Ohio eliminating travel information jobs

The state is eliminating 34 jobs staffing 11 information centers along Ohio's interstate highways and one on at the Statehouse in Columbus.
Associated Press
Jan 28, 2013


Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Faulkner says the jobs are going because travelers can now access the same information on their smart phones and other web devices.

But tourism professionals are lamenting the move. They say the face-to-face interaction drives more tourism for the state. The travel centers, occupying small rooms at highway rest stops, have operated for decades.

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer (http://bit.ly/14nNsnb ) reports that cutting the jobs will save $2.1 million for roads and bridges.

The travel-center workers are being offered open jobs elsewhere in the department.

The transportation department has cut 500 jobs since Gov. John Kasich took office.




OH LOOK!! We just swept a tiny rock off the road so you will have a safer trip! Be aware that a 10 miles down the road, we have 5 guys and 15 pieces of equipment and only one is running because most of them are on break. You can't really tell where the construction starts and stops...it's somewhere in the next 30 miles of cones. SLOW DOWN! We don't want any of our union "sunshine only" road workers hit!



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Are you jealous?


Who in the hell would want to travel to Ohio anyway? Great move. Save the funds.


Eliminate 34x11 jobs in Columbus first.

2.1 million for roads and bridges, huh? If you believe the money will go toward roads and bridges I have a bridge to sell you.


Only in Gov't accounting does this work:

"The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer (http://bit.ly/14nNsnb ) reports that cutting the jobs will save $2.1 million for roads and bridges.

The travel-center workers are being offered open jobs elsewhere in the department."

How can you give them jobs in other departments and still save $2.1 million?


Maybe the other jobs are open due to attrition.

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"being offered open jobs elsewhere in the department."

The state department : )


Noticeably absent from this discussion are the usual conservatives who always complain about job losses. Guess it's ok to them when it's a Republican governor who puts people out of work...


Didn't read where they were being offered jobs elsewhere in the department huh?


Are they working pro bono or how will there be 2.1 million in savings?


Pete, so your Republican governor is lying about saving 2.1 million dollars? It would seem that eliminating those jobs and putting them into other jobs wouldn't really save anything at all - at least not by my calculations. How does just moving them to a different job save money. There probably isn't another job in government that pays as little as their job would pay.
This actually could cost more - rather than less. But lying and GOP math are the only ways that republican's calculate things. Remember the math used by Ryan??? This sounds remarkably like that same math here.


Maybe if they didn't put up those half a million dollar signs off rt2 they would still have money!


Maybe if they fixed the roads right the first time and didn't have to tear them up and replace them again every single year and in some cases more than once each year, they could same some money as well.