Q&A: Impact of the health care overhaul in Ohio

State officials have noted their continued misgivings about President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, while taking steps to tailor the law for Ohioans.
Associated Press
Jan 29, 2013


New insurance markets called exchanges will open this fall in each state. Ohio has opted for a so-called partnership with the federal government to run the exchange. Republican Gov. John Kasich has yet to decide on another key part of the law -- whether to expand the Medicaid coverage to more low-income people. He's expected to make his plans known on the expansion when he unveils the state budget next month.

Some questions and answers on where the health care law stands in Ohio:


Q: How many people are uninsured in Ohio, and how many of those are projected to get insurance under the exchange?

A: More than 1.5 million Ohio residents are uninsured, or about 14 percent. A report prepared for the Ohio Department of Insurance by consulting firm Milliman Inc. estimated that 524,000 Ohioans would be enrolled in the exchange designed for individuals by 2017.

Q: How many people in Ohio does Medicaid currently serve, and how many more would be served if Ohio opts to expand Medicaid?

A: Medicaid currently covers roughly 2.3 million low-income and disabled people in Ohio. And about 456,000 uninsured Ohioans would gain health care coverage by 2022 under the expansion, according to a study from the Health Policy Institute of Ohio, a nonpartisan policy organization.

Q: How many small businesses are likely to take advantage of the health insurance offered on the exchange?

A: The Milliman report offered two ranges of estimates for people that could be covered through small group enrollment: a low enrollment range of 30,000 to 70,000 people; and a higher enrollment scenario of 100,000 to 170,000 Ohioans by 2017.

Q: How is the exchange going to be set up in Ohio and which agency will be responsible for overseeing it?

A: Ohio won't set up its own health insurance exchange but is instead opting for a so-called partnership with the federal government to run the new insurance market. Under the proposal, the Ohio Department of Insurance would continue to regulate health plans on or off the exchange and the state would make decisions around Medicaid eligibility. But the federal government would operate the exchange and be responsible for overseeing it.

Q: How far along is the exchange in Ohio?

A: Kasich has notified federal officials of Ohio's plan not to run its own exchange and proceed with a federal-state partnership. The administration has yet to receive conditional approval from federal officials on its plan, as state officials expect to submit additional details for the proposal by mid-February.

Q: How much money has the state received so far from the federal government to do the initial work in setting up an exchange?

A: Ohio received a $1 million federal exchange planning grant in 2010, under the previous Democratic administration. The state has neither applied for nor received additional funding since Kasich took office at the beginning of 2011.




obamacare is a loser.


Prices will go up to cover Obamacare which will be covering more and more people each year.

The Big Dog's back

Is that a bad thing to cover more people?


The cost of health care goes up and the benefits of it actually go DOWN. We recently needed to change providers due to my husband changing jobs. The new insurance has sent stickers for me to give to my doctor to remind them to use a certain lab. I also have a card to use for radiology services. Everything is being micromanaged by PENCIL PUSHERS, my doctor and I almost have no say in my care anymore! ObamaCare is NOT the answer....just hope more people start to realize it.

The Big Dog's back

"Obamacare" is private companies providing insurance. Are you ready for Medicare for all? I am.


Ladydye do you realize those stickers are an effort to keep costs from going up? You should want your doctors to use the lab that is the most cost effective.


IMO, the main thing the ACA was/is suppose to do is increase the availability of coverage. Contrary to popular belief, insurance prices go up yearly anyway, the doctor or the patient has really never had alot of input into their own care. The insurance company has and will continue to call the shots. I saw on the news yesterday about doctor assisted suicide legislation. Long overdue if you ask me.


the us postal service is a great reason why the gov't should not be responsible for the governing/regulating any entity that has financial aspirations. already out of money yet they are still hiring. out of money and they haven't implemented effective cost saving measures. only a governmental entity can operate like that!


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The Doctor-in-Chief BHO sold ACA on the assumption that it would increase the number of insured, quality would improve, benefits would be increased and costs would go down.

There are only three things a business or service can offer:

or Service.

Pick two, because it's economically impossible to have all three.

For a guy who never ran a business - good luck suspending the laws of economics.


Since we have Blue Cross & Blue Shield, wonder how this will be? If you don't like this & are getting SSI you've really can't gripe.


Dont forget about all the hidden TAXES buried in Obamacare, which should have never of been in there. But hey, someone has to pay for it, right.