Ex-Huron firefighter's criminal past follows him to Colorado

A former Huron firefighter who resigned when he was criminally charged in 2010 is mired in controversy at his new Colorado job as fire chief.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 28, 2013


Former Huron firefighter hired as Colorado chief

Criminal past in Huron upsets new residents

Bryan Ware, 37, was named chief at the Beulah fire department this month when the all-volunteer department consolidated fire and EMS services, according to News 5 KOAA in Colorado Springs.

As the department's only paid employee, he previously ran EMS services. Council members hired him to the EMS position in 2010.

But after learning of Ware's criminal conviction in Huron for disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, the community of about 1,200 fell into an uproar, with some residents supporting Ware and others questioning his past.

Ware left Huron in 2010, after resigning from the Huron Fire Department in the midst of the criminal investigation.

The case involved a then 16-year-old old boy, who was a member of a soccer team Ware helped to coach.

The investigation kicked off when police learned Ware had sent a picture of testicles to the boy, which he said he also sent to several other people as a joke.

"I made a mistake and I've paid greatly for it and I've learned from it," he told KOAA.

Ware eventually pleaded guilty to the charge and was placed on probation, which was lifted in October last year.

Under the Beulah fire department's reorganization, several volunteer firefighters left the department. Some said it was in protest of Ware's appointment. Others cited safety issues within the department.

At a heated and packed council meeting Thursday night, residents asked council members and Ware about his past.

The community remains divided, according to KOAA.

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Phil Packer



I wonder if a background check would have shown his past. It's difficult getting a low paid minimum wage job. How did he manage to get as far as he did with a background like that?

2cents's picture

If that was all it was then lighten up, anyone from the ripe old age of 1 week can see balls hanging from some people’s trailer hitch. I saw a pair a few weeks ago made out of two huge ball bearings welded together and attached with a chain, LMAO. I think it is a little tacky but some people find it funny or impressive, I guess just freedom of speech!


There is a difference between seeing something by accident and having a picture texted to you by a trusted adult in a postion of some authority. Poor judgement on the coach's part. I wonder if you would allow your kids around him? Would you trust him in a position of authority? I wouldn't want him making life and death decisions in my community, that is for sure.


Intersting comment from KOAA.COM

"Ware was previously charged with providing alcohol to underage persons. Before the crowd, he explained that it happened at a cook-out with coworkers who were under 21 years of age but over 18. He served a three day suspension from the fire department after he was convicted".

Would he not know that alcohol is for over 21's?


I wouldn't want you making them either-you're too judgmental. People do need to lighten up, like those that expel kids for plastic or paper guns or for saying I'll kill you. People blow things way out of proportion nowadays out of fear. You can't ever stop all bad things from happening or by excluding people because they did one improper thing once. I've worked with people that did questionable things, made jokes that were improper and they're still working there.


Best to err on the side of caution when someone is inappropriate around someone else's children.

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Just a guess but thinking (54) may be of my generation. When I was 15 we had already experimented with cigarettes, alcohol, and pot! We were driving and at 17 were being served a beer in the local bar because we looked 18. We were pretty responsible, did not get into much trouble, worked our butts off to have a car, insurance, gas money and play money. At 14 I was working in a boat yard moving $500,000.00 boats with a travel lift, grinding fiberglass and receiving a paycheck. In today’s society that would be child abuse but in reality what society is doing today, is creating a generation of wimps!

I know a boy who took welding classes, he was good and wanted to work at 15 but could not find anything other than a fast food clerk job because he had to be 18 to weld, he could not even cook. My god what are we doing to our children, I hope the progressives are happy with their crap!


I agree with you 100%. Our society has become a complete waste. While I agree that this man did not make good decisions, a 14 year old can go on line and see any sex act or body part that he wants to. I still can't figure out why you need a high school diploma to work in some jobs. Some of the rules that we have to go by now are crazy. We can't even let our children grow up.

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The last paragraph in a letter I wrote to the Register forum, 1987 below.

"We, the most powerful nation, may find ourselves on the backside of prosperity as the rest of the world laughs at us and walks on by. The choice is ours, we consumers and jurors. I want to enjoy life and if it takes some risk, I guess it is what my parents anticipated I must accept when they created me."


How would you like Mr. Ware to send pictures of testicles to your children or grandchildren? Of course this will be done without your knowledge. Seriously. Then once they have looked at the testicle pictures you could send them to a cookout of his so he can then serve alcohol to them. Sounds like a plan. How innocent does that sound now? Don't worry with your SUPPORT and work ethic they should get over it, after all you worked before the age of 18 so someone else's testicles and some alcohol should be fine. No harm done. Good luck with the therapy I am sure you are more than qualified to dish that out since you moved expensive boats with a travel lift at 14. Tell me 2cents did your Coach show you testicle pictures or serve you alcohol? Just curious that's all.

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The beer was in the frig, if you worked your butt off all day no one cared if you had one! At 18 you could drink 3.2 beer in a bar and rarely did anyone get drunk because they went there to meet people and hang out, listen to a band, not sneaking a 12 pack and drive around getting plastered like they do now because it is against the law to go in a bar, but ok to die in combat. It is all about big brother acting too big and trying to protect us from ourselves. Those days may never be back, at least in public but trust me it happens every day on any campus.

And personally, I did not hang out with school coaches; my father was my coach as well as my god. Please do not call a 16 year old a child, you sure are under estimating our youth, they know a whole lot more than you give them credit for so throw the responsibility at them as well or when they turn 18 they sometimes get lost in life.

For fun, I received this email a few years back just prior to a surgery :0


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Oh yea, Progressive, sounds like an oxymoron, at least the moron part!

Phil Packer

That's what Joe Paterno thought.


I can't believe some of you think this is okay. I just wonder how you would feel if it was your son or daughter.


Mr. Ware was the pied piper of Huron teenagers. Underage drinking, no problem.


you don't want your son or daughter to see balls? part of the male human anatomy? what a prude.


"I wouldn't want you to make them either- you're too judgemental"
Just wondering, Isn't referring to another person as
"what a prude"
~ wouldn't 'saying' that be considered "judgemental"?
Not trying to pick a fight,just sorta sounds hypocritical and contradictory




he sent a 16-year-old the pic and if you think 16-year-olds haven't seen balls before (and much more) you are really kidding yourself.

Second Opinion

The issue isn't about youth seeing this before, the issue is WHO shows or provides the images to them.

He violated the trust and honor of his position as a man and as a coach. Parents don't want the system to place a stamp of approval on unacceptable actions. We have laws concerning Moral Turpitude and he violated him.

What's just as disturbing is your attitude concerning that crime, it doesn't reflect well towards you.


Are you suggesting that it is okay to send a juvenile a picture of "testicles" just because he has seen his own? What if it was your son? Would you be okay with it? Don't you think it is your choice when to teach your child about the male anatomy? If not wanting some grown azz man sending inappropriate content to my kid makes me a prude, may I suggest you are a pervert if you think it is okay. I understand kids, especially boys, will go on the internet and see all kinds of stuff but that is a bit different than what happened here.


Bryan is a good person with a kind heart, maybe he was guilty of sending a joke to a 16 yr old boy, but common really! Because of Bryan Ware and his teaching this community has ALOT of great paramedics!

Julie R.

Why would a man in his late 30's be sending pictures of testicles to a 16-year-old boy? Sounds perverted to me.


Not good.


Did the coach send a picture of his testicles to the boy, or did the coach forward some dumb perverted joke/text/pic of a testicle to the boy?


Does it really matter. This may be a great guy.......on the surface! However, some of you should stop making excuses for the guy.

Ellis dee

It was one of them stupid forwards people always use to send. His dad saw it and he didn't like brian so he turned him in


I love how people jump to conclusions on people without knowing all the facts and rely on this shitty paper to get their facts!

I don't know Brian that well, but my son and Brian are good friends. Brian was his soccor coach his sophmore year and have remained good friends since (my son is 22 now). I met Brian several times and know several Huron fireman that have nothing but good things to say about Brian. This was enough for me to feel comfortable with my son being friends with him. My son has even been out to Colorado sking with Brian. He made a mistake as I am sure many of us have too, but he paid his debt to society and should be able to move on with his life. He is very good at his job and any town should feel comfortable knowing somebody with his credentials is running their fire dept.


So how long do you nimrods think he should pay for making a bad decision? A lifetime? Then he could move home and go on welfare, so you could complain about that!

Cracked Cherry

It was an invitation to the tea baggers ball.


Slow day at the rag-ister? Had to go dig up dirt on former residents??? What no accidents to go chase???


He was a shady man.....I never trusted him and when the news broke about all this in Huron, it didn't surprise me a bit. Can run, can't hide...>Brian it catches up with you


If it were my child on the receiving end I would be as mad as Hades in August. Mistake or not, he wouldn't explain his way out if it. I can't understand how this didn't come up on his vetting. I can understand why half the force left because of it.

It isn't a matter of lightening up or taking it lightly at all. Its a matter of what is right and wrong NOW. This isn't the past, its the present. What happened or was acceptable then, isn't acceptable now. Things have changed dramatically for good cause. So his actions were not acceptable. Live with that. What many of us did back when we were 16 isn't relevant either. This world has drastically changed, and so have the rules.

This man knew better but did it anyway. Unacceptable behavior in a world that punishes the person who does not follow the rules is par for the course. There is no getting out of it. He should have told the people hiring him EXACTLY what happened before accepting the job. That is the honorable thing to do.

What a shame to have this blared all over the news. It certainly didn't have to come to this when all he had to do was tell it at the time of the interview. That is truly a shame. I guess this is some basic element we should have brought with us from the past: the ability to admit mistakes and own up to them. Integrity. What a nice world that would be.

Rod Farva

How long will he have to pay for this? That town will only be hurting themselves if they remove Bryan