Perkins Township axes seven employees

Perkins Township trustees voted Monday night to cut seven people from their employment roster.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 28, 2013


Four full-time police officers and three full-time highway workers will be laid off as of Feb. 9.*

Trustees unanimously made the decision at a special meeting at 6 p.m. Monday. The township faces a financial crisis resulting from decreases in property values and local government funding and a failed November tax levy.

Officials hope these cuts and a second try at the levy in May will pull the township out of its financial tailspin.

*An early version of this story had an incorrect effective date for the layoffs.

For more on this developing story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



Let's build another Township Hall!

God Of Thunder

Par for the course.. And so it begins.. The blackmailing of the taxpayers..


I'd like to know whose property values decreased in Perkins because I'm moving there!


I'd like to know whose did too since mine went up.


So did mine!


Cowboy - Mine did by 17%.


Maybe less careless spending might help........a new township building that was not needed!


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Dont Worry Be Happy

People do not do their homework to know what's going on. I understand we all make mistakes but to punish the PPD and the safety of our community over a building that is paid for is not right. Government cuts and lower property taxes are causing this with the help of a few elected officials not doing their jobs. My property value went down huge this year I was in awe.


My property value went up. Let's build more buildings.


"My property value went down huge this year I was in awe."

Then do the right thing and pay your fair share. I have seen many property values go down in Erie County, Ohio. Some values went down over 30 percent. Others went up over 30 percent. Somebody has connections with the powers that be. I have already checked quite a few properties in Erie County, Ohio that have very artificially low property values. The problem with township funds could be with the Erie County Auditor and low property valuations for those in the "in crowd" of the powers that be.


My house value went down, taxes went up! Who do I call to complain
about it?


Thank your boy in Columbus, you know, the job creator.


I expected that my comments would be deleted. The simpletons don't like it when they are put into the spot light.

The former township police chief is protected by the powers that be.

Am I right SR moderators?

real talk

Notice they cut full time people nt part time. This was so they wouldn't have to pay benefits.


Do we still pay them when they are laid off?


It would have served you well to go to tonight's meeting. You all would have a better idea of the situation and would have more informed comments.


Informed voters? Ha! Looked at what we just elected President for another four years! Informed voters?


Now I get it. This comment explains an awful lot for me regarding where you are coming from when you comment on here.


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You can always tell the ones who try to educate themselfs the ones who are just to lazy to. Sounds like a few dont even live in the township but still want to complane about it.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I'm thinking the same thing!


Oh and doesn't the goodie two shoes from Perkins always have something to say about Sandusky's problems? "That is why I moved out of there" "They get what the deserve" "Look at who they vote into office". Yep, ya'll out there in Perkins sure pick some good representatives too


sure did. new twp hall bought and paid for, low crime, no murders, need I go on?

local man

Lets See! Vote for basic services in the spring or vote for a new school building, oops school building gets voted down again.


Wow, Is all I can say. Look around~we don't need any police officers anyway, right? It's always the people that are NEEDED that get the axe.



What would you suggest cutting? The township is a service industry. Service industries are people. Bet 80% of the township budget is made up of wages and benefits. The fire department passed its own levy so they not on the cut list. Not much left in the township but roads and police.

You have only two options. Pay more taxes or have less services.

But, on the brighter side, we have a bright shiny new building to house less people.


Loss of decent paying jobs = loss of revenue/tax base. Many scoffed years ago...time to pay now. Not very funny.


Perkins cops make about half of what Sandusky and the county make. They really aren't highly paid.


Where are the townships priorities?

SeƱor Clown

I'd hope they're not going to put the same levy back on the May ballot that failed last November, but I wouldn't be surprised.




Omg they killed 7 employees!!!!


Ahhh. What's the matter Perkins, economy catching up? Next thing you know, they'll start sending their unruliness kids to Sandusky schools!


Well, it was good a Perkins cop was on Jeopardy and won some money. Looks like he'll be needing it.


The Perkins officer and his wife were on Wheel of Fortune.

Just Thinkin

Maybe, Perkins should STOP any more building in the township, Why?, well one reason it seems that the more they build the farther the tax divide becomes, I do not understand how you can take so much farmland that pays near nothing in tax per acre, then put on 3.2 expensive homes per acre or multi million dollar stores on them ,then not have enough tax coming in? Lets stop building until the tax verse building costs catch up and balances out? or are the tax breaks for some to much.I cannot reduce my taxes nor doctor bills simply because I cant afford them, So some one better figure out where some one went wrong, PS it's not the taxpayer's so dont punish us or blackmail us the BOE already is using that trump card LOL If we lose the PD, I for one will help get each and everyone of the so called trustees voted out, Maybe they should be the ones losing the jobs !

Swamp Fox

Were any of these officers on the three year federally funded COPS grant?
If they were the township would have known the federal funding ended after three years and the local goverment is responsible to retain these officer with local funds. I give the county auditor credit, he has reduced the vast majority of properties to reflect true reduced marker values, he ran on that pledge and did it. All levels of goverment needs to learn to live within their resources and the taxpayers need to be less dependent on goverment. Cuts in nice to have programs like parks, recreation should be eliminated before safety or roads. How much would SB5 have saved Perkins Township?

Perkins Resident

Does anyone know who got laid off?

G George I du kno

There is money in Perkins they are just good at hiding it! It's a contract year folks! Every time a contract comes around they pull this stunt so the cops agree to the Twp. proposals. This is how they strongarm them and always have. I think an outside company should come in and audit the Twp. and if it is found they are hiding money the trustees should be fired! How do they have money all the time to buy just about anything they want but contract time arrives and they are always broke? I think this is something that needs to be looked into Matthew!!! Maybe the register can hire an accounting firm and demand all their financial records to see where it goes.


It sounds as if, by reading the story here, that some funding ran out to the township and those who were subsidized got the axe. The trustees also let others go to cut costs.

I have to agree with whoever said they do not understand how with all those businesses out in Perkins, you have little money coming in with taxes. If the tax assessors did in fact reduce home taxes, which I find hard to believe, where is the money going?

It was my understanding that your new city hall is paid for. It came in under budget. You should be proud of that. Good for you guys. I hope it lasts a long time and you don't outgrow it for years to come. If I am wrong about that, I apologize.

But with your tax base you people in Perkins shouldn't be having a big problem funding your basic needs for police, fire, etc.

Where is all your money going? I would think someone would be watching the books a bit more closely as to the budget and the spending. All this time I have been impressed with Perkins and what they had, only to see now that it isn't the case at all. A little belt tightening is one thing with this economy. To strap yourself in like this is just ridiculous.


There were large scale property tax reductions across Perkins.

eddie albert

So, the Perkins Hwy Patrol, has to cede over some of its revenue, to the State Hwy Patrol.

Seems reasonable. The state can handle rte 2.


The valuation of my property went down, but my tax bill surely did not. How does THAT work???


Did you file with the Board of Revision? Our valuation went down, we filed an appeal, they lowered the taxes. You have to file the form. The Auditor, Jeffrey, streamlined the process.


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Tell it how it is.

So do you want to arm teachers then?


You see no value in having officers in our schools? Then, you might need to read some of the recent headlines. Your second comment is uncalled for by the way.

Free Man

I thought nasa plumbrook was going to save us all. ?

Swamp Fox

NASA Plumbrook is goverment owned, no property tax, Perkins does not have an income tax=0 revenue to Perkins...

my oh my

When are the twp residents going to wake up and call the trustees and dept heads on the carpet for misuse of funds and lack of financial/budgetary skills??????The new twp hall will look good without anyone in it...Time to reduce the "Phat" on all levels in the twp....
The monies are there they just don't know how to use them properly...Trust me ...


Lets just take a moment to add up all the new businesses on 250 in Perkins in the last year and wonder where all these new tax revenues went: Menchies, MeKong, Honda, Little Ceasers, the coffee shop next to Little Ceasers, the motor sports place behind Starbucks, The Party Store.


Have you called the auditor's office and asked? Have you sent an email to a commissioner or school district official? Or are we just assuming that this vast amount of new funds was or is being wasted?


Probably tax abatement. They get a highly reduced rate for a year or so. That's why so many businesses last about a year in the Perk.

Swamp Fox

The majority of property taxes about 75% goes to the schools, the remainder is divided between the county, township, metro parks, health department, etc...


Even if the new building hadn't been built, this situation would not have changed beyond the next year or so. The folks in Columbus are cutting local gov't and school district funding because the master plan is to force communities to consolidate and for schools to be run by private for profit businesses. As taxpayers in a community, we will get what we agree to pay for. When the township has to cut services and schools have to cut back, that means people lose jobs (service industries don't make things). Are we willing to live with reduced services and programs? If we are, then don't complain. Those who continually question the priorities of officials could help in a positive way by perhaps providing detailed input with your ideas about what the priorities should be and how to pay for those priorities. As for the township, let the building go; it's not what has created the financial issue. Assuming the offices were still on Rt. 250 or at the old school board building, how would you allocate funding to keep the current level of service when the state is reducing local funding and property values have dropped which further reduces tax dollars?

Every elected official in the school district and township is not deceitful, dishonest or trying to pull one over on the taxpayers. Most of these individuals run for elected office for reasons other than shafting taxpayers-believe or not. Some even envision a better community and are working toward that goal or are just trying to maintain what we have. What detailed suggestions do you have to help our community move forward and be progressive so that we can influence more people to live here, as well as maintain services for current residents? So, set aside the generic hyberbolic statements, and the generalizations and offer detailed solutions. Let's have an adult conversation.



Either pay more taxes or lay off people.

Perkins township taxpayers decided not to pay any more taxes. So people were laid off.

How's that for an adult conversation.


It's not much of a start for an adult conversation. What are your solutions? Keep laying people off? Keep cutting back services? How do we maintain or improve services? Merge with Sandusky?


SB5 would have fixed this. Let the lay offs begin!!!




The joke is really that some can have an adult conversation. The answer can never be raise taxes? The stupid party continues.........

My grocery bill has gone up, so we should make the workers at Meijers take a pay cut. How does that make any sense?


An adult would know the difference between private and public sector.


An adult would also know what that difference is. Do you? I think that both earn a pay check, pay bills and raise families. Why do you think that you have the right to degrade one sector employee and not the other. Well, maybe you degrade both--working class people in general.


Hire these seven guys back add one more policeman and two township workers. Lay off a dozen firemen and we'd be way ahead. Remember all the "support the fire levy signs last November? Yeah, they got theirs, now they'll forget about the police and township worker unless they start feeling guilty. Separate the firemen from the rescue. We are way over staffed at the firehouse for the services rendered. By the way, How's that new police station working out for us. Nice new station and no cops, consolidation in the near future.


EZOB how many firefighter are there on duty everyday?


The fire dept levy cannot be used for anything except fire dept expenses, just like the road & bridge, gasoline and license plate tax can only be used for highway expenses. Money generated by the fire levy cannot be used for police, highway or any other township expenses.


The private sector has been loosing jobs and taking pay cuts for years. Now the Government sector has to do it, and its a problem. Government jobs do not create new tax dollors.


If the federal government tries to get a handle on their debt the first reductions in entitlement will be to the states. The states will then pass this process down to the counties and the cities. The county and the cities will then go to the taxpayers to make up the difference.

The process of reducing our debt on all levels of government will be on the back of government funded employees and taxpayers. Our government is a service industry. They produce nothing to make money.

It's a simple decision. Increase taxes or cut services. (services are people)


This isn't rocket science. Simple, if you value services in the township vote for the levy. If services aren't important vote no. All the other crap is meaningless. Make an adult decision. I vote yes.

Dont Worry Be Happy

And i vote comes first!!!


I really wonder how the Twsp can afford not to ask their police to forgo ticket writing when they could be getting $250 for a ticket on parking in a handicap spot at Kroger. This is a sore spot with me....a big one.

Saturday night we needed to go get groceries and since it was the only time we could go, we went rather late. It was snowing and at 9 pm we went to Kroger. I have a disability sticker as I have a lot of metal in my back, I have lupus and an artificial right knee. My doctor gave that thing to me three years ago. Sometimes I really need it, like when the weather gets bad. I do not use it every time I park, but I do when the weaher is killing my body. On Saturday I needed to use it.

We parked and two young kids without a sticker or any parking notice pulled in right next to us. There were quite a few cars in that parking lot and more elderly people there than I thought would be out on a cold and snowy night. The young man jumped out of his sporty care and sprinted into Kroper. The girl stayed in the car. I got out of our car and the first thing I did was looked for the placard in his car....not one to be seen. None in the window..none on the license plate.

There was a nice little old lady (older than me) walking past the cars. She had to park in a non handicap spot further down . That just frosted my last cup cake. I have had enough of this stuff. My fuse lit, I walked back to the car and tapped on the window. The girl looked over and rolled down the drivers window. I asked her if she had a "handicap sign" and did she know that she was parked in a handicap spot?". She looked at me and asked if I was a cop? I said no, but I was about to call one and did she know it was going to cost her $250 for parking there".

I walked away. She jumped into the drivers seat and moved that car in the time it took me to walk to the front of Krogers. By that time the police got there, her "boyfriend" had come out and they took off. I couldn' remember the entire license plate so they couldn't track him to give hem a ticket. The officer was really nice and we chatterd awhile. We thanked the officer and he left.

When we finished shopping and came out we had put the groceries in the car and here comes spoiled brat number 2....a truck driving smarty who parked next to us. He too had no sticker. He jumped out of his truck and went in. This time a Perkins officer was in the parking lot so we reported it to him The officer drives over, inspects the truck and sits there for all of 5 minutes......then LEAVES. He did nothing about issuing a ticket. He just LEAVES. There goes $250 the township could have had in fines. Now maybe it isn't a fortune, but its $250 they didn't have 5 minutes before. All because the officer didn't wait for this kid to come out.

My husband and I joked that he must have found out the donuts were done somewhere.

No wonder Perkins is low on funds. I think I will move to Perkins. The police just leave when there are tickets to give out. I can deal with that one. It sure beats Sandusky. They don't miss a chance to write one out. That bothers me a LOT. But then, Sandusky needs the money. Oh, wait, so does Perkins.


Not all disabilities are visible?


They still have to have a placqurd or sticker....and they didn't


Perhaps he was called away on a more urgent call. He has the license plate number and might mail them a ticket. I would love to see them start ticketing the cars parked in the fire lane in front of the store, whether there are people in them waiting for someone to come out of the store or "just to return a movie to Redbox".


You and me both. I watched some poor man try to move his car out of his parking place just today and he couldn't because someone parked right behind him. Again, right behind the handicap spot. He got out and left his car sit there while he went inside. The man had to wait until thie other man came out and moved his car from the fire lane. You would think Kroger or the fire chief would do something about it, wouldn't you?


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