Condemned Ohio killer asks parole board for mercy

Lawyers for a condemned man who fatally shot an adult bookstore security guard at the end of a multistate crime spree asked Ohio's parole board Thursday to recommend mercy, saying he accepts responsibility for the killing but that it was an unintentional consequence of a struggle for a gun while he was high.
Associated Press
Feb 1, 2013


The request Frederick Treesh comes a little more than a month ahead of his scheduled March 6 execution.

Prosecutors say Treesh, 48, and a co-defendant robbed banks and businesses, committed sexual assaults, stole cars, committed carjackings and shot someone to death in a Michigan robbery in crimes across Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. He was sentenced to die in Ohio for killing Henry Dupree during a 1994 robbery in the town of Eastlake on the shore of Lake Erie.

Attorneys for Treesh argued in favor of clemency in Columbus, while prosecutors presented their case against sparing Treesh for a murder they say was intentional. The parole board will make a recommendation next week, but Gov. John Kasich has the final say on clemency.

Treesh's attorneys described him as a cocaine addict who was high during the robbery and is deeply sorry for what happened.

"Hindsight, regret and remorse cannot turn back the clock and cannot return Mr. Dupree's life," they said in a petition for clemency. "What Fred can do and has tried to do is to help prevent others from making the same mistakes he did" by teaching them to avoid drugs.

His lawyers argue evidence showed the shooting was unintentional and allege Treesh's rights were violated during a prolonged interrogation as he was coming down from a drug high, which contributed to his death sentence. They also say Treesh suffers from health problems, including a seizure disorder, that raise concerns Ohio's lethal injection process would cause him suffering amounting to cruel and unusual punishment.

Prosecutors contend Treesh intentionally murdered Dupree and tried to kill others, including police officers in pursuit, after joining his co-defendants in a three-week spree of increasingly violent crimes, including a murder at a Michigan video store two days before the Ohio slaying.

"Treesh has never taken responsibility for his actions," Lake County prosecutor Charles Coulson wrote in his argument against clemency. "Treesh still claims 'the cocaine made him do it.'"

Coulson also noted that courts previously determined Treesh's constitutional rights weren't violated.

Treesh declined to be interviewed by the parole board.

Treesh was never prosecuted for the crimes in the other states, Jill Del Greco, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Attorney General's office, said Thursday.

Ohio's most recent execution was in November, when the state put to death Brett Hartman for the 1997 stabbing and dismemberment of an Akron woman.



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(Shooting was unintentional)


Here we go again. The last one was too fat to die. This one says he is sorry, was high and has learned his lesson. LMAO. They all learn their lesson when they are faced with death. Kasich communted the last one to life without parole. Why not just give them all that sentence and not kill any of them. Hey, lets just stop the death sentence completely. The heck with what the jury said. This is ridiculous. He was sentence to die, let him die. He didn't show any mercy for his victim, high or not.

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Yes, we are watching you decisions John, take note.

Simple Enough II

I agree!

Good 2 B Me

I also agree. Elections will come around again soon enough...

William Jeffers...

I'll triple that notion. He wasn't even charged with the other crimes...the other "murder". Cruel and unusual punishment is people went to work one day and were murdered. Those people had family members that loved them dearly and lost for what? Later Dude!! Oh,,,and nothing will "help prevent others from making the same mistakes he did" better than knowing he was executed for those crimes.


Who cares?


"Hindsight, regret and remorse cannot turn back the clock and cannot return Mr. Dupree's life," they said in a petition for clemency. "What Fred can do and has tried to do is to help prevent others from making the same mistakes he did" by teaching them to avoid drugs.

What a crock, death row inmates are in a cell by themselves, how is he helping mental telepathy? More likely this waste of human flesh is sitting in cell watching tv for 18 years and sucking hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars for his worthless upkeep.


I think this is just crazy that he's even asking for mercy to begin with!! He was coming down off a high?? Now I'll admit I've never done drugs but does it honestly take a couple weeks to do that?? His killing spree was spread out over that period of time and that's what he's basing his request on. I mean seriously how long does it take to come down off a high? And if he was that strung out that it would take a couple weeks to come down off from his high would he be able to drive a car from Michigan to Ohio (although I've seen how people drive that are sober and I wonder) and not be stopped. True there were others involved I just don't buy it and I think it's time we stop giving in to people's excuses. Death by lethal injection is a crock in itself - the first drug they give them puts them in a calm, peaceful state so they basically go to sleep. How in the world is that cruel and unusual punishment - even to someone with a seizure disorder????


I agree with you. And even if he'd just had a snootful of cocaine at the time, while he might have been hyper as all get-out, he wasn't hallucinating. The drugs might be a convenient excuse, but at least not with that PARTICULAR drug, it's not a reason.

Even if we pretend he was high on something for three straight weeks, you combine the Ohio murder with the Michigan murder and the lengthy crime spree, and you get somebody who's obviously a clear and present danger. Sure, he's sorry. Most of the bad guys are after they're caught and punishment is looming!

If it gives him any more peace at the end, have him share his final lesson to others that "drugs kill." Me? I think he's a killer who is doing anything and everything he can to avoid the same fate he imposed on others. And I'm not buying any of it.


What really gets me is classifying lethal injection as cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously? I personally would advocate for the original tried and true methods we used for so long. Or put them to death the same way their victims died. The death penalty was never thought to be a deterrent to others who commit capital crimes. It was put into place to take humans off this earth who committed the most heinous of crimes. I for one wouldn't blink putting these scumbags down the same exact way they killed their victims.I could sleep at night with no hesitation at all.