Assault suspect goes on tirade against Sandusky police

The drunken cousin of a convicted cop-killer badgered police as they arrested him Monday night, calling for someone to “put them all in the dirt,” according to a Sandusky police report.
Emil Whitis
Jan 30, 2013

Vincent Randleman, 46, was charged with felonious assault, aggravated menacing, carrying concealed weapons and persistent disorderly conduct.

Police heard yelling at about 9 p.m. while stopped at a traffic light on Cleveland Road. When they looked over, they spotted a large group of people gathered in the 1800 block of Remington Avenue.

Police drove over and the crowd dispersed.

From an apartment doorway a man, later identified as Randleman, yelled at a group of men nearby.

Randleman told police someone named “Gary” stole from him and a fight ensued.

While talking with police Randleman cursed and kept yelling “these (expletive)ing (racial slur)s,” a police report said.

When he refused to calm down police arrested him. Randleman exploded.

“They should put two more of you in the ground,” he yelled at police according to a report. “Hey Sam, put another one in the grave … they gonna find another one in the dirt when it’s all said and done, put them all in the dirt.”

Randleman continued.

“That’s why Kevin did what he did, (expletive) them, dirty job someone got to do it,” he said according to a report.

After police took Randleman to the Erie County jail, other officers talked with a witness. The witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said Randleman pulled a knife on a younger man during an argument.  

Officers knocked on an apartment door where Randleman had told them “Gary” lived.

There, a man, identified as Darnell Chambers, 27, told police Randleman pulled a knife on him during an argument so he punched Randleman in the face.

Police took Chambers to jail on a Cuyahoga County bench warrant.

Randleman was being held at the Erie County jail on a $27,352 bond late Tuesday.



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yeah, so highly intelligent he threatened cops. hatin' the white man and cops probably runs in the family. is that offensive? too bad.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Personally, I could care less to see this picture again, or any Randleman for that matter. Things were just starting to calm down, and now this. Now I'm sure if he got tazed, or ruffed up a little, all the armchair QB's would be yelling that SPD is racial and unjustly motivated because of his name.

Erie County Resident

These threats he made with his racial comments turn it into a Federal Hate crime. Turn him over to the FBI and let them prosecute him, would be good for life for these terroristic threats.
He and Kevin could be roomies.


The police put up with lots and lots and lots of BS from people they come in contact with. It really is a tough job. This guy's name just happens to be Randleman. I'd be willing to bet they have heard this noise from others in the past also.


Why do you always take the dirtbags side?

sandtown born a...



You are beneath me. Shoo fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




lmfao!! tht was funny!


He is not taking his side! Just pointing out the the police put up with this kind of bs everyday! Made the paper most likey because of his last name. Does it make it right, what he did? No. But need to get panties in a bunch.......


From what I understand, the police hear this again and again from many sources, not all named Randleman. Being a police officer is never an easy job.


Glad he is in jail!

sandtown born a...

Ive known Vince for 40 plus years and he is and always will be the same menace to society, drug dealing, stealing, robbing. New year same thing from the same people. Tough punishments instead of the usual wrist slap is a start to a better town for all.


He will be losing his job at NASA probably for this.

sandtown born a...

This piece works for nasa with his record? I hope im not the only one to see a problem with this.


I think sarcasm was implied. Chances are if he works at NASA he wouldn't be hanging out in the 1800 block of Remington.



bored reader

Those officers should have considered what he was saying as a threat and shot him. One less idiot living off the rest of us.


NASA is a federal facility. Nothing is going to happen to him.


What? Racial stuff??? Naw.........never. Wonder if there is a record.

Just Saying

Sandusky's finest for sure


SPD only doing their job. Glad that they didn't let their own feelings come over this situation. It had to have been a hard pill to swallow.


who cares?!


Some families should be wiped off the face of the earth for the good of all! Is there a decant Randleman in Erie County?

Just Saying

Wait for it, your post is going to be deleted! But I know where you are coming from !


Thank you Sandusky Police for removing another low life from the streets and I just wish the court system could keep him locked up for a long time.Keep up the good work officers!!!

sandtown born a...



It's pieces of scum like this guy that keep Sandusky from being a desirable place to live. This town has so much potential...the location alone gives it a chance to be something special, but with low-lifes like this, nothing will ever come to fruition here. I'm in the first year of a 3 year position that I accepted in town....part of me wants to stay, but stuff like this makes me want to move far far away.