REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Bad smell at sewer plant

Thumbs DOWN to what's been called the "Animal House" atmosphere at the city sewer plant. We can take a wo
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs DOWN to what's been called the "Animal House" atmosphere at the city sewer plant. We can take a workplace joke as well as anyone, and it's probably more necessary when times are tight and tensions are high, but when it spills over into threats and things that get in the way of the job, it's time to put on the brakes. And it sounds like that's what the city did.

Thumbs UP for Bellevue Schools' wind turbine experiment -- and for the schools being willing to work with the surrounding community to relocate the turbine to assuage safety worries. Schools are about learning, and schools can learn too -- in this case from the experiences of a neighbor.

Thumbs UP to the anonymous online commenter poster "Joker," who in response to comments wanting the head on a platter of the "just kidding" robber in Bellevue, said one of the more pithy comments our online story forums have seen in a while: "We build prisons for people we're afraid of, not for people we're mad at." To which we'd add only: It's amazing what we seem to be afraid of, sometimes.

Thumbs DOWN, though, for anyone who might think it's funny to "pretend" to be a robber, even if you "think" you know the clerk. And, forPete's sake, thumbs DOWN for waiting 45 minutes to tell the cops. What if it had been for real?

Thumbs UP to the donors and dinners that raised money for Port Clinton's amphibious rescue vehicle. We can see a fire department not needing one very often, but needing it right now -- and good for them for finding a way to pay for it with minimum strain on the taxpayer's wallet.


Captain Gutz

Thumbs down to the idea that there was actually a threat at the sewer palnt.

I don't beleive that you "can take a workplace joke as well as anyone..."

The city didn't "put on the brakes", they supported a bad decision by a bad supervisor.