Officer who shot woman in Willard still unidentified

There are still no answers as to which officer shot a Toledo woman during a December drug raid on Pleasant Street.
Sarah Weber
Jan 31, 2013


But one thing’s for sure: It’s one of three men — Willard police Officer Ryan Slone, Detective Jeremy Draper, or part-time Greenwhich police Officer Sean Nolen.

All three officers admitted to firing off shots at “charging” pit bulls during the drug raid gone wrong Dec. 19. After one of the three tripped over a stump with his pistol drawn, Erica Devlin, 19, of Toledo took a bullet to the foot.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said investigators were still hard at it Wednesday. Meanwhile, Willard police Chief Mark Holden said he hadn’t heard a word from BCI agents in about three weeks.

Holden has reports the three officers wrote after the shooting, but thus far he has refused to release them. Holden said he doesn’t know who the shooter is.



That's what happens when Sheriff Andy Taylor has to go home and check on Aunt Bee and they leave Barney Fife in charge.


Who is "Ryan Slone"?


No, that's what happens when you try to arrest drug addicts that have booby-trapped their yard and let the dogs out. She deserved it.


Booby-trapped?? Hahaha I was in the house on pleasant when everything happened and evertime something new is in the paper I laugh so hard reading all the comments. if you were not there you don't know how things happened you only hear the cops side of the story. wait until the other side is released and after everything is over with then you can state your opinions.


They ignorant cannot stop themselves from commenting on that which they have no knowledge. Ignore the noise.


Heroin County, Ohio...don't eat the fish from the resevoir if you need to take a test!!


Hmm, the Attorney General says it takes an average of 16 days to process gun evidence. We've been waiting 42 days. It's taken over three months for the Limberios gun to be processed. I bet guns from Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati crimes get processed in a day. I guess us pee ant communities are just evening out his average by having to wait forever.


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You know it


Its very simple and really has no significance as to who's gun it was. A bullet was fired from a gun at a moving pit bull, it missed the dog, ricocheted off something and struck her foot.

Like the old saying play with fire, eventually you will be burned.

whatever you say

There is no way this girl deserved what happened.

If she is such a heroin shootin druggie, why is she the only one cooperating with OBCI? Including all police departments involved!

G George I du kno

Sarah, Before you write articles get the facts and have some understanding. She was not directly shot in the foot. It was a piece of shrapnel which is like getting a splinter from a piece of wood. They will never be able to prove who it was because it's just a metal sliver not a bullet that struck her.

Better idea, why don't you write an article about what lead up to the Police having to go there in the first place. Why this woman was sitting in the middle of a high risk situation that a swat team had to be there? Or why they needed attack dogs at this house? Wait, forget all that, it's the Ragster!


It was a direct shot to the foot it didn't ricochet off anything. there is a entry and exit wound part of the bullet lodged into her bone. it went in threw the top and the other half came out the side of her foot and I know this for a fact


a ricochet can and most likely will have an entrance and exit wound in an area as small and thin as a foot at that close of a range. Simple physics.