First Sandusky schools forum well-received, attended

In the eyes of the Sandusky Schools community, new superintendent Eugene Sanders aced his first test.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 1, 2013


More than 100 people packed a Sandusky High classroom Thursday for Sanders' first open forum, an event organized to kickstart discussions about the district's future plans.

It was well-received, with many who attended commending the new superintendent's transparency and his desire to improve the district's image and academic success.

"I really think this is a step in the right direction for the district," parent Craig Hofer said. "It's long overdue."

Sanders planned the forum with help from Parent Congress, a newly formed group of about 20 parent activists.

For more on the topics covered at the forum, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.


Email Sandusky Schools superintendent Eugene Sanders or one of his administrators will respond to your question within 24 hours.



too bad there is not a picture of the attending crowd. i bet it would have been worth a few words.


When in doubt and hoping for a "miracle," failing bloated bureaucracies tend to bring in the: Out-of-town expert.

The Bizness

And what would you recommend? Creating an entirely private organization to run the schools?


Not a "bad" idea, but it ain't gonna happen. Furgitaboutit.

The bureaucracy will hold onto power until financial collapse.

Read: "The Peter Principle." Lotta insight.

The Bizness

It is a terrible idea...

Capitalism is not a cure all


@ The Bizness:

There is no such thing as profit and not-for-profit. There is only taxed and untaxed.

As I wrote: Fugitaboutit.


BTW: Off-topic.

Endowments had a lousy yr. investing. "Obviously" the fault of "capitalism." :)

The Bizness

Capitalism doesn't work...just look at the global economy


@ The Bizness:

Capitalism replaced Feudalism. Wanna go back?

So you'd prefer the socialism of Cuba, N Korea, Argentina, Greece, et al.?

The Bizness

Nope, and nope.... I think schools should be either public or private. So either you go to a publicly funded school within your school district or you pay for your child to go to a private school. No vouchers, nothing, it is either or.

As for government I don't know what I would like. If you could figure out a way to do socialism in a sustainable way I would be all for it.


@ The Bizness:

Glad to see that you've got the economics of school funding all figured out.

"If you could figure out a way to do socialism in a sustainable way I would be all for it."

Good luck with that. Many dictatorial fools have tried to impose their ideal society upon others while leaving lots of death and destruction in their wake.


...except it isn't really "either or." The reason vouchers were created was to make up for the fact that EVERYbody funds public schools. Thus those who pay a private school tuition are really paying for the same thing twice. The reason most seem willing to grit their teeth and make the payment is because private schools usually offer up a better education.

There are myriad problems with public schools, most of which we all know about. I'm for charter schools. In essence, they're public, but they have REAL accountability to parents and students!

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"As for government I don't know what I would like. If you could figure out a way to do socialism in a sustainable way I would be all for it."

Trnaslation - you seek, as did Marx, to live in a fantasy world where everything is provided and no want goes unmet. Reality doesn't work that way - there are always tradeoffs.

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"Capitalism doesn't work...just look at the global economy"

How do you know? There hasn't been any free market capitalism anywhere in the world in the lifetime of anyone currently alive.


The crowd was good but the Q & A session was not what it should have been. 3 questions allowed 2 of which came from the "parent congress"

Before this school system turns itself around the administration needs to ask themselves the hard questions. Like, why have they lost almost 500 students in the last 5 years? Its not like they lost 10 students from the high school , kids have left from every level.


Only one question came from a parent congress person. No one raised their hand until she did. The other two are not on the parent congress? Were you there? If so, I think it is great that you are concerned enough to show support. If not, maybe you should attend the next one and see what a good thing we have going on at scs. We need more positivity instead of negativity. :)


Thought Mr. Sanders said not question was out of bounds. Three questions only.
Guess everyone is happy with the current state of SCS.


We ran out of time. He said, if you were there, that you could come to him and he would answer each question. He was even thorough enough to hand out his email to everyone for ANY question. Give it a shot! You may find you like it.


Sounds like this meeting was Sandusky School's version of the "Music Man". The questions really dove into the problems that exist in the school district.


Unfortunately, Sandusky High has seen better days both in the classroom and on the playing field. I remember when Sandusky High School was one of the highest rated schools in Ohio for both academics and sports. I would truly love to see my old school return to those standards. Best wishes to Mr. Sanders.


Just to clarify, only one question was from a parent congress member. And, should every voice not be heard? Who cares who asked the question? Give Dr. Sanders a chance. We have lost students, but if you haven't noticed, many of the factory jobs are GONE. So, we have lost students to the decline in the economy, as well as to other districts. I am a PROUD Sandusky graduate. My children go to Sandusky City Schools and I will do my best to see that they get everything they work so hard for. Don't belittle all the students and organizations because there are some bad seeds out there. Try to look for the good in people and you might not find it is too hard to see. Support our kids and maybe, just maybe, they will grow to support their future.


Excellent Mallory01! If people would put half the amount of effort into making something positive as they do crying like a bunch of brats then things would actually improve around here!


Sorry one parent congress member and one of the co-chairs for the levy drive, just thought he was one as well. The question about bringing back a program like the Glenwright (sp) Academy wasn't even directly answered.

Yes I as well love SCS but want to see it turned around but without facing these facts it won't work. Just hoping kids come back isn't going to work. You have to realize yes Perkins may have stopped their open policy but other area schools haven't so we need to focus on improving the schools and keeping the focus on the right thing in the classroom.


You are very right! This is not the only forum that will take place. We have to give Dr. Sanders a chance. He has to have time to build back up what has been torn down over the years. There just wasn't much time. You sound like a concerned person.... That is great! If more parents/people were as concerned, we might have a great community! The children should be the the main focus!