'Super Kroger' coming to Perkins Township

Your local Kroger is well on its way to becoming bigger and better.
Melissa Topey
Jan 30, 2013

“It's going to be a Super Kroger,” said John Curtis, Perkins Township's chief building official and zoning inspector.

The company is keeping its plans mostly under wraps, but the owner of the West Perkins Avenue building — the Didion family — has said the expansion should add about 15 percent more space to the facility, which is already at least 60,000 square feet.  

The building will expand east toward Campbell Street, but any details beyond that are unknown, as Curtis refused to provide documentation on the plans Monday evening.    

The Erie County auditor's website values the property at $4.42 million. 

While construction plans are still in the early stages, the grocery retailer has already received the township's approval for a permit to expand the parking lot. Kroger plans to start working on the project this summer.

Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan said the news is exciting for the community.

“That will give the people of Sandusky another option so they do not always have to run to Meijer,” Monaghan said. “Now they will have something in town.”

In addition to adding retail space, the company is also revamping the store's interior, said Kevin Didion, of the Didion family. 

In the short-term the project will certainly create construction jobs, although in the long-run it could mean more permanent jobs, Monaghan said. 

“It will immediately add construction jobs and maybe Kroger will hire more people for the store,” Monaghan said.

At the moment, officials at Kroger said they have no definitive plans to share.

“We are working with the city of Sandusky to find a way to better serve our customers," said Jackie Siekmann, spokeswoman for Kroger. "At this time, we are doing our due diligence in an effort to secure the best scenario for Kroger and our customers.” 

The expansion is likely part of the company's corporate growth strategy.

About four months ago, Kroger executives unveiled plans to grow its brands. The chain employs 339,000 people in 2,425 supermarkets and stores in 31 states. Many of the stores operate under the Kroger brand, although others include City Market, Dillons, JayC, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry's, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith's. 

Kroger's leadership has already highlighted business opportunities they hope to pursue beyond the traditional supermarket, including discount stores and pharmacies.

In addition to expanding its store base and its market reach, Kroger is pursuing other initiatives to drive growth, opening new customer channels such as digital and mobile platforms. It's also working on new store formats to provide greater access and shopping flexibility, the company has stated in press releases.




deleted my original comment.

I was thinking that Super Kroger was the same as a Kroger Signature. Realized that Super Kroger is the same as a Kroger Marketplace.


No kidding??


Does this mean they're bringing back the salad bar !?


Hopefully they redo their entrance to something like Miejer. The entrance is really not set up for two way traffic. Too tight and then try to get a cart when it's busy. Totally laughable!

Peachy Keen

Sounds great,because even after they enlarged our local Kroger several years ago, it still seems too small and crowded. And I doubt Kroger is "working with the city of Sandusky" when the store is located in Perkins Township.... unless they have demographic questions or something like that.


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Eph 2 8-10

Excuse me????




Good morning sunshine. What it must be like to wake up with an attitude like that. pfffft.


Kroger Sandusky is a great neighborhood grocery store. I hate the way Meijer changed things up. Bigger is not always better.

Julie R.

I agree. Meijer's now reminds me of Wal-Mart. Here's to hoping Kroger's doesn't follow suit.


Oh my mistake. The employees too.


The do hire a lot of young people with neck tattoos. They are usually friendly and competent tho, meanwhile at walmart...


Actually I think the younger employees are nicer than the older seasoned ones!


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I guess the truth hurts.

The Bizness

I shop there, and will continue to shop there. I am not "ghetto", and maybe you are judging on appearances and not by actually talking to people.

Kroger does a great job with its organics, and now even has its own organics line which is great. I just really hope they get an olive bar!


Just stay away on the 1st and 15th.


I thought Wal Mart had the ghetto/weirdo/trailer trash market all sewn up? Who knew? I shop nowhere but Kroger and havent saw anything out of the ordinary.

Second Opinion

"“That will give the people of Sandusky another option so they do not always have to run to Meijer,” Monaghan said."

What a slap to Meijer and all the other stores in Erie County.

The Bizness

From the quote it sounds like Monaghan didn't even know that a Kroger was already open...nor does he realize that Cardinal Grocery is also vital to Sandusky.


sushi bar...

The Answer Person

1.That parking lot and entrance is the most screwed up of all designs.
2.The layout for parking spaces is nuts to have them going to different directions in each aisle.
3.The foyer is a cluttered poorly designed mess too.
4.I hope they also get rid of the employee smoking patio in the front which is gross to have to walk through.
5.The "sound effects" in the departments are really perverted. Hearing animal sounds in those dairy, fish and meat departments is like going to a morgue and hearing voices from the dead! Twisted!


I totally agree that the parking lot and spaces layout is terrible


That's funny-the first time I got milk after they added the animal sounds-i thought someone was mooing at me! I don't even notice them anymore. I love Krogers. I have shopped there ever since I started buying my own groceries. I've tried other stores and had so many bad experiences with rotten produce and meat that it was unreal. The employees are all very nice-even those with "neck tattoos". I don't mind tattoos or piercings on people who give me great service. Those young kids in there could teach them old bittys at Walmart a thing or two. I also love how if they don't carry an item you would like to buy-they will order it. I heard stories about the dirty conditions of the room where meat is cut/deli area at another local grocery store. The next time when I was at Krogers, I asked the employee packing the meat cooler about the cleanliness of their areas-he put the meat down-opened the door to the room and showed me how clean it was and explained the policy on how often he was required to clean the area. Who does that? Krogers does. Who else helps you out with your groceries? Heck-you're lucky you get your stuff bagged at other places. They never mix my meats, crush my bread, or break my eggs. I heard they will even deliver groceries to home bound people.

I hope the dynamics and values of the store don't change when they become bigger.


My kids love the animal sounds. They make shopping fun for them. It would be twisted if it were sounds of animals dying or something. It's good for kids to know where their food comes from.Vamos a ir de compras


Love the sounds, it's one of my favorite parts. I agree, my son loves it too. There is also nothing wrong with somebody having tattoo's working there. Tattoo's don't make you incompetent or less hard working. Maybe the management at Kroger is just progressive enough to realize that. I agree with the comment about a sushi bar. Many grocery stores have them and they are excellent and it's fresh when it's made in house. Sandusky doesn't have anywhere you can get sushi during the day.

Swamp Fox

Does Monaghan realize that both Krogers & Meijer is located in Perkins Township, not town which I assume he means Sandusky....


Both have a Sandusky address (mailbox) so to the outside world there is no real difference. It is not until you get to the smallest local level that people split the smaller distinction of "township."

Swamp Fox

He is a county commissioner I would hope he knows the difference...