Kasich enthuses over 'trade mission'

Embarking on what he called a reluctant trade mission, Ohio Governor John Kasich said Friday that his state's economic comeback was generating interest — and potential new business opportunities — on the world stage in Switzerland.
Associated Press
Jan 25, 2013


Ohio's blue-collar voters have made it arguably the most important swing state in recent U.S. presidential elections, and President Barack Obama won the state in November by focusing on the controversial auto industry bailout. Kasich, who explored a presidential bid in the run-up to the 2000 election, also confirmed he would seek re-election in 2014.

The Republican governor, a former congressman who rose to House Budget Committee chairman before working as a Lehman Brothers investment banker and commentator on Fox News Channel, told The Associated Press that he was initially "very reluctant" to make the trip to the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

He decided to go, he said, after he realized that this week's gathering offered a valuable chance to court business and provide a global perspective. Davos is awash with top business leaders from around the world as well as many other high-profile people from the worlds of politics, academics and commerce.

"It's like a trade mission in one small little area," he said. "We focused almost exclusively on CEOs."

Kasich was involved in a number of panel discussions and held private meetings with about 15 executives from big companies to pitch ideas on investing in Ohio.

"The thing that I have been surprised by is that the people around have heard that things are getting better in Ohio," he said. "I've been shocked."

When talking with international leaders, Kasich said he emphasizes his willingness to work closely with business — a fact he credits for helping turn Ohio's $8 billion budget deficit into what he says will be a $1 billion surplus.

Among those he held business discussions were U.S.-based Dow Chemical Co. and Philips Healthcare, which announced thousands of layoffs last year and is a part of Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics.

His message: "We're open for business .... If you've got a big idea, come to Ohio."




At the detriment to education.


There will be no need for education if their are no jobs!!! More jobs=more tax money for education. Get how the two are related?

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The Hero Zone

I'm working on it, governor, as are many other Sanduskians specifically and Ohioans broadly that are busting their butts to make it happen. We just need you and the legislature to keep things relatively stable and friendly; and while courting large, established firms to also give us little guys a look and opportunity to be the next Dow or Philips! I hope this trip turns out to be successful for everyone in some way.

The Big Dog's back

Give away money that's not yours kassick in incentives. Repubs, always good at spending someone else's money.


Shall we talk about Strickland? Na you couldn't handle it.

Erie County Resident

Kasich doesn't hold a candle to your boy in the Whitehouse when it comes to spending other peoples money.


It seems to me fellas, the one proposes it and the others ok it, so both sides have a hand in it. I wouldn't say the pot calls the kettle black too loudly any more. Neither side can any more. Not until one other the other starts making a better plan than we now have.

Right now, no one is the hero out there. Both sides are spending money hand over fist so they cannot point fingers any more.


Meanwhile, average Ohioans are waiting for tax cuts- a hallmark talking point of republicans seeking office everywhere.


There will be no tax cuts for anyone Rabbi, the Federal Government is broke, the States are broke, the Counties are broke, the Municipalities are broke, the Schools are broke as it's citizens...the Fractional Reserve Banking system and Central banking Ponzi scheme has run it's course. Debt based monetary policies have consequences and ours has run it's course. The only solution is to tax our way out, austerity, or devaluation of our currency. I sincerely hope everyone writes their congressman and senator about the 100 year charter expiring in late March. End the Fed.


8 billion deficit turned into a 1 billion surplus......and Big Dog can only find fault in that. Goes to show this posters true colors.

Kasich is doing a fantastic job and yes, we need to entice companies to want to invest here because that means MORE JOBS. Isn't that what everyone wants? So what if they get some type of tax break, if they are bringing jobs to the area, don't you think most of those breaks are somewhat cancelled out by workforce taxation and product selling? Some of you really can't think out of the box. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.


Don't be fooled by government double-talk.



To the financial and business ignorant, it's called "networking."

If Gov. Kasich can make some new and good contacts at Davos and help bring more employers, capital investments and jobs to OH - what's the problem?

OH's in far better shape than that bankrupt Democrat workers paradise of IL!