Ohio introduces central child abuse hotline

Ohio residents who suspect child abuse or neglect can now make an anonymous report using a central toll-free telephone number.
Associated Press
Jan 31, 2013


The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced Thursday the launch of the number — 855-O-H-CHILD, or 855-642-4453. It connects callers to automated telephone directory that will link them directly to a child welfare or law enforcement office in their county.

The number was introduced successfully in northwest Ohio in September and now is available to all 88 Ohio counties.




Well, does it really matter if the local agencies decide that phone calls/tips aren't worth looking in to? As I recall, at least 3 phone calls were made on the family that starved their kids...fat lot of good it did those poor babies.


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The problem isn't in the lack of phone calls to report it. It's the lack of follow up when it is reported. It's a free phone number which directs you to, or links you with the local agency. We know that the local agency gets the phone calls and reports it is their inability to deal with them that is causing the problem. Lets not mention their lack of accountability when something goes wrong. Every excuse under the sun why they did not go and follow up when all the red flags were there. They are either restricted by laws or don't have the staff or didn't get the message.


No one in children services wants to do their jobs? You're making a rather broad generalized statement without proof here. And who else would perform their duties? While I agree that some errors were made in various cases, I feel that children's services is more than likely understaffed and overburdened with cases and that might be more the reason that signs were missed in certain cases. There is an investigation being done. What more do you want? Train to be a social worker if you are worried about the children.