! Think about this, prove me wrong please. 15 billion among approximately 600 school districts in Ohio. Plus the Ohio Lottery did 2.6 billion which is supposed to go to schools. Do the math. Now, why do we have record school closings, displaced students, teacher firings, etc.,etc.,etc.? My schools would love to have an extra million each year in addition to what we (the taxpayer) kick in already. They have been asking for more money to function for years. We have not been able to pass additional levies for 5+ years. It's time someone seriously asks: HEY! WHERE'S THE BEEF? I wont hold my breath for a serious, plausible answer to my question. Big Dog is right, it is ALL about politics!


P.S. and that is why I wont buy a lottery ticket.


More equitable school funding?

Eliminate the personal and business state income taxes and move to a reasonable consumption tax with some of the proceeds earmarked for school districts.

The Lottery? Also known as the "stupid tax."

More money flows out of an area, than is won:


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The Hero Zone

I was reading the 7.9 mill levy article and was just thinking about this actually. I agree with "More equitable...school districts". But I also would want to ensure that such a law has enforceable mechanics to ensure that businesses who collect the sales tax are paying it and there are no exemptions to keep everyone competitive on the same level. (Same on the national level, but one tier at a time I suppose.)

In my "if I were king of the world" world I would like to see property taxes done away with as well as ensuring there were underlining, enforceable requirements for property owners to upkeep their property since there was no longer a tax to "take their money". Harsh penalties on those who fall behind to go into a neighborhood renewal fund. Just as casinos must pay for gambling addiction hotlines and services so too must there be (if there is not already) a renters' hotline to report slummy conditions or negligent property owners.


And, by the way. Why is SW Ohio Special? We must not have problems up here? DUH


Lottery and Casino monies are a joke. The Ohio lottery kicks in 2.6 billion and the State Legislators cut 2.6 billion from the funding. IT IS A WASH... WAKE UP YOUR BEING HOOD WINKED!!!


1. Don't like the lottery, don't buy a ticket.
2. Real Estate taxes pay for schools.
3. Kasich is using his power to shift more money to his cronies in the
private school business.

Next he will shift schools to "Payoffbigbusinesstostayinohio".


Kimo writes:

"Real Estate taxes pay for schools."

Sounds great in “theory.”

But in the "real world," when levies get voted down and much of the local housing is Sec. 8, and property values are down or underwater, what are ya gonna do?

John Harville

What to do? What to do? School District EARNED Income Tax... Senior Citizens don't pay it - and they are the ones who consistently vote and vote DOWN property tax levies.


@ John Harville:

Name a politician who is supporting increasing the state and/or local income tax to help fund schools.



Kasich thinks "God" is on his side. Bible in one hand, gun in the other?


"H*ll, this country was founded by religious nuts with guns."

- P.J. O'Rourke


@ Kimo: Funding? So whata ya gonna do?

John Harville

H*llYES! When all else fails resort to PJ for cogent wisdom. Oh wait. Most of the founders decried religion and didn't have any guns and didn't fight in any wars - Washington never won a battle.


John Harville writes:

"Washington never won a battle."

See: Yorktown.


Contango you are clueless.


To me a combination of sales tax (the majority of the funding) and property tax seem to make the most sense.

John Harville

HEY! HEY! OUR school district is getting $23/student from the casino payout.
And let's remember, from the outset the legislature put the lottery proceeds IN the education and REMOVED a comparable amount from the budget for other things. So the brilliant Ohio voters took the bath and continue engaging in the toxic shower.


Same moronic voters that shot down SB 5 & gave that idiot Barry another term in the White House. There should be an IQ test to cast a ballot huh!


Be careful what you wish for.
You would lose your right to vote Pete.


Not worried in the least. But the Left would be scared to death.


@ Kimo:

As a high net worth individual, perhaps you could just donate your "unneeded" Soc. Sec. check to the local schools and help 'em out huh?


The plan isn't as bad as I thought it would be. True, it will shift even more of the burden of funding schools to local districts, but it actually does make an attempt to allocate funding to districts owns need the money more, and provides more funding for Gifted & Talented programs. Being able to say "it ain't half bad" is as good as it gets with this governor, you know?