Ohio treasurer Mandel hopeful for political future

Republican Josh Mandel isn't ready to write off his political future after his unsuccessful challenge to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown last fall in one of the most bitter, closely-watched and expensive elections in the country.
Associated Press
Feb 1, 2013


Mandel confirmed this week that he plans to seek re-election as Ohio treasurer next year.

"Obviously it's impossible to predict the future, but you know, I think the best course forward for me is just do a good job as state treasurer, which I believe we have been doing and I'll continue to do," Mandel said Thursday during a legislative preview session for journalists organized by The Associated Press.

Asked to reflect on the rancorous campaign and its potentially damaging effect on his political ambitions, Mandel rattled off a few Ohio politicians who he said bounced back after their "political obituaries" were written. He noted that George Voinovich had a double-digit loss in a 1988 Senate race before becoming governor and later U.S. senator, and that current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine lost a 1992 challenge to then-Sen. John Glenn but won a Senate seat two years later. DeWine lost the seat to Brown, a Democrat, in 2006.

Mandel said he's glad voters will decide whether he's re-elected treasurer, not politicians like the state party leaders.

Shortly after November's election was decided, Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern suggested that the 35-year-old would be remembered as the candidate who chose to accept $40 million in special interest money and "wallow in the mud."

"He's six months away from appearing on Fox News as a regular analyst," Redfern said at the time. "He will join the likes of Ken Blackwell and others who will slip away into the past. And we'll recognize him from time to time as that fellow who followed Sarah Palin."

Mandel vowed in his concession speech to continue promoting government accountability, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

"I feel comfortable putting it in the hands of the voters," he said Thursday of re-election.

Mandel credited Brown with running "a very effective campaign" and said he blames himself, not his staff or consultants, for falling short in the race. Mandel said the election taught him that he and other Republicans must do a better job communicating with black voters and that he must be more accessible to media informing the public.

Mandel went nearly two years as treasurer without a news conference regarding the business of his office, and during that time was criticized for ignoring his official duties to attend far-flung fundraisers and campaign events.

More than half the money spent in the Senate race came from outside groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Republican strategist Karl Rove's American Crossroads organization. The onslaught of mostly negative ads against Brown is thought to have damaged Mandel in the eyes of Ohio voters — who favored Brown by a 6 percent margin.

Secretary of State Jon Husted, who was speaker of the Ohio House when Mandel was a fledgling state representative, sat next to Mandel during this week's panel. He chimed in with support.

"If I were the Democrats, and Josh was out there, I'd want to write his obituary, too, but a guy that ... did as well as he did, who's in his mid-30s, he's got a very bright future," Husted said.



The Big Dog's back

Maybe he could be a page.

Pterocarya frax...

He would have been right up Mark Foley's alley.


A light weight.


Everyone in Ohio should have a grave concern when money flows in from out of state for a candidate's election.

These guys are to represent Ohioans, not special interests from out of state.


You got it hilltop. Ohio is about people NOT big $$. This "figurehead" needs watched.

Swamp Fox

dog breath, jealous of youth?


He's a phony just like all other politicians and I bet he didn't see much combat. Can't stand to even look at him never mind listen to his panned rhetoric. He needs to go away.

Swamp Fox

Redford the last Fox analyst kicked one term Tedddy Strickland's @ss back in to the hills where he will never see his political shadow again, keep up the good work Chris...

unassumer get your facts straight if you had any. "In June 2000 Josh Mandel enlisted in the US Marine Corps Reserve and was sworn in as a Private Recruit; he entered boot camp at the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, North Carolina and completed training standing first in his class in June 2000. PFC Mandel then entered the US Marine Corps Intelligence School at Quantico, Virginia and stood first in his class. In February 2004 he deployed to AL Anbar Province, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom serving with a US Marine Corps Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion during combat operations, and returned to CONUS in November 2004. In January 2007, Cpl Mandel deployed on his second combat tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Haditha, Iraq as part of the surge and was attached to a US Marine Infantry Battalion; he returned to CONUS in January 2008. In June 2008 Sgt Mandel he was Honorably Discharged after 8 years of honorable service to his country.
His medals and awards include the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various service and campaign medals".

You might not agree with his politics but you can't question his service to his country compared to Comrade Brown or Redford.

Licorice Schtick

His military record may be respectable but his campaigning record is reprehensible.


Licorice, you summed up the essential Mandel in one short sentence with 100% accuracy.

Swamp Fox

What military record does comrade Brown and Richie Rich Redfern process NONE. Negative politicking the trade mark of Brown & Redfern, lies and deceit they can't run on their records, typical democrappers.....


@swamp fox...may I ask a question? Is it true that while he was in office, he hired a friend with NO training in bookkeeping or accounting to assist him in the auditing of records and accounting of the State records? Also, how much was he in his office really during his tenure in office? And, was he good at his job or bad at his job as many have said...and I do not mean the democrats have said, but those who dealt with him while working with him. They said he wouldn't return calls, was missing from his office a great many times and did not do accruate work.

Is any of this true to your knowledge? I am just trying to find out the truth. Thaks.

Swamp Fox

wiredmamma. you do realize he is the State Treasurer not auditor who has the responsibility of auditing and accounting state records and funds. Name me one state or federal elected official that does not hire people they trust and have confidence in. Your question on accurate work, what state funds, investments or payments has been mishandled in his term? What elected official doesn't have disgruntled people they have to deal with. The voters will have the opportunity to judge his work in 2014, but with Redfern's record of electing democrappers to state office that might be a huge advantage to Mandel and any Republican. A question for you, how much was Obama "missing from his office" and campaigning last year?

The Big Dog's back

When in doubt blame President Obama.


LOL. Yea right, the Blamer-in-Chief: When "in doubt" blame Bush and/or the Repubs.

Unfortunately, 99% of the "Bush tax cuts" are now his and the economy is his.

Unemployment went up to 7.9% and 2012 GDP was 2.2%. YIKES!

Swamp Fox

sour licorice, for a guy who you described as "campaigning record is reprehensible." He won a easy victory for state treasurer over a well funded democrapper and came within 5% points of an incumbent for the senate who out spent him, typical democrapper............


He is a slimy snake oil salesman that crawled out from under a rock that was kicked over by the GOP as they stumbled their way to defeat.

Swamp Fox

pntbutterandjelly, great description of Comrade Brown and Richie Rich look a like Redfern...


A political neophyte who was outgunned by Comrade Sen. Brown and his band of merry Bolsheviks.

The Repubs gained governorships or seats in the states. And many like OK, KS, IN, AK, LA and NE are either moving toward reducing state personal and business income taxes or eliminating them entirely.


Conversely, the Dem paradise of IL is one huge and expensive financial cow pie.



Maybe it would help to just admit that Mandel lost because he was unqualified and inexperienced as compared to Sen. Brown.


The point: Mr. Mandel should gain some "seasoning," while doing more good for the people of OH in his present state-wide position, than can Comrade Sen. Brown.

One election, does not a political career make.


Thats great! Coaster talking about "Qualifications" While supporting a corner standing community organizer with no skills whatsoever for president, Mayb if he had a D behind his name he would magically become "Qualified"

The Big Dog's back

Where did you get mandell was "outgunned" by Senator Brown?

Kottage Kat

He is so darn cute.


Wrong swamp f. As a Marine I do know. 1rst, he isn't a private in Boot Camp. He is a recruit. 2nd, he served as Marine but did not see combat - he holds no Combat Action Ribbon. 3rd, various Generals held him in disdain for his attempted actions regarding his last political attempt. (Feel free to contact Matt Westerhold about me if you want - it involved war) Get your facts right before you talk.

Swamp Fox

kURTje other than the terminology of recruit & private recruit, what facts in my posting of his military record is inaccurate? Josh Mandel military record has been well documented even Brown conceded his military record and service to his country. No need for me to contact Westerhold on your military record I never questioned it, in fact I applaud and thank you for your service, I hope you continued your success post military.

The Big Dog's back

Maybe joshie boy can now do the job he was elected to do instead of being a professional campaigner.


Thought you loved Campaigners, You seem to love the campaigner in chief and thats all he ever does.


@big.....Im still waiting for Obama to stop campaigning and do his job. Been 4 plus years of nothing but lies, broken promises and campaigning.

The Big Dog's back

What promises to you did he break?


"Out of 508 promises made by Obama, 41 percent of them have been broken, stalled, or compromised, according to PolitiFact.com."


The Big Dog's back

What promises to you did he break?


What personal promises to you did he keep?


Knew you'd reply swamp. Boot Camp is @ Parris Island, S.C. Not N.C. Most Americans have talk, not actions.

Swamp Fox

touche an typo, what facts on his miltary record is in incorrect?


An obvious liberal double standard w/ Mr. Mandel.

Look at Democrat Tammy Duckworth in IL, double amputee from the Iraq War. Ran for national public office twice and finally won.




Outgoing Defense Sec'y Panetta admits that water boarding helped lead the U.S. to bin Laden.


Benghazi: CIA ops center - need to know basis. The Amer. public don't need to know.