Three arrested in Perkins Township bar fight

Tables flipped, fingers broke, beer bottles shattered and at least one man's forehead split wide open during what one witness called it "the biggest fight he had ever seen" Saturday night at the Pump Bar and Grille.
Emil Whitis
Jan 31, 2013


Ty Ransom, 40, Dawn Griggs, 45, and Charles Griggs, 40, all of Monroeville, were charged with disorderly conduct. Ransom was also charged with resisting arrest.

The drama started at about 10:30 p.m. when Charles got into an argument with another man over a mutual friend's divorce.

Witnesses said bouncers pushed Charles out the door after he threw several beer bottles.

But Charles surged back inside and threw a beer at a woman, a Perkins police report said.

When the woman flipped Charles off Dawn went after her. The woman's family swarmed in.

Several men jumped on Charles and threw him to the ground. Several witnesses saw the woman's father beating Charles in the head with a pool stick.

"I asked (a witness) if anyone was hitting (Charles) with a pool stick and he stated 'yes,'" a report said. "(The witness) advised it looked like the person was using the pool stick like a hammer."

When police showed up they spotted Charles, Ransom and Dawn standing in the parking lot.

"I observed (Charles) was bleeding from a cut on his head, left eyebrow and a cut on his ear," a report said. "He said a female attacked his wife and while trying to get the female off his wife the other female's father struck him several times in the head with a pool stick."

Officers also noticed Dawn's face was slightly swollen.

Police then headed inside to investigate. When officers came back outside Charles didn't like what they had to say.

"I advised him that everyone we had spoke to stated that he was the one who started everything and was the main problem," a Perkins police report said. "Mr. Griggs advised this was 'bull(expletive)" and (the woman's father) should be arrested as well for striking him with a pool stick."

Instead, police booked the trio into the Erie County jail.



The Pump! The wild West at it's best.


The family that plays together, stays together!! LOL

Some people never mature.


So why was Ransom arrested? Article doesn't state anything about it. Bet if you ask his mommy..she would say it was all a big mistake and that her little angel doesnt do anything wrong. Couldn't possibly be his fault..nothing ever is. (stated with strong sarcasm)Just ask her..she'll tell ya. lol


They must not have a bar in Monroeville where they can act like this!! Thanks for coming to our watering hole, have a nice day. Oh, and don't for get to tip your bartender, arresting officer and judge on your way out! Hope you like our accommodations.


The Pump is a dump.


This is the advice "Dear Eda" should be giving. Her column would be much more interesting if she did.


No pictures?????


Isn't Charles the same one that beat up the former St. Mary's gym teacher for sleeping with his daughter??




Cowboy, that's a good one! LOL


Why don't they close down this place it is a dump and there are always fights there. Hillbilly heaven at it's finest. Been this way forever, even back when it was the Autoclub. Close it and be done with it!!! Sweep out the trash first, good start with those three.

Left Sandtown

Ithought Saturday Night was alright for fighting!Guess not.

God Of Thunder

LOL...Elton John...

my oh my

Imagine that another fight at the Pump.They will never close it up because that's where the Perkins and Sandusky cops along with former cops and firefighters drink to excess and smoke inside and then drive drunk from there.

God Of Thunder

Give it a rest people..It's as big of a dump as the people who come in and make it that way... I think the majority of the people are good people..

Good band playing there Saturday.. Try it..


Sounds like the good ole days at the

2cents's picture

(Several witnesses saw the woman's father beating Charles in the head with a pool stick.)

Was that assault stick 10 or 30 capacity?


The Pump isn't a dump. It actually isn't a bad place itself. When you mix liquor with anger and butt heads you can't turn any place into a battle ground. As for cops drinking there and driving home they can do that at any bar or restaurant that serves drinks. The Pump isn't some rough place that needs to be shut down. people who are afraid of it just don't need to go.


It's a dump.

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So don't go there.


This wouldn`t have happened if the Pump was a "Smoke&Toke" bar. But hey, pot is dangerous and alcohol is legal.


This is one of the reasons that we do not frequent those types of establishments to often due to some people are jerks before they drink and they get some alcohol in them and they turn in to bigger jerks and ruin an evening for everybody.

G George I du kno

That bar is a nuisance ever since Becky Stock bought it! Between the fights and her allowing underage drinkers it should be shut down for good! But then what would Perkins Highway Patrol and Ohio Highway Patrol do all night?