Manufacturing driving growth in Ohio

Manufacturing is again driving Ohio's economic expansion, with more than half of the state's counties dependent on the sector, according to a newspaper analysis.
Associated Press
Jan 30, 2013


The Dayton Daily News reports that more than one-third of the state's job losses were in the manufacturing sector during the recession and its aftermath. But manufacturing jobs are returning, and industry payrolls are growing again.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis show that in 2011, Ohio had about 52 out of 88 counties whose economies were heavily dependent on manufacturing. Counties are dependent on the manufacturing industry if 20 percent or more of average annual earnings come from the sector.

Nationally, only Indiana had more counties dependent on the sector.

Ohio also had more workers — 638,400 — in manufacturing in 2011 than all but California and Texas, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"We are (very) good at it, and you can't build an economy on something you are bad at," Edward Hill, dean of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, told the newspaper. "We are within 600 miles of 60 percent of the nation's market, which means we have a natural advantage for manufacturing and logistics."

U.S. manufacturing employment has trended downward since peaking in 1979, and Ohio even lost jobs in the mid-2000s while the country gained them. But manufacturing began making a comeback in Ohio after the recession ended in December 2009. Between 2010 and 2011, Ohio gained 49,616 net jobs, and 17,388 — 35 percent — were in manufacturing, according to Cleveland economic research analyst George Zeller.

"Manufacturing is driving the Ohio recovery, particularly since we have such an intense concentration" of jobs in the sector, Zeller said. "Manufacturing is not only important for its high-wage jobs for Ohio workers, but it is also extremely important because of its large ripple effect on the rest of the economy."

Experts say U.S. manufacturing is in the midst of a revival because fewer companies are outsourcing jobs to Asia because of rising labor costs in China and other countries. Some companies are bringing jobs back to the states because of cheaper production costs. Auto sales have rebounded, and the dollar's weakness means American-made goods are cheaper in international markets.



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Good thing Obama saved the auto industry.


One of the biggest headlines today is the fact the economy actually contracted last quarter (revised numbers, again). And you are seriously taking figures from 2010-2011 to praise a person, who during his reelection campaign told us "happy days are here again". Pathetic.

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Yep! They love the fact that big gov continues.

Bada Bing

the only new manufacturing in our area is meth and hydropnics. The pharmaceutical entrepreneurs seem to be thriving.


Would assembling a sandwich like a hamburger be classified as a manufacturing job? You take raw materials and assemble them into just in time finished products.


Brutus! Who'd a thunk you had a manufacturing job!!!


Good to read, but a lot of the "improvement" is due to the Fed's massive govt. bond buying program. This economy remains in dangerous territory.

From the article:

"U.S. manufacturing employment has trended downward since peaking in 1979,"

I mark the date of the decline of heavy industry in the U.S. and OH as Sept. 19, 1977; the day that Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Campbell Works laid off 5000 workers.


When one co. lays off one hundred workers, it makes the news. Whereas, when one hundred cos. lay off one worker each, few notice.


Unemployment claims jump to 368,000 and Q4 GDP dips to minus 0.1%

Keep "whistlin' past the grave yard."

Obama "saved" the auto industry. LMAO!!!

The govt. still can't figure out how to get taxpayers outa owning Ally Bank (old GMAC).


Just in time, Barry has folded the jobs council today


Good to read.

Guess 7.8% unemployment and the lowest labor force participation rate in 30 yrs. is OK huh?

He "won." No need to prove anything else to the tools.


Good information. Council formed in January 2011, met only a handful of times, the last being February 2012. I see jobs were a very high priority to the Campaigner-In-Chief (insert sarcasm). Guess what folks, two more months of contraction and we're back into a recession. Who will Barry blame then? Just saw on NBC Nightly News that congress kicked the can to May for the debt ceiling, National Debt will be 17T.


Back to the neg. 0.1% Q4 GDP number:

"The year-over-year change in real GDP was 1.5 percent.

There has never been a time since measurement commenced in 1948 when the annual pace of real GDP has fallen that low without the economy ultimately slipping into recession.

Sub-2.0 percent readings are historically the warning signal"

No more "buck passing," the Community Organizer-in-Chief OWNS this economy.

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"He owns the economy". Yep, the Repubs gave the economy away at a fire sale in 2008.


"2008"? And the Democrats OWNED Congress.


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