Man found dead outside Erie County Sheriff's Department

A 26-year-old Bellevue man died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head just west of the Erie County Sheriff's Department parking lot along Columbus Avenue on Wednesday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 30, 2013


The incident happened at about 7 a.m.

Deputies said the man had no apparent connection to the Sheriff's office — he was not being booked into or released from the jail and had no open court cases.

The man parked his vehicle in the county highway department's parking lot and walked to an area near the sheriff's office where he died.

Deputies said his body will be taken for an autopsy while they continue to look into the incident.

For more information, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Make up your mind, did it happen in the morning or at 7pm?


Ha you found your mistake.


Aren't you one proud little puppy, Cowboy.


it always kills me that journalist never proof read the artical before going to print. Let a cop make that same mistake, and they will put it on the front page above the fold. (Only newspaper people will get that one) Amazing !

Eph 2 8-10





It is all about being the FIRST one to report. Doesn't matter if it is accurate or not, they all want to be FIRST. Same things happens on the news and also in other papers. Just wait a minute or two to get ALL the facts before reporting an error, it just gets people all riled up. I would rather read a story that is CORRECT 30 minutes after the fact than a story that is WRONG or names WRONG people,place or time 5 minutes later. All it does is create undo worry and stress. But yes, there needs to be better editing and proofreading!

margaretta mom

I hope the family was contacted before this became breaking news

Sit n Spin

If nobody saw it happen, how do they know it was self inflicted ???? I'm assuming video surveillance caught the entire unfortunate incident.

real talk

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information.



Sarah Weber

Sorry, real talk, the editors at the Register have decided not to publish the name of the Bellevue man. References to his name will be removed from the comment section. Thanks for your consideration.

And yes, Margaretta Mom, the family was notified by deputies before anything was published.

real talk

Check the Bellevue Gazette. They have more info.


I'm willing to excuse an occasional mistake or typo by the new media. To put it into perspective, I see more misspelled words and poor grammar in any 2 or 3 reader posts than I do in an entire year's worth of reporting by the SR.

Ladydye: well, of course their priority is to be the first to report breaking news. It's what the public expects, in an era when news is available instantly 24/7. Any news outlet that wants to remain in business needs to be able to do that, otherwise, readers will look elsewhere for their news.

I'm not a journalist, but my son is, and I know that there is a constant unspoken pressure to get the information out quickly, while giving best effort to make sure that everything is accurate. I think journalists in general, including those at the SR, hit a higher accuracy rate than most of the rest of the public is at whatever job they do. I've yet to see a TV weatherman that gets it right even 50% of the time, and if the kids at McD's get my order correct at the drive-thru, it's a pleasant surprise. Journalists are in a profession in which mistakes are magnified exponentially.


Well stated. The people on here criticizing the writers for minor errors typically lack basic english in their critical posts.


Both of you are so right! I have no problem with typos but bad grammar and writing skills annoy me!

Only on the beach

A 26 year old man was found dead and all you guys can do is criticize the paper for grammar then argue about it. That is someones son, maybe brother, father, husband, friend maybe even your friend, brother, husband, family member. Shame on all of you!


Bellevue Gazette already published his name, and I think Fremont... ya may as well, SR.


@Sarah Weber
Why would the Register not publish the name? When you can go to the Bellevue Gazette and read who it was? So does this mean you will not be putting the name in print on front page or is this a way to sell more papers tomorrow?

Sarah Weber

We deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis and try to make the best decision about what we should do with the information we have. What other area media outlets are doing rarely factors into the decision. In this case we felt there was no need to publish the name of the man. It also did not run in the story, which was on page A6 in Thursday's Register.


I agree that many newspapers do not proofread; the writers of various columns/articles don't even type them themselves very often. They have some copy person doing it, who either can't type or can't spell and definitely can't proofread. Don't understand it.

Sarah Weber

That used to be true reporter54, but it's been a long time since we've employed copy people to type stories for us. Now, reporters send copy to an editor and that editor passes it along to the pagination desk, which places the story on the page. In the case of the website, the person writing the copy also posts it. It rarely gets screened by another editor so we have to be extra careful — and sometimes mistakes happen. We do our best to correct them as soon as possible.


Shame on us. We're just grammar police and you are the moral turpitude police.

onegirlarmy sad!!!


Be first with the news???? What competition do you have in Sandusky? By the way, don't the SR's computers have spell checkers or are they still using typewriters?


I would love to hear the reasons why his name wasn't published. You have no problem publishing other peoples names.