St. Mary's Central Catholic to leave Sandusky Bay Conference

St. Mary Central Catholic announced Friday morning it will be one of the cornerstones of the newly formed Sandusky River League, thus ending a 60-plus year reign as members of the Sandusky Bay Conference.
Mark Hazelwood
Feb 1, 2013

The Sandusky River League consists of SMCC, longtime rival Fremont St. Joseph, Tiffin Calvert, Lakota, Old Fort and New Riegel. The latter two schools do not have football.

SMCC joined the SBC in the fall of 1950, and enjoyed a great deal of athletic success in a number of sports, most notably wrestling and boys basketball, where the Panthers won multiple state championships between the two sports.

However, the student population at SMCC and the other seven SBC schools grew dramatically apart in recent years. In addition to competitive balance, the safety of SMCC student-athletes also played a big role in the decision making according to SCCS Board of Directors President Charles Murray.

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As an alumnae, this makes me really sad. :( I understand the times have changed, and trying to field a football team by playing freshmen against seniors from other teams is a recipe for disaster. I'm proud to say I was a part of a St Mary's SBC championship team in the mid 90's. I'm surprised to not see some other schools in the new Sandusky River League as well. Fostoria St Wendelin? Bettsville? I guess they were happy to just stay in the MAL. I wonder why SCC just didn't join the MAL?

William Jeffers...

Their decision is logical and the SBC will go on, but football will not. Wait until the $150,000,000 concussion study comes out under the current administration. We'll be down to cross country & badminton teams as our only HS sports.


good point william. probablymore like checkera

Swamp Fox

It might not get that easier, check Calvert's success in football...
St Pauls & Seneca East would be great additions to a mostly Catholic and small rural league..


Why exactly is this the Registers headline news? But on second thought best news I have heard in years. Legends in their own minds.


need a waaaahhhhmbulance erie?


It is a shame when we adults, assuming that be true, use a bunch of young people, to vent our disapproval with some political view. My boys went to school in The SBC in the 1980's and every game in The Den was a tough one. I hope for the best for athletes in the new league, in all sports !