Ebenezer divide reflective of past

Preaching at the pulpit while enmeshed in controversy isn't anything new for the Rev. Clayton Howard.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 25, 2013


Court documents recently obtained by the Register show more than a decade ago, Howard found himself ensnared in a debacle eerily similar to the split that unraveled at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Sandusky this past year.

On his resume, Howard's work at New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis is listed as a mere blip in time, 1996 to 1999. But just as the Ebenezer congregation has been divided over leadership changes and finances, New Jerusalem's members found themselves in a similar disagreement, according to documents from the Chancery Court in Shelby County, Tenn.

When all was said and done, the Tennessee congregation was permanently split. Parishioners supporting Howard's vision moved to a new building a few blocks down the road, choosing the name Greater New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church.

The lawsuit the original New Jerusalem head church trustee filed against Howard in March 1999 describes turmoil in the congregation, almost paralleling that of Ebenezer's problems.

Read a copy of the court documents below.

For details on the previous church controversy, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.




Sounds like a crook to me. It always cracks me up when you see certain ministers rollin in brand new Cadillac's. Open your eyes people..their robbing you blind..your 10% is going in their pockets.


Religion is a scam.

thinkagain's picture

You just can’t get the church-burning atheists to calm down and see reason.

They claim to be intellectual, yet find it reasonable to assume that something evolved from nothing.

Something cannot come from nothing and If you believe that it can, then unbelievers can never accuse believers of irrationality.

Being an atheist requires a greater leap of faith than the belief in the existence of a Creator.


Your last sentence sums it up.

yea right

I believe in God . I also believe in science and how the earth was made. But. I do NOT believe in churches. They are nothing more than a cesspool of EVIL. People that think they are better than the next. Ex. abovementioned.


So let me get this right. Ebenezer members didnt do their homework on the nonBiblical practice of the congregational voting of a pastor to head their church and not they are doing another nonBiblical practice of getting the legal system involved to resolve their church matters.
When will these denominational churches get out of their bilaws and church traditions and get into the Word of God? The whole practice of voting for a pastor by members of a church is not in line with the Word, which is why churches conducting in such a manner are making headlines in newpapers. What ever happened to fasting and praying? What ever happened to trusting in the Scripture that states a pastor is "called by God", not voted on by man?
What does this church hope to achieve in this matter? The congregation votes in a pastor, which is not Biblical, now they want a court to decide if they can vote to have this pastor removed, which is again not Biblical, only so they can turn around and hold another vote to have a new pastor take over. The Ebenezer Baptist Church name is ruined and no God fearing Christian would want to step foot in that building, now or ever again. Pastor Howard will have to face God someday and will be punished for his actions, but so too will the people who are partaking in the foolishness to get this carnal man removed. You all should have done your research before voting this man in and you should follow the Bible and stop this voting mess. Im so thankful that God freed me from the denominational strong holds satan used to have on me! I pray that all those involved in this mess will repent speedily before God comes in and cleans house!


I am really confused. I thought they voted him and his crew OUT? I guess they didn't. Now it comes to light he has ripped off another church? WOW. This guy is a crook, nothing but a crook. Didn't they check him out before they hired this guy? They aren't going to get rid of this schmuck. Maybe now that they know the ENTIRE group will get rid of him but the damage is already done isn't it?

They should have listened to that group that tried to warn them. What a shame.


Wait, hang on a minute.

"Greater New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church?" As in, "My New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church is better than your New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church?" I'm sorry, was the church run by 6 year-olds?

Wow. Just...wow.


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!! My family was members of this church, and I knew something was wrong when they told me that Howard refused to tell why he had been incarcerated in the past. AND when I went to a service led by Howard, it felt like a show or performance, NOT worship. All those who were involved in the crooked way he entered office must make amends with God and the church, or it will all likely come to an end soon!